October 16, 2005


I actually got quite a bit done these last two days:-D My car is gleaming, my tires blacker than black, my dashboard and vinyl protected. My room is clean, my laundry done, and I have even weeded out my closet of all clothes I do not need currently and packed them away.
Tomorrow I need to go find boxes to start packing the thousands of books I have aquired over the years (ok thousands may be a slight exageration, but boy do I wish). Don't you just hate packing and moving? I don't mind leaving Fort Gordon so much as I mind all of the work I am going to have to put in. I have gotten to be such a lazy little girl he he he he he. I also do NOT look forward to the almost 2000 mile drive across the country. Do you know that it is impossible to find a hotel ANYWHERE along I20, I55, I12, AND I10? Not really a surprise though, I have to admit. I am thinking of just driving straight through to Texas, where I can stay overnight, and then doing it all over again to Tucson. Ah I can't wait to see the beautiful Mount Lemmon again. I have many fond memories of camping in up on the Mount. Mummy was definatly a brave one to take the 6 and then later 7 up there with all of the dangers. She always told me that she was afraid to take us to see the Grand Canyon because of she dreaded seeing one of us fly over the edge. Don't blame her, it is a wonder none of us ever got severely injured on our outings as adventurous as we kids were. hehehe. Well, save for the time my little brother bent over and accidently backed into a cactus. Oh that was a funny funny time. And of course there was the time camping under the stars, and I had a skunk walk right past my head in the dark and go straight to where our food was. Oh we were so afraid of having to take tomato baths when we got home. Actually forget the tomato baths, the drive home would have been hellacious ROFL. It was a long drive from the top of Mount Lemmon to the base, where we lived.
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