February 14, 2007

straaaange people I work with

Yesterday I recieved the task of making a list of all personnel working in one of our areas and making name plates for them. My boss specified that they could have their names typed as they wanted, ie no last name, nickname so on and so forth. One of the gentlemen requested that his name be put on the plate as Pissant. No, I'm not kidding, and yes, I did do it. This led to a discussion later on as to the spelling of the word, whether it should have been Pissaunt, or as I spelled it. Naturally, we googled it and this is what we found. (Full Definitions found here)

A person who existentially resembles a speck of dry shit hanging from an ass hair of a gorilla. esp. when said person realizes this fact and sharply hones it's "skill" (i.e. propensity) in the execution of self-serving, smarmy, meaningless, petty vendettas for short term gain, which all results in a net tally of gains which equals to zero. Not even gaining an ego boost, when you consider that their devolved impersonation of an ego is not of enough value to apply. Their biggest asset, if not their only one, tends to be their "skill" (i.e. propensity) to cheat. They are metaphorically refered to as ants due to their common abundance, and refered to as being urinated on ("piss-") due to their general insignificance and lack of impact.

Yeah, I had it right the first time. I love working with these people, its so much fun:-D
BTW, Happy Valentines day

February 08, 2007

I've been Tagged:-D

Counsel, I was grouchy yesterday, my wrist always hurts, I just ignore it:) After 2+ years, I am used to it. But I am always game for fun, so here goes:)

"Here are the "Official Rules""
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

ONLY 6? ooooo which ones to pick.

1. I am accused of being anal-retentive and Obsessive Complusive. Sue me, I like my M+M's sorted by color and having everything dress right dress including the sugar packets on the tables at restaurants.

2. I almost always insist on being the one to drive. Very few exceptions to this rule. Otherwise, I go neurotic.

3. I carry a Blackberry and a Palm plus many memory sticks and cards, for no reason. I don't use them for my job and since I am highly organized to start with, they are kinda redundant.

4. I LIKE cramming 60 hours worth of work into 40 hours a week and working for the most disorganized person in Raytheon. (I may hate myself being disorganized, but I have no problem with others who are)

5. I have 2 cats with whom I have regular conversations.

6. I will read ANYTHING. If I am really that bored, I will read the back of a cereal box, a 2 year old newspaper, anything so long as it has words.

Now the rule goes that I have to tag 6 other people. However having looked at the format of my blog, I just realized that I have lost my list of people I used to read regularily when I had time and now I don't have the links and the only person to which I do have a link, well, I would be very hard pressed to come up with anything weird about this woman: http://septuagenarian-sarah.blogspot.com/
so, consider yourselves ALL tagged, and come leave your websites so I can rebuild?

February 07, 2007

Is this what we Veterans deserve?

I have already told you about the phone call I recieved cancelling my surgery and pre-op due to the doctor leaving town. Yesterday I went in for another appointment to ask them to consider sending me out to a private surgeon to get this chip removed finally. The answer I got was this: 1. They are not sending anyone out.
2. They are not placing anyone on any waiting lists.
3. They really have no idea when they will have a new surgeon in, and
4. When they do get a doctor in, the process will have to start ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!
What that means for me basically, is that I have to see the doctor in the clinic, be set up with a new appointment for pre-op and surgery, and as there is no priority list based on those who had their appointments cancelled soonest, the likelyhood of having to wait yet ANOTHER 9 months to have this wrist fixed, is HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't just go to a civilian doctor through my private insurance and get this done because my insurance won't cover me: Prior existing conditions require a 6-12 month wait, and my current insurance sucks anyway because I am out of state for them.
I am going to end this blog now, my wrist hurts and I can't type any more.