September 30, 2005


For some reason no one can get to my page today. Hmm
Get the chance, go see Serenity. It is a GREAT Movie, especially if you are a fan of Joss Whedon.

September 28, 2005

One day left and Corn on the Cob

Yes, I have an obsession with corn on the cob. I don't kinow what it is, but I love it. Ever since I was a little girl and Grandma taught us how to eat it in neat tidy rows, it has always been my vegatable of choice. But for obvious reasons I couldn't eat it these last few months. So tonight my very darling fiance decided to take me out to eat at Chilis, just so I could have my corn on the cob. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY. Yeah I'm weird. So what, you don't have to live with me hehehehe.
I leave tomorrow after work for Miami for what will be the last time tomorrow, as when I return he will be taking off for Texas ahead of me to set up a place there. So yes, that means I will be out of the loop for awhile, but I shall return.

September 24, 2005

Interesting conversations

I am sitting here on duty today, bored off my arse.
I was having an interesting conversation with someone, concerning the pacisfism that seems to have spread across the United States. I had to point out to him that in the last century, we have had 7 major conflicts, and who knows how many other minor conflicts. It is understandable. We were also discussing the world we live in here in the military. In my point of view, we live in a gray world. Things aren't so black and white, in our world we walk a fine line between the two.

September 22, 2005

Just call me the goddess of Loooooooove

Over lunch today I decided to hook up my best friend with a new guy in our company, who is pretty cool to hang out with and nice. She thought he was hot, he thought she was cute, voila, a friendship made in heaven. Mind you, friendship always comes first.
In the world of stupid things NOT to do in front of your boss: I was getting ready to clean off the computer screen in my office, as dirty screens are a pet peeve of mine (anything dirty is actually) I had the paper towel ready in one hand, and the glass cleaner in the other. I then proceeded to press down hard on the button and got a face full of cleaner! Fortunatly I closed my eyes quick enough, but not my mouth (EW). As I sat there wiping my face off with the towel, I heard someone come in and stated that I would be right with them. As I finished wiping my face, I looked up to see my CPT looking down at me, asking if I needed step by step instructions for the bottle ROFL (maybe not in those words, but close) How embaressing!!!!!!!!!

September 20, 2005

Permanent Teeth

Well, after this afternoons appointment, I will be finished with all major dental work!!!!! WOOHOOO! Permanent teeth, and CORN ON THE COB at Chilis. Don't ask me why, but I have this thing for the chicken crispers there, and I haven't had corn on the cob in almost a year. ROFL:) I will have pictures, just as soon as SOMEONE (hint hint) sends it back to me.
In other news, the countdown has begun to the last day of work, next week, prior to me taking off on leave. Kinda wondering just how I am going to survive more then 2 days outside of my office :-D Something about being a workaholic, I don't know.
This Saturday is my final for History 101, but I have started the process for my GI bill to minimize the break in between classes.
Time for a random photo:

YES, my hair was red as hell. This was taken March 2001.

Edited note: It's almost 5 here, just got home from work. I spoke too soon with the permanent bridge thing. After 2 hours of being in the chair this afternoon, it was decided that the permanent bridge really didn't look so nice (it didn't), and so I am back again with a temporary smile (oddly enough looks WAY better then the permanent did), so corn on the cob will have to wait a wee bit longer. Ah well, I will survive without it as I have these last 10 months.
This afternoon, I managed to screw up my knee again, getting smoked with the company as they had screwed up this morning. Today's lesson: Minor things COUNT. We don't want to be sending you home in a body bag:-D

September 18, 2005

The Salsa

Last night a couple of friends and I decided to get all dressed up and go out to a couple of the snobbiest clubs here in Augusta. I got to wear my prettiest cocktail dress, and wear the spikiest heels I own and go flouncing around downtown with two good looking guys in suits. My whole purpose last night: to introduce these two guys to some good looking girls, as they are both new in town. Unfortunatlyw I failed in that mission, BUT, it was sals night out at one of the clubs, and that was just the best thing I have ever seen!!!!!!! I just sat in awe of the dancers on the floor, twirling moving, just fascinating! They also had a couple of performances from a dance studio in town and a belly dancer! I love to dance, though salsa was a bit out of my range. My friend and I went out there and just made fools of ourselves having a grand old time dancing around:-D I now have blisters and a sore knee to show, but I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 17, 2005


I headed out to the mall today with a friend who needed to buy shoes, and while there, realized one very important thing: very shortly, I have to dress myself every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!v EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. For the last few years, my wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirts, the occasional dressy dress, and the appropriate club attire for those nights that I need it. Now I need suits, skirts and other office appropriate wear. Now, for most women I can imagine this would bring on feelings of excitement "ooooo shopping" not me. I am thinking "oooo too much money, too much time" yeah not so much. just thoughts though. so far I have gotten a couple of replies to my resume submissions, though right now it isn't in the "oh damn I need a job now" category. I find it interesting to think about going to work every day, doing what I do now, outside the military in a whole new world. It's a big new world, and I have been spoiled the last 5 years.

September 15, 2005

babysitting duty

As my best friend is in the field today and tomorrow, I am babysitting her 2 y/o daughter. This is fun actually, but reminds me as to why I don't have children yet. Not ready right now, but later definitly.
It has been a very boring week actually, not much has happened. I really need to sit down and start my history paper ROFL:-D I have done the research, but now I just need to write it all down and sort it out.

September 10, 2005

fun filled days

Currently I am sitting here in the library in Fletcher, right down the street from Mummy's house. I have a 2 y/o in my lap, trying his best to distract me:-D He is such a doll.
Ok, big news. Thursday, after months of torture, I had my braces taken off:-D Yay!!!!!!! Of course this left me with a gaping hole in my mouth, but that was repaired with a 3 hour adventure in the chair Friday morning. They filed the teeth on either side down to little pegs, and then put in a temporary bridge, while the permanent one is being made. So now I look halfway normal again:-D (Not that I ever looked normal to start with;)
This weekend I am visiting Mummy, so I will have pictures to show upon my return to GA.

September 07, 2005

19 hours and counting

In the last 19 + hours that I have been sitting here, I have done 4 loads of laundry (including my bedding, ALL of it), studied and then taken my history test for the week (94 out of 100), done a good majority of my research for my research paper (naval history in the civil war), and cleaned up the place. So all in all a very productive day for me personally. I still would much rather be sleeping right now. I will be doing a lot of that here in a few hours after leaving duty, but boy does it screw with one's schedule. And have you ever noticed just how incredibly boring middle of the night television is? Currently I have it tuned into CMT and videos, so not so bad, but still. Trying to stay awake here people, need something to stimulate the brain. Not too intellectual though, brain does NOT work that well after many hours of sleep deprivation.

Random Picture for the evening:
(FYI, NO I really wasn't fat, I was wearing about 5 layers of clothing as I was on a windjammer cruise in Maine in October 03. Ah one of the best times on vacation I ever had)

September 06, 2005

Tuesday has turned into a really bad Monday

Since waking up this morning, if it could go any weirder, it has. I show up for accountibility formation where I am informed that I am responsible for conducting training that morning. I would like to take this moment to point out that I am physically incapable of doing physical training. Ooook so after that little surprise was sprung on me, I dealt with it and carried on. Then upon leaving PT one of the sgt's from another company informed me that I was on duty that day! 24 hour duty no less. So here I sit, blah:) Plenty of time to study for my history test this week and write many inanities here for you to read:-D
Oh, and yes, like I said that is what you think it is, the man did get down on his knees and ask that all important question and natureally I said the only thing I could, yes. But sorry, no smaltzy romancy story here:-D That is for me to know and you to imagine:-D Ah life is good

September 05, 2005

Yes, that is what it looks like!

this is the actual ring.

this is a top view and a side view. Getting up close and personal was kinda hard. Mine was actually specially made so the profile wouldn't be so high off of my finger:-D

September 01, 2005

Off to Miami (Again)

Thank goodness for good gas mileage, cause otherwise I would NOT be making this trip. But to see my honey after not having seen him for 2 months, it's WORTH it:-D But I have strictly budgeted the gas so I will be fine:)
Really not much going on here, I have set my leave dates to use up the last of my leave, and so my last day of work will be on the 29th of September. Mind you, that is just leave, I will still have to come back and clear out of the Army. So this month will be a busy one for me, as I am training my replacements. (That's right, plural:-D You just can't replace me with one person.)