April 19, 2005

Rants and more rants

Fed up to here now, I swear. I tried getting an appointment with the orthopaedist I am supposed to see, and am STILL on the waiting list. Mind you I have been waiting on this list for over a month and a half and according to the clerk, he is booked through May and there is quite the list, so I may not get an appointment until July, possibly August!! I am so very very tired of the pain on a daily basis. I am tired of being the tough girl, of being the one who doesn't complain. Mentally, Physically, and emotionally, I am just stressed out and tired, and SO over it. Oh well.


Garrison Steelle said...

Uhm, does this guy realize you have access and the knowledge to actually USE very large, high-caliber weaponry?????

Perhaps you should remind him.

Oh, by the way, twice today people looking for you ended up at my place.

Hope they weren't kids. ;)

Hope the enjoyed the view. ;)


lost soul said...

I am quite sure that in the end, they will give you the attention you need and deserve. Sometimes waiting brings the best things to our forfront. Like today, I got my favorite coffee cup back after 6 months. Go figure. Hope that all is well and going the way you want it to.

Sam said...

Maybe you can give us an e-mail or telephone number - and those of who read your blog and know your history can flood the office with calls and requests!