April 27, 2005

oh what fun

I had fun today out at a range with another company from my unit, acting as their Combat Lifesaver:) Spent much of the day reading and relaxing. Then when the range went hot (aka, everyone started firing) I learned how not to have a freakout fit when everyone started shooting:-D I was supposed to ride out this morning in the company van, but as there was not room, I convinced the NCO that I was quite fine with driving out there in my car. The range is a good 15 minute drive down the beautiful back roads of Fort Gordon, and there is nothing I love better then to roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and let the wind blow through my hair. ( yes ok ok I know it's a song, but also one I love) It is just a freeing feeling speeding along as fast as the speed limit will allow.

April 26, 2005


No, not really pyscho, but I do go to therapy regularily. Not such a bad thing and not so bad as I was dreading. I have been to see pyschologists throughout the years off and on, and not been so impressed with them, or not had enough time there to do any good. This time round though I think things are going well. I am a very self-aware person, meaning I know what's going on upstairs, but don't know how to fix it. This time round though I have been given mental tools to help my thinking, and it works:-D But I still despise waiting in line at the pharmacy for my medications LOL.
It was a rough week last week, and still not quite recovered yet. 2 24 hour duties within 4 days kinda sucked big time but I am clear for awhile. Tomorrow and Thursday I am headed out to the range with another company to act as their combat lifesaver. Should be interesting and then this weekend I am heading down to Jacksonville to spend as much time with my beloved boyfriend as I can:) Yep, just another day in paradise:-D

April 24, 2005

Doing my duty

I was on 24 hour duty yesterday at our rec center. Aaaarrrrgh! LOL. By the time my relief showed up at 0445, I had run my last few hours on caffeine, sugar, and nicotine, and I had been talking to myself ROFL. I got home around 0500 and barely made my bed before I passed out. What fun:) Oh, long week, hopefully next won't be so bad.

April 21, 2005

Pictures and post from my vacation.

There are a number of pictures from my trip, as well as one hellaciously long post below. So enjoy at your own pace:-D

Eating watermelon at the picnic.. Posted by Hello

Washing the dishes before packing up to go. Posted by Hello

This is our campsite after we finished setting up. Yeah, we were really roughing it ROFL:-D Posted by Hello

Me and Scooter, their leeetle doggie:-D Posted by Hello

A picture down from the scenic outlook at GSP (Garner State Park) Posted by Hello

Daniel and I at the entrance. Posted by Hello

Talk about a LOT of Texas BBQ. Oh it was good. Posted by Hello

They had a pinata there for the kids, and I thought it would be fun to try hitting it. I actually ended up getting whacked on the head by it one time cause I was walking around trying to find it ROFL:) Posted by Hello

Getting ready to go play. Posted by Hello

Eating S'Mores out by the fire. Boy I made a mess Posted by Hello

The deer were right up there by the road, not even afraid. Posted by Hello

Daniel out at Lake Texana State Park Posted by Hello

Daniel, walking a young friend Posted by Hello

Me in the Rio Frio. It was moving fast, and a wee bit cold. Posted by Hello

An alligator snapping turtle we found on the side of the road and took back to the creek. Posted by Hello

As promised:-D

Warning, I was up all night, and have had only 4 hours of sleep, so the following blog is a wicked LONG one as I finally wrote up my adventures.

Oh what a trip!
The first day:
My adventures in traveling actually started the day before I was scheduled to fly. My family drove here that day to see me one last time before I took off and also to pick up my car as Mummy was driving it to Fort Lauderdale to see my 18 y/o sister compete in the regional gymnastics meet. Mummy was staying overnight with me to drive me to the airport and the rest of the family was leaving that night to return home. They left around 6:30pm and Mummy and I sat down to a pleasant girls night in my room. About 9:30, we got a call from my step-dad telling us that he had broken down, and the tire had gone flat. Mind you he was on a little country highway, in the middle of nowhere, with my sisters and brother. Ooooh boy. They had had to replace the tire originally on the trip down with the spare, and it was now the spare that had blown out. After quickly showering and changing into my traveling clothes, Mum and I took off in my car, and I signed out on leave. Thankfully the person on duty that night was understanding and allowed me to sign out 2 hours early. (side note here, when signing out on leave you are allowed to sign out midnight the day you are leaving) Mum and I ran around town for 2 hours before we were able to get assistance at a Walmart in town, where the manager had gone out of her way to assist us. We then took off to go get the rim, to have the tire put on, and retrieve the youngest children. They were about an hour away so we got there around 0100, and loaded the babies in the car and took my 16 y/o sister with us to mind them. My 12 y/o sister was very upset, as mother had told me on the trip up that she had told her sisters that Lizzie was going to Texas to get married without us. I spent some time calming her down (and trying not to cry myself as this child is my baby having raised her since she was a baby). But we finally took off, after reassuring the 2 girls left behind that Justin wouldn't allow anything to happen to them and that we would be back soon. We headed back to Augusta, and to the Walmart where it took a matter of minutes to get the tire on, and actually it took us longer to shop for snacks then that. Mother then took me to the Airport as my flight was scheduled for 0600 and it was close to 0400. By this time I was TIRED, but I couldn't sleep for fear that my bags would be jacked. The counter opened up around 0515 and I quickly checked my bags and sat down again to wait for the gate to open at 0530. When it did I headed down there, and after going through security laid my head down to rest my eyes. The plane was late, and then we were informed that it was also overbooked and would anyone please give up their seat in exchange for a free round trip ticket anywhere in the US. Hmmmmmmmm thoughts popped into my head, and I went ahead and did so. Then I was able to book my mother on a flight to Orlando, where one of my brothers lives, for the regionals. The lady at the counter was really nice, and went out of her way to help me with that, so all I had to do when I reached Texas was drop the tickets in Express mail. I was then rebooked on later flights and laid down again until they booted us from the gate and I had to go back up to the terminal. I ate breakfast and waited to return to the gate. When it finally opened, the plane was late once more, and they also ended up changing planes to a smaller prop plane. Now that was a new one on me. I have traveled on many MANY planes, but never a prop (outside of military obviously). When we took off I held on for dear life as it was loud and shaky. Once we got up high enough, I relaxed, though I had never flown that low before either. it was fascinating to see the land laid out before me in a seemingly elaborat jigsaw pattern of greens, browns, blues, and yellows, particularily over the farming areas. We got to Charlotte without a hitch, and I was driven to my gate, where I discovered that my plane to Houston was over 2 hours delayed already! Sheesh. I took off for Houston around 2 EST, and arrived around 4 CST, where Daniel promptly gave me grief (jokingly of course) that I can never seem to get a flight to him to arrive on time. The last 3 times I have flown to a destination where he is waiting, I am late. Of course, it is never my fault although one could say that by giving up my seat this time it was my fault indirectly. Ah well, it was for a good cause in that Mummy didn't have to drive an insane number of miles.
The following days:
After arriving to Daniel's parents home that evening, we both crashed out early, as it had been a long day for both. The next few days we spent kicking around the house relaxing and watching TV. We went to the Texas Zoo in Victoria, TX (He is from Edna, about 30 miles away), one day, and while it was a very small zoo, it was also interesting and very nice. That night we went to a church meeting for a small party for April birthdays within the church, which was mostly Daniel's extended family. Slightly intimidating, not that I told him that as I love to tease him about being afraid of my family:)
Friday the 8th:
That morning we left for Garner State Park, about 5 hours away. We had aimed for leaving around 7, but ended up leaving around 8 instead, as I am a lazy bum who wanted to sleep too much LOL. The drive out there was a lot of fun, with a bit of bickering over the radio as we have dueling musical tastes. I like country, and he likes anything but:-D We got there around 1 in the afternoon, after stopping for an hour in Hondo for food and last minute necessities. Daniel went in and got our shelter, while I drooled over the beauty that was the entrance. Mind you, I haven't been camping in well over 13 years now, so this was quite an new adeventure for me as an adult, although as a youngster I spent my summers almost always up on Mount Lemmon, in Tucson, AZ. Oh the fun we had backpacking and camping then. After Daniel had situated us, we drove out to see our campsite. it amused me greatly, as we had a small shelter that was halfway screened in and had lights , electricity, and a running water faucet outside. This is roughing it? Yeah ok. We unloaded the truck, and started setting up our tent. Teehee, after setting it up we had two small poles left over that we couldn't figure out where they belonged. After much hemming and hawing and finally reading the directions, I finally determined that they were for the rain fly:-D I sprayed the tent down with water-proofing, a recommendation from Mummy, who went camping quite a bit last year with the girls, and got quite wet a time or two LOL. We settled in, and then changed to our swimsuits for a swim in the Rio Frio (Cold River). It actually wasn't as cold as Daniel had said it would be, though the rapids were a lot of fun to play in with the current. I had to be careful where I went as I would have been easily knocked over having no balance. That night we dried off by the fire and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs for dinner. FUN! I love roasting the PERFECT brown marshmallow, then enjoying the crisp outer shell and the warm melting inside. Ooooooooooooooooooo so good. Daniel got quite the giggle out of my orgasmic bliss over eating these perfect marshmallows. The next day we lounged around the campsite most of the morning, and then took a drive around the park. I saw Ole Baldy, the primary mountain in Garner, that someday I will be capable of climbing, and quite a few black-headed squirrels. Daniel told me a story from when he was young and the first time he saw one of these odd creatures. He told his family about it and they didn't believe him until they themselves saw it. We also hit the gift store where I picked up goodies for my sisters. We went wading again, and then hit the showers to clean up. Driving to the showers it was dusk, and I saw the most incredible thing I have ever seen before. Crossing the road ahead of us was an enormous herd of deer, with one large Buck! Unfortunatly I didn't get a picture:( In the evening, the park had a dance in the pavilion there, and Daniel took me down to see. I tried very hard to get him to dance with me, but he would only dance one dance, the little puss:-D (Love you dear) The next day, Sunday, we packed up and drove down to his sisters house for Sunday dinner with his parents and both of his sisters and brother-in-law. Very yummy:-DMonday through ThursdayNothing really much, just spending time with his parents, meeting more members of his family, and running around Edna and Victoria.
Friday the 15th:
Daniel discovered that I am not very good to shop with when shopping for mens clothing. I am an absolute weirdo ROFL:-D
That day was the BBQ for Daniel's fathers birthday as well as all the April celebrations in his family. Holy crud were there a lot of people there and that was just from one side of the family! It was a lot of fun though. At one point, I was holding a water gun at Daniel, who told me not to do it, not that I was going to listen to him. He then turned around and popped a water balloon that I was holding in my hand all over me. Oh it was on after that. I rounded up all of his younger cousins and proceeded to declare war. He didn't have a chance, although he got his licks in at me:-D By the time we left to go home that afternoon as I was in pain and needing to rest, (that's what running around will do to one) I was soaked and had torn my good jeans.That night was my last night, so we stayed up talking about everything.
Sunday we left to drive to Houston to drop me off at the airport. I had gotten a call from mother that morning saying that she was having to drop my car off early that afternoon as she wasn't able to pick me up that evening. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare and went to the bar there in the terminal for a last meal and drink together. I bought a magazine and "the Hitchikers guide to the Universe" to read on the plane. When it was time for me to go up the ramp to my gate, we hugged and kissed, and as I walked up the ramp, I couldn't help it, I started crying like a baby. I looked back too many times, and then walked to my gate with very blurry eyes. I wasn't scheduled to leave for about 45 minutes, so I went to the bar by the gate and had another drink. By the time I boarded my plane, I was tipsy (mind you I only had 2 glasses of wine) Note to self: don't travel like that anymore. I so wanted to fall asleep on the plane and just couldn't get comfortable, so after an hour of flying, I was very very drowsy and got a cup of coffee to wake me up a wee bit. I got home, on time no less, retrieved my luggage and went out to find my car, which Mummy had parked very close to the terminal, thankfully. On my way home I picked up bread and milk, and then got home and settled in to head to bed as I had to be up again at 0600 for PT in the morning. Back to normal life for me and I hate it. These 2 weeks have been the longest time I have been able to spend with Daniel in literally 3 years now, and I want more. I can only hope and wait for the day when it is possible for us to be together again for good. (for all those who are now wondering: Daniel and I met 4 1/2 years ago when I was assigned to Korea with him. We dated back then, but it didn't work out though we remained friends. In the last 4 years, we have kept contact with each other, though there have been years where we didn't see each other. granted I was in Iraq at the time LOL. I have always loved Daniel, and would compare others to him though I thought it impossible to have the real thing. Now that we are together, and have been so for some time, we look upon the last 4 1/2 years as our growing up period, a time to spend time finding out what we truley wanted out of life and a relationship. It has been a rocky run, with both of us saying goodbye at one time or another and breaking the others hearts, but we never could seem to let go of the other. Once upon a time I veiwed myself as pathetic because I never could let go of Daniel permanently, although heaven knows I tried. Now I am grateful I never did, because if I had, I wouldn't have this wonderful man now. He has helped me to want to improve myself, to deal with my issues, and given me permanent incentive to deal with things and improve myself. Others have done this over the years, some More then others, but he is now behind me, supporting my in whatever move I should make, and I do love him dearly for it.)

Just had to respond:-D

Here in the middle of the night, brain is fried, body is about to start pinging as I have a LARGE cup of coffee (Thank g-d for a Huddle House on post, though I have to admit I prefer Waffle House coffee), and struggling to stay conscious, hehehe. Anyway, had to respond to this comment from one of my beloved regular readers:
"You didn't tan in Texas? Waste all your time INSIDE?"
Yeah, I am one WHITE chica, and don't tan very well at all. Not to mention it's not so good for one's skin so I avoid any excessive sunlight and wear SPF sunscreen most of the time. That being said, I actually do have a very peculiar farmers tan from where I wear my wrist brace LOL.
And NO, I promise I didn't spend time inside. We did get out occasionally and spend sometime in the beautiful Texas sun. There were quite a few days when I just needed to get outside as the days were so beautiful. I was fortunate in that the 2 weeks I was there in that the weather was beautiful 90% of the time.

April 20, 2005

Couldn't resist

I got this in the mail a few minutes ago and laughed my arse off and rather than annoy all my friends and aquaintances (yeah ok so I misspelled it I think) and forward it, thought I'd post it, since they all read my blog anyway (the important ones at least):

Dear Alcohol,
First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around in the holidays, hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences:
1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night?
2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce, along with a big Italian meatball and some stale chips (washed down with WINE & topped off with a Kit Kat after a few cheese curls & chili cheese fries)? I'm an eclectic eater, but I think you went too far this time.
3. Clumsiness: Unless you're subtly trying to tell me that I need to do more yoga to improve my balance, I see NO need to hammer the issue home by causing me to fall down. It's completely unnecessary, and the black & blue marks that appear on my body mysteriously the next day are beyond me. Similarly, it should never take me more than 45 seconds to get the front door key into the lock.
4. Furthermore: The hangovers have GOT to stop. This is getting ridiculous. I know a little penance for our previous evening's debauchery may be in order, but the 3pm hangover immobility is completely unacceptable. My entire day is shot. I ask that, if the proper precautions are taken (water, vitamin B, bread products, aspirin) prior to going to sleep/passing out face down on the kitchen floor with a bag of popcorn, the hangover should be minimal & in no way interfere with my daily activities.
Alcohol, I have enjoyed our friendship for some years now & would like to ensure that we remain on good terms. You've been the invoker of great stories, the provocation for much laughter, and the needed companion when I just don't know what to do with the extra money in my pockets. In order to continue this friendship, I ask that you carefully review my grievances above & address them immediately. I will look for an answer no later than Thursday 3pm (pre-happy hour) on your possible solutions & hopefully we can continue this fruitful partnership.
Thank you,
Your biggest fan

1. Innovative
2. Preliminary
3. Proliferation
4. Cinnamon

1. Specificity
2. British Constitution
3. Passive-aggressive disorder

1. Thanks, but I don't want to have sex.
2. Nope, no more beer for me.
3. Sorry, but you're not really my type.
4. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
5. Oh, I couldn't. No one wants to hear me sing

We have an appointment

GOOD news. I knew I picked my Primary Care Manager (otherwise known as my general practice doctor) for a reason. I made an appointment with him for today after having been unsucessful with orthopaedics. He did some door banging and knocking down and I now have an appoint ment for the 18th of May. It is still awhile, as that was the first one he had open, but it is still a definate appointment:-D YAY!
In other news I know I have been promising a blog on my adventures in Texas for awhile now, but I have been too lazy to sit down and write it (hey at least I am honest) However tonight I am on Staff Duty ALL freaking night with very little to do but answer phones and clean up a bit, so I have plentious time to write it up, so expect to see a very long blog and a few pictures from me tomorrow. If not you may fly to GA and kick my ghostly white arse:-D

April 19, 2005

Rants and more rants

Fed up to here now, I swear. I tried getting an appointment with the orthopaedist I am supposed to see, and am STILL on the waiting list. Mind you I have been waiting on this list for over a month and a half and according to the clerk, he is booked through May and there is quite the list, so I may not get an appointment until July, possibly August!! I am so very very tired of the pain on a daily basis. I am tired of being the tough girl, of being the one who doesn't complain. Mentally, Physically, and emotionally, I am just stressed out and tired, and SO over it. Oh well.

April 17, 2005

Home not so sweet home

It sucks leaving. Especially when it seems as though my 2 weeks went too quick. We spent some serious quality time together, talking, arguing a bit, and sometimes just holding each other. For now though, I know that this is the way it has to be and that I just have to be patient and soon we will be able to be together. I love Daniel so very much and I know that no matter what, he loves me too and I have that to comfort me in my times of lonliness.
Well for now I must get on to bed, I have an early morning, but fret not, I shall blog my adventures and post my pictures soon.

April 13, 2005

Who Knew?

My Baby Brother has such a politically opinionated mind:-D The boy is brilliant. Outside of his pure-randomness blog, he now has one named the Screaming Squirrel. Go visit:-D

April 12, 2005

Checking in

Hi all, Still in Texas here and having a wonderful time. Oh the stories I will have to tell when I get home to cable internet once more. Life is bliss without worrying about work, and spending more time with my boyfriend then I have in in a long time:-D We have spent lazy days just kicking around the house, and also taken a weekend trip to Garner State Park to go camping. As I have not been camping in over 13 years, it was almost a new experience for me, but one that I realized I had sorely missed. The fresh air, the trees, the sounds of the rushing water, oh it was just the most magnificent place (next to Mount Lemmon in Tucson, AZ, where I grew up camping of course:)
Anyway, Just wanted to drop a line, let you all know I was still alive and kicking:-D When I get home I will blog my two weeks here:)

April 03, 2005

Leaving for two weeks

After yesterday's packing and mad running around my room trying to get ready, I spent today relaxing with my family (sort of LOL, who relaxes with 5 children around?). I took my sisters and mother to the mall, where we had a girls afternoon out. A whole lot of fun:-D I swear everytime I see my sisters they get bigger. Anyway, I leave at 0600 tomorrow morning for 2 weeks of fun in Texas with my beloved boyfriend and his parents, so I will be out of the loop until my return. I promise lots of pictures and stories though:-D
In the meantime, another installment of my Iraq journal:

18 January 2003
Well, back from 3 days at the range. It was an absolute blast. Well, save for one of the instructors yelling at me after I got frustrated with the M2, 50 Cal. It totally sucked. The next day we had fun running around in the Humvees firing all of our weapons. I also got to shoot the M249. That was really really fun. Although, now my hearing is shot to bits right now. Having 3 16's in the vehicle firing and then firing the SAW is really loud. The first night we were out there, I made the attempt to sleep on top of my Humvee, but I slid all over the place. But I tell you what, the sky was extraordinarily beautiful. The second night, after we moved to our second location, I slept on the back with the cargo back dropped. Not the most comfortable, but still nice. I hadn't realized that I missed sleeping outside. I have run into a lot of people I knew in AIT, now that we have another unit attached to us. It has been highly entertaining.
I am now the BN XO's driver, which should prove to be interesting. He is the greatest guy:-D.
19 January 2004
It's been a slow day. I fixed up my vehicle, went to Finance, dropped off my laundry, went to the PX, for my vest sewn, and even got to get online at the online cafe. I talked to my best friend for a little while online, and then while in line at Subway, got into an entertaining conversation with some Apache mechanics.
The brigade CO and CSM came through a little while ago. Last time I saw them, I was bawling my eyes out. Currently I am watching MASH:-D Always guaranteed for a smile and a laugh.
20 January 2004
It's been a fun long day. I woke up at 04 this morning to drive to Arifjan to pick up one of our Humvees. I was so proud of myself, I managed to make it there and not get lost:) While waiting around in Arifjan, the radio played the Macarena. Me and another girl were sitting in the front seats dancing. We had everyone walking by laughing their asses off. I also managed to tear off the radiator plate on the NTV. Driving was such a blast. Going down this morning we were running behind as we weren't given much time at all, so running down the highways, I was flying at 170 KPH:-D I was having way too much fun. When we got back, I made my morning runs, and then went to the PX. It actually only took me an hour this morning. This afternoon, I have been busy emptying trailers, and lashing down generators. My knuckles are now for the most part bloody.
21 January 2004
It's been an entirely entertaining day:-D This morning was slightly boring with not much to do. But this afternoon, well, didn't stop. Spent the afternoon first filling sandbags, then spent 3 hours fighting with a Humvee tire. I was trying to take the old one off and put a new one on the rim. that was one of the hardest things I have done yet. Got all nice and dirty and greasy and sweaty and I could go on but I won't. This evening, I showered and went to chow where I ran into some friends. We ate dinner together, and enjoyed a rather raunchy conversation. We also talked about one of the guys in the unit, of which it is often wondered if he is gay. As we got up to leave, I noticed him 2 tables over and made the wry comment that there was our gay * and as I said so, I pointed. But where I pointed was at a very confused looking, cute, guy. Us 3 females just lost it at that point. I just returned from spending an hour online. Finished up a few emails:)
We leave in a couple of days. It should be a good day. I am driving the XO, and I have determined that he is the funniest guy in the world. In our truck will be a bobble doll:-D
29 January 2004
Finally in Iraq, though it is no picnic here. We are in Abu Ghraib, the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility. A prison! I made jokes last year about being in prison, but now we really are. The convoy up here was good, though we did have our share of incidents. The first day, we stayed in Kuwait, before going across the berm. That morning we had major fog and broke contact several times, so we were moving incredibly slow. That afternoon, we had an unscheduled stop to help out serial 1, which consisted of mostly B co, with a flat. We were stopped just outside of an Iraqi checkpoint and had to pull security with all of these curious people around trying to get food or sell us things. That evening, we pulled into CSA Scania, which was little more than a little mud puddle to stay overnight. That night was interesting. We left that morning, and had driven for a couple of ours before an MP convoy that had found IED’s stopped us. We were there for at least 3 hours pulling security, and then EOD blew them in place. That was a blast as the noise was rather startling, and we had shrapnel flying back all the way to our convoy. No one was hurt though. We finally arrived at our location about 10 minutes after we left the IED site, and started settling in. It isn't too horrid here, though sleeping in the open bay SUCKS. Right now we are trying to change over with the S1 shop that was already here.
30 January 2004
A quiet, peaceful day. I was kicked off the convoy, due to a lack of seats, so now I am in the office alone:) Always a good day. It kinda sucked, not being able to go, because it would have been nice to have seen my friends, but I know that I will be down on Monday for certain and I can see them then. I met one guy the first time we went down to Victory, last Tuesday. He was rather cute, and was flirting, mildly with me:) Nice guy:-D LOL. So far this morning has been uneventful, I got up finally around 7, though my alarm clock went off at 0630:) I got dressed, went to chow, and then per my norm, headed over to the Internet café to see if Mummy was on. She was, which always makes my day so much better. I chatted with her for about 30 minutes before I had to head to formation. Spent 30 minutes in formation LOL. 1SG said it be quick and I suppose to his standards, it was:-D Now I am back, just kicking around hoping that eventually someone will have something I can help with.
31 January 2004
This morning is off to a glorious start. I woke up in the middle of the night last night stuffed up beyond belief and it hasn’t gotten any better. Last night was rather rough on me, as I had a rather big fight with someone, over whether or not they was responsible for securing HQ 1 (our Humvee). It got so bad that we ended up with the 1SG. I have guard duty this afternoon. Should be entertaining, as the last few days have been hot. I made the mistake of telling Mummy this morning and now she is all worried and stuff. I talked to her for a long time this morning, while paying off my Visa bill and a couple of other bills. I also finally bought Gracie’s birthday present, a cute Navy blue Ralph Lauren Polo dress.

April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day

I was trying to think up a good joke today, but I got nothing. HOWEVER, I strongly urge visiting Garrison today:-D
As of today, I now have 2 weeks in which I DON'T have to go to work (and there was much celebrating). I am going on vacation Monday morning to Texas to visit my wonderfully loving boyfriend and his parents. This would be an intimidating thought, the whole meeting the parents thing, but I actually did that a few years back on a previous visit. I'm so excited, I am already packed and ready to go. Now I just have to make time move fast for the next two days. The last few days at work have been very very boring. But I am glad now:-D Eeeeeeeeeeeeee Can't wait.
Down below are some pictures from when I did land navigation a while back, and forgot that I had taken. (Don't ask, just remember that my natural hair colour is really blonde)

It's a long way back:-D Posted by Hello

I just like the way this looked Posted by Hello

Me at our first checkpoint:-D Posted by Hello

The tree was literally growing that way! Posted by Hello

My partner in crime that day. Posted by Hello

One of many lakes on Fort Gordon Posted by Hello