October 30, 2005

If things go any more strange..................

My car got TOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last thursday I went to the registration office and tried to get my car registration renewed. They wouldn't do it, as my insurance has already been switched over. They told me to wait until I got to my final destination and register it there. I thought no problem until coming onto post last night after a couple of errands and they pulled me over for an inspection (routine). What was not so cool was when they told me to wait in the parking lot for a few minutes, and then 30 minutes later a tow truck pulls up, they ticketed me, and my car was towed. So now I am out quite a bit of money needed to go cross country, and I STILL don't have my car as I can't pay for it just yet, so it is still in storage off post where the guy towed it. I was lucky in that one of my friend allowed me to borrow his truck so I was able to go to church this morning. Still I am a bit moody cause I DON'T like being without my car.

October 28, 2005


I got my birthday present in the mail today, a new XM Roady 2:-D Now addicted! I love the fact that I can hear songs that I don't hear on the radio!
I am sitting here, on a Friday night, watching That 70's show:-D major weakness in me.
I am so close to being gone it is rather unnerving. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself when I don't have to be up at 6 every morning to go stand in the freezing cold. This weekend I am packing my car, and then Tuesday the movers come to pick up the rest of my stuff.

October 27, 2005

I forgot, sorta

It's the day of the year, and the year in which I can now rent a car, and not pay extra! hehehe. I seriously haven't thought about it though, not that big. But my Grandma wrote, my in-laws called, my best friend, and of course Hubby.
I did treat myself though, I slept in until 11 after returning from morning accountability formation.

October 26, 2005

Before, During, and After

This is me, about a few months before deploying.

This is me 4 days after being blown:-D

And during the fixing process.........

And this is me now. Damn I look good don't I:-D
Alright, enough with the vanity, I just thought it would be fun to show the progression. And yes, I went and dyed my normally blonde hair red. I like it:-D

And just for good measure, a shot of my normally camera shy brother, hamming it up just for me.

October 24, 2005


Ok men, here's a clue: you want to hit on a girl, check her finger! hehehe.
In other news, it's sweater weather here, and I am freezing my little tushie. Lounging here watching CBS, I am bundled in a sweater, thick socks, and drinking a frozen margarita. ROFL :-D
Margaritas are good.
I went to the hair salon today to have a haircut, and do something totally different. I didn't cut it all off, and it is still long, but it is wicked cute:-D I LOVE it.
about one more week before I take off across this great wide country towards Tucson. I dislike long drives, particularily done alone. But LOT'S of music will keep me company.
My thoughts want to ramble tonight, making no sense at all.

October 17, 2005

embarrassing moments

Reading a couple of favorite blogs today got me to thinking about these. To be honest, most of mine involved men. What is it about them that causes us women to act like fools? To be sure, I think I have grown out of that stage. However, I do recall one really funny incident, after sneaking home one morning at 9, and being greeted at the door by my mother AND grandmother. Of course I had my little excuse all ready, but my grandmother, the wonderful wise woman that she is, just said "come on now Lizzie, we were your age too once" Yup, that was a little face reddening.
What was your most embarrasing incident. Email it to me at sgtlizzie@gmail.com , and I will put together one great blog of all the best:-D

October 16, 2005


I actually got quite a bit done these last two days:-D My car is gleaming, my tires blacker than black, my dashboard and vinyl protected. My room is clean, my laundry done, and I have even weeded out my closet of all clothes I do not need currently and packed them away.
Tomorrow I need to go find boxes to start packing the thousands of books I have aquired over the years (ok thousands may be a slight exageration, but boy do I wish). Don't you just hate packing and moving? I don't mind leaving Fort Gordon so much as I mind all of the work I am going to have to put in. I have gotten to be such a lazy little girl he he he he he. I also do NOT look forward to the almost 2000 mile drive across the country. Do you know that it is impossible to find a hotel ANYWHERE along I20, I55, I12, AND I10? Not really a surprise though, I have to admit. I am thinking of just driving straight through to Texas, where I can stay overnight, and then doing it all over again to Tucson. Ah I can't wait to see the beautiful Mount Lemmon again. I have many fond memories of camping in up on the Mount. Mummy was definatly a brave one to take the 6 and then later 7 up there with all of the dangers. She always told me that she was afraid to take us to see the Grand Canyon because of she dreaded seeing one of us fly over the edge. Don't blame her, it is a wonder none of us ever got severely injured on our outings as adventurous as we kids were. hehehe. Well, save for the time my little brother bent over and accidently backed into a cactus. Oh that was a funny funny time. And of course there was the time camping under the stars, and I had a skunk walk right past my head in the dark and go straight to where our food was. Oh we were so afraid of having to take tomato baths when we got home. Actually forget the tomato baths, the drive home would have been hellacious ROFL. It was a long drive from the top of Mount Lemmon to the base, where we lived.

October 15, 2005


What the hey? I got up this morning, showered, and dressed in a sleeveless shirt and shorts. After all, that is what I have been wearing these last two weeks. I walked outside to go run my errands, and immediatly wanted to run back inside and change. It was COLD! The really sad part, it was probably in the mid 70's. Gotten to used to the tropical Miami heat I guess.
I spent the majority of yesterday running about from one place to the next trying to get things set for me to start the preparations to leave this place. I won't miss Gordon, but there are some people I will miss, I have to admit. Unfortunatly I got pretty much nothing done. Hopefully I get more accomplished today wih cleaning my room, car, and doing my laundry.

October 14, 2005

Back in Augusta

Ah, yesterday was the last time I burned the roads between here in Miami. My next long drive will be next month to Tucson:) I have a lot to do today, picking up my orders, making appointments, fun fun.
Soon I will spill all the details (ok NOT all the details) but for now, I leave you with a picture.
This was taken shortly after the ceremony and is my favorite picture.

October 09, 2005


On October 5, 2005, Daniel M. and Elizabeth L. were joined in marriage. The event took place in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the couple will honeymoon in Miami, FL. They plan on residing in Tucson, AZ.