March 31, 2006

Patriotism lives on

Daniel and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate the fact that he was hired on full time to his job from the temp service. We wanted to go somewhere nice, so we settled on the newest Japanese steakhouse in town, Benihana's. Lucky us, we got there at a very good time and were seated promptly with another group. During the course of dinner, in conversation Daniel and I said we had just moved to Tucson a few months ago after leaving the Army. At the end of dinner, when the checks were being handed out, the gentleman across the table for us, told us, "In thanks for your service, I am picking up your check"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW WOW WOW!!! This was just amazing to us, and to the gentleman should he read my blog, THANK YOU again.

March 27, 2006

Gone Fishing

Or at least that is where I would like to be. This past weekend, I decided that it was time to get out of the house and take a drive. It was to be a beautiful weekend, not a cloud in sight and sunny beyond sunny. We loaded the car up on Saturday with all necessary equipment, and headed south, to Lake Patagonia State Park. We got there early afternoon, and soon had found an ok site to pitch our tent. I wanted to go out on the water to do a little fishing, and so we went to the little store to see about renting a boat (ridiculous prices I might add, I could rent a car for less). Once we had done that we went to the marina. We had taken out a row boat as it was less costly, but once we actually got out there, it was discovered that neither one of us really had the coordination needed to actually make it beyond the buoy, and so back to the pier for us, and fortunatly the store was kind enough to give us a credit for next time that we can put towards a MOTOR boat ROFL:-D After that little fiasco, we ran around the lake a bit trying to locate a good fishing spot that was not overly crowded, which turned out to be a rock formation under a bridge where there was only a few others. After learning how to cast my rod and whatnot, we stayed there for awhile, with no luck, before packing it in and heading to the car. It was still early in the afternoon, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing enough just to cool things down a bit, and we wanted to finish the drive as described in my AZ road guide, so south we went again, towards Nogales. There we discovered the most interesting little winery that allowed you to sample their wines before purchase, and so we left with two bottles of whites. Next door was a bakery with the biggest and softest chocolate cookies, and that is what we munched on the way back. While Daniel set about to get the nights fire going, I headed to the nearest dock to get in some more fishing (again, nothing). As I knew the chances of me catching anything eatable were slim, I had packed up hotdogs, and of course that camping staple, stuff for S'mores! Yummy ooey gooey goodness. Later that night, after the fire had died, and we were tired, off to bed we went, though not to sleep. get your minds out of the gutter now. The location I had set the tent was not only on a slight downslope, it was also on a ton of very hard rocks that were murder on our backs! So, the next morning, after twisting our sleeping bags and clothing about us in a vain attempt to rest, we achingly packed up, and drove home, straight to a very LONG HOT bath. But, I love camping and being out of doors, so I've no doubt that very soon we shall be at it again, mayhap this time on Mount Lemmon, the site of many fond memories from childhood:-D

March 21, 2006

I'm still here

Long hours, tedious work, constantly busy, tired, stressed, I LOVE this job. Right back in the middle of things right where I belong and I love it. I had overtime last week, I know I will this week, but I am never bored. I work with interesting people, more than a few retired military, though most of them were officers. I sit right out in front so I see everyone who comes into my section and I have taken to posting a quote for the day on my cubicle (So "Dilbert") so everyone who wants to read it has to stop at my desk. Sneaky little me:-D
Unfortunatly we were unable to head up to the ren faire last weekend, as our friend couldn't make it down, but hopefully we will make it once more before the last weekend over April Fools.

March 09, 2006

New jobs

After a few weeks of boring unemployment I finally started a new job at Raytheon, doing what else: Admin. But I really think I have found a place I like. 2 days in and I feel rather at home:)
In other news, we are gradually moving in a setting up our new place. Last week all of his household goods came in from Miami, and mine are scheduled to come in on Saturday, so we actually have a bit more furniture in the place, and I will have my stuff soon:-D YAY!
There is the possibility of one of Daniels friends coming down to visit soon, and if so, it's off to the fair again:-D hehehehehe. I look forward to sucking it in yet again and pushing my breastesies up to mythical proportions again. "Mythical Proportions" is seemingly my new phrase after I made a comic remark about it at the office, regarding a picture LOL.
School is going alright, save for Math, of course I blow. But I am doing ok keeping up with everything else.