December 19, 2006


Winterhaven has a festival of lights each year, and I love going, though these days I take a hayride through vs walking:) Obviously pictures are a wee hard to take when one is rattling around in a carriage pulled by horses, but these were the best of the shots I took that night:)

December 13, 2006

I want

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Say Cheese

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See me skate!

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Rules for traveling

1) Never EVER book a 6am flight. If you do, please ensure your alarm clock is set for 3 AM NOT 3 PM!!!
2) NEVER book a winter flight through Chicago. Monday night, only two runways were open! We kept getting pushed back, and then they rebooked me on a disatrous flight out through Dallas. That plane taxied out and back in TWICE due to technical malfunctions. I ended up on another airline's flight through Vegas! I got to Tucson at 3am in the morning, my luggage didn't. Oh loads of fun
Well, for all the fun I had on the journey, the trip home was alot of fun itself. We watched the parade on Saturday, attended church on Sunday and that afternoon went ice skating at the convention center in Asheville. That was LOADS of fun. Friday I took a day and drove down to Augusta, GA to say hello to friends. Lucky for me, everyone was out of the office on training that day save for the two people who mattered the most, so that was wicked nice.
I am back home and back at work, tonight is my department's Christmas party and as I plan on leaving straight from here am dressed appropriatly. This morning, that included a pair of high heels that threatened to knock me flat, so my boss gave me her sneaks and made me wear them. I look funny now:-D

December 04, 2006

My own personal day of remembrance

Gone but never forgotton, SGT Cari Ann Gasiewicz, KIA December 4th, 2004, Iraq.