April 25, 2006

Yes, the system works

Just so I can't be accused of passing on misleading information, read the first site explaining the second site. The first is a news article from the Air Force Link
The second is linked from a place called Cellar.org
and this third is just a photo gallery with more pictures from StrategyPage
Now go laugh cause it is REALLY funny:-D (Thanks Paul, that was a good start to my morning)

April 19, 2006

Oh the life I lead

I swear, I have somehow found myself living a most boring life! Nothing to write about, wouldn't want to bore you with blandness LOL:-D Not, that this is a bad thing mind you. I like my routines, my predictibility.
Other than school (and the impending panic on how to pay for it, discovered that GI Bill isn't helping ALL the way. Not to fear, I have signed up for scholarships and what not galore), there really isn't much happening.
This last weekend Daniel and I took a road trip up Mount Lemmon, and I was horribly dissapointed in what I found upon reaching Summerhaven at the peak. The Summerhaven of my youth was an idyllic site, relativly few houses, a little gift shop, and many, many trees providing shade. What I found was houses upon houses, the trees chopped down and thrown by the wayside. I understand that they had a recent fire and that rebuilding new houses was neccessary, but to this extent? Ick! Other than that it was a great afternoon, seeing the beauty that is Mount Lemmon.
I sent in my 3rd math quiz yesterday and am feeling quite proud, as I got a 78 on it. Compare this to a 48 the first quiz, and a 64 the second. When it comes to math, I SUCK!!!!!! But all other classes are well, I will start writing my research paper this week on King Henry the 8ths politics and life. Fascinating subject that one is.
If you like time killers, and I do, I found this site to be a great one: www.jigzone.com I LOVE putting together the puzzles, and it does pass the time rather quickly.

April 10, 2006

new sites

While roaming the web as is my wont in times of boredom, I found these two websites. The first, is from a well known personality, the author of the weekly "News of the weird" and is just a brief overlook of weird news: Backstage at Newza da Weird
The next is a couple of college kids who obviously do not have enough of a study load, and like to lip sync. Alot. It's very funny though: Murph's Lip Syncs

April 09, 2006


Just a few pictures of my beloved cat for you all:-D
Things here are great, just rather normal and boring:-D