November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving and really bad haircuts

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Never fret, I didn't spend mine alone, boss lady had me over with some other friends for a big feast of food:-D I ate too much, but isn't that the point? hehehehe.
Long weekends always annoy me as I really have trouble filling the time. Friday I spent much of the day avoiding all things shopping related, save for picking up a pair of pants on sale, and getting my kitties cleaned up. Saturday, I went to the mall to drop off a ring that needed sizing, and while there went to go confirm my hair appointment, only to find that the person who had done my hair last time was no longer there. As it was dead there, I went ahead and had it done that day. I am pretty certain that throughout the conversation I said I had been trying to grow my hair out no less then 6 times. I don't think I could have been any clearer, yet when all was said and done, I had lost about 4 inches worth of growth. I was pissed! So I called and complained to the manager and scheduled a repair for the next day. So now my hair is in a short bob, and for fun I added red lowlights. I think the color is great, just still irritated about my short hair. Oh well, life happens.

November 07, 2006

Just stupid

I am sitting here reading up on election day news as it has been hectic today and I wanted to catch up. I click to this NYT article and immediatly burst out laughing. Tell me why I laughed: