February 03, 2006

Sick Days

Ah, the ability just to go home when I am unwell, and not have to worry about the fuss of sick call and trying to get quarters and so on and so forth. Yesterday morning I made the mistake of taking my anti inflammatory (I seem to have developed a touch of tendonitis) on an empty stomach and about 30 minutes later was wishing to die as it had made me very nauseated. So when the boss man came back, I simply stated that I was not feeling so hot and so when our part time person came in, I would be leaving. He had me run a couple of the deliveries, and then I took off and went home, where I promptly curled up on the couch with the kitties. Mal does love to snuggle.
I like running some of the deliveries actually. Not only do I get to drive around, but I get face time with the people I talk to regularly on the phone. I am well acquainted with most of our clientele via voice, but occasionally I like to match faces to voices.
Oh, about driving around, I LOVE IT. I roll the front windows down, open the sunroof, turn the radio up as loud as I can tolerate it, and enjoy the 110+ days of sunshine we have had here in Tucson. Man I love this town!
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