September 18, 2005

The Salsa

Last night a couple of friends and I decided to get all dressed up and go out to a couple of the snobbiest clubs here in Augusta. I got to wear my prettiest cocktail dress, and wear the spikiest heels I own and go flouncing around downtown with two good looking guys in suits. My whole purpose last night: to introduce these two guys to some good looking girls, as they are both new in town. Unfortunatlyw I failed in that mission, BUT, it was sals night out at one of the clubs, and that was just the best thing I have ever seen!!!!!!! I just sat in awe of the dancers on the floor, twirling moving, just fascinating! They also had a couple of performances from a dance studio in town and a belly dancer! I love to dance, though salsa was a bit out of my range. My friend and I went out there and just made fools of ourselves having a grand old time dancing around:-D I now have blisters and a sore knee to show, but I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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