February 28, 2006

Moving weekend

So we spent our weekend moving things between our old apartment next door and our new, bigger apartment. A nice bonus for me is that I now have a sunny backyard in which to have my many potted plants that I desired. I now have 2 types of tomatos, marigolds, oregano, chives, cilantro, basil, and 3 types of peppers: Habanero, Jalapeno, and Serrano. Plenty of fresh salsa makings for hubby.
Anyway, we spent all day Saturday moving stuff and then Sunday we scrubbed and cleaned. Also on Saturday I had the pleasure of lunching with an old friend I had not seen in some years downtown. That was alot of fun.
Do you know that it is darned impossible to find a small mom and pop mexican restaurant here on the northwest side that serves breakfast? We didn't know this until we spent an hour searching LOL!

February 23, 2006

I'd rather be................

Out riding a Harley! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing just a wee bit, and the roads are calling. Ah well, supposed for now I will just survive rolling the windows down, the sunroof opened, with the wind mussing my hair.
Eventually I plan on getting my motorcycle license and a bike, but those are expensive propositions LOL.

February 19, 2006

so much

I really must write more, so much has happened recently.
For a little while DH and I were operating under the assumption that my 19 y/o sister would be joining us out in Tucson to continue in gym and schooling, but she decided to stay with the family back east for now and found a great gym out there. Regardless, DH and I have continued our plans to move next door (literally LOL) into a 2 bedroom apartment, which will give us space for a small office where both of us can do our schooling.
A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to stop pulling my hair out and leave the job I was at, as I was not particularily happy. I again put my resume out there, and almost immediatly had 2 great job offers, one from a nationally known government contractor, and another from a health care center. As the Health care center paid better, I decided to go with that one, and currently am waiting the results of the background check. For now, I am taking the time to catch up on my schoolwork and also filling in temporarily at a local construction company to keep the paychecks flowing. Entertaining work.
Unfortunatly recently we also had to give up one of our beloved cats as it had become very apparent the two were not getting along, and the older was definatly our problem child, so she had to be given back, as we do want more pets in the future.
Well that is that update from me, I will endeavor to write more frequently.

February 13, 2006

The renaissance festival

Sunday we went north a couple of hours to indulge in loads of fun and merriment:-D I rented a costume, and Daniel bought a simple one and off we went:-D While there I purchased a new bodice that did wonders for my cleavage. I swear I have never been ogled more, had more pictures taken with me, but had way more fun then ever before! (you will see what I mean with the picture of me) We also went to the Pleasure feast and lord that was SOOOOOO much foood and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The feast jugglers.
DAMN he looked sexy!

"can't breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

February 06, 2006


Was anyone else sorely dissapointed in the quality of the commercials this year? The Budweiser/Bud Lights delivered, as did the "Don't Judge" ads, but seriously, ABC: sheesh enough with the self promotion!!! TOO many ads for ABC shows in my opinion. Anyway, between the rather lame game (who DIDN'T see that ball NOT go across the line!), and the lame commercials, I gave up at the second half and hubby and I hit the road in favor of somewhere else entirely, Bookmans.
Today, back at work though my usual cohort is out, much sympathies to her and her family right now. I spent a good majority of the morning on hold or talking to machines. Human contact please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe. Hopefully the boss man remembers that I am sorta on my own here and I do need to eat eventually. He popped out awhile ago.
Anyways, School starts today, and I have a heavy load and am not looking forward to keeping up, but this is a good start:-D

February 05, 2006

Super Bowl

So I am sitting here watching the Super Bowl, though not for the game (Patriots fan, remember?). We are watching for the commercials. Early I made the comment that this would be the time to have Tivo:-D Fast forward through the game (he is a 49ers fan, fyi) and just watch the commercials. I did love the beginning, where they did a take on Dr Suess. That was great.
I am not allowed near sharp instruments now after slicing my finger while slicing potatoes. Ouch LOL.

February 03, 2006

Sick Days

Ah, the ability just to go home when I am unwell, and not have to worry about the fuss of sick call and trying to get quarters and so on and so forth. Yesterday morning I made the mistake of taking my anti inflammatory (I seem to have developed a touch of tendonitis) on an empty stomach and about 30 minutes later was wishing to die as it had made me very nauseated. So when the boss man came back, I simply stated that I was not feeling so hot and so when our part time person came in, I would be leaving. He had me run a couple of the deliveries, and then I took off and went home, where I promptly curled up on the couch with the kitties. Mal does love to snuggle.
I like running some of the deliveries actually. Not only do I get to drive around, but I get face time with the people I talk to regularly on the phone. I am well acquainted with most of our clientele via voice, but occasionally I like to match faces to voices.
Oh, about driving around, I LOVE IT. I roll the front windows down, open the sunroof, turn the radio up as loud as I can tolerate it, and enjoy the 110+ days of sunshine we have had here in Tucson. Man I love this town!