October 31, 2004

A comedy of Epic proportions

Ok, maybe not but I still thought it was funny: Due to the elections, we are at an increased threat level, which in part entails the wear of the protective vest and kevlar at all times and no matter where we go. (Including the porta pottie which for us females is a royal pain in the bazoonkas) This afternoon for lunch, my team mates went ahead of myself and one other person to get the vehicle. Well, myself and this other person walked up to the truck, thinking that it would be just the 4 of us, when we opened the doors we found that 5 people were already in the 7 seater suburban and my TL was just walking up. Trying to be nice, I said that I would walk (it's only 1/2 mile and I do it frequently anyway) but they would have none of it and thus we squeezed 8 people wearing full armour, and mind you 6 of the 8 are large men (they work out), into an 8000 LB armored suburban. Was quite a tight fit, and rather funny to see everyone come pouring out at the chow hall.
Right now we are on alert, with no major changes to the schedule, but should it become neccessary, we will be called upon to pull tower guard duty. NOT something I had hoped to do again in my time here in Iraq, but if it is needed, I will be up there, ready to be bored to pieces. Nothing exciting has ever happened in my time on the towers, NOT that I hope it would.
I am actually glad for the gear right now, as this morning walking back from chow I had the rather unnerving experience of hearing a rocket fly over head and then land across the way in another base camp. Of course the sirens promptly went off. I HATE loud noises to start with, and sirens just add a new level of cringe for me. (Something about listening to them night and day during the war while in Kuwait and they were lobbing scuds at us.)
Well, I am safe and sound for now, that is all the news from lake slayer, where the women and men are equally insane:)

October 29, 2004

And they say America's Youth just don't care

I got the rare treat to speak with my 17 y/o sister last night on the telephone. We had a good conversation, discussing school, boys, the usual teen stuff when out of no where, "Did you vote?" Of course I did. "I am bummed, it is in November and I miss it by 15 days" This young adult, is bummed because she won't be able to vote by virtue of her birthday being on the 19th. (17 days accuratly speaking).
I veiw voting as an absolute must, no matter where I am at. Considering the last presedential election, I think that it has been proven that every vote counts.
Well, it is my day off, so I am off to see if I can create more mischief. hehehehehehheee

October 28, 2004

Hell hath frozen over

As an avid New England fan, I would be HORRIBLY remiss if I did not blog the excitement, the miracle, that occured last night! The Boston Red Sox have for the first time in MANY years, won the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on my birthday too, Way cool. the head line in the Boston Globe says it all: http://www.boston.com/
I say yipeee and away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The curse is gone and now they stand champions.
As I explained to someone this morning, while I am not a major baseball fan, I am a New Englander by birth and heart, and therefore a fan:-D Way to go Red Sox:-D


One of my (many) sisters turns 16 this year, thus adding a new level of terror to my maternal instincts. Egads, I thank my lucky stars that the girl still can't drive ROFL:) (Sorry Ray Ray) When did these children become adults? When did they start stealing my clothes and shoes, and even worse, when did they start looking better in them then I did?
Yesterday was a reasonably good day for me, I was feeling 20 times better. My dearest friend gave me a small bracelet, my room mate sent a card around the BN for me, and it was a slow easy day in the office. And I did have ice cream everyone:) A great big vanilla sundae with chocolate and whipped cream. YUMMY:-D

October 27, 2004

October 27 1980

As of 2030 (8:30PM) EST, I will be 24 years, 288 months, 1,252 weeks, 8,766 days, 210,384 hours, 12,623,051 minutes, or 757,383,072 seconds old. Yep, I was born 24 years ago today, and where I am now? It is a question I ask frequently of myself, not just on my birthday, but it seems even more important today.
Well, blah, actually birthdays aren't really that big a deal to me anymore. Especially as I have spent 3 out of the last 4 elsewhere besides home. But it was fun playing with the age calculator.

October 26, 2004


Not particularily favourite people of mine, due to troubles with them before. But yesterday, I felt it necessary to have myself checked out as I was feeling VERY icky:) Fortunatly, nothing more then a good sized virus, and I shall be over it soon. For now though, yuck, I hate being sick. I spent last night under my covers with hot tea and wrapped up in the warmest clothes I own. My dearest friend came in to check on me and had to laugh as I looked like a big bear.
I recently picked up a new CD, The essential Simon and Garfunkel. I know, strange music taste for one of my age, but I listened to it some growing up courtesy of my dearest Mummy. Anyway, I have enjoyed it greatly, and it makes great music to get ready to in the morning.

October 25, 2004

Under the weather

All is well here, save for like my subject today, I am wee under the weather. Nothing big, I shall be back up to full speed soon.
BTW, GO Patriots. 21-0, that's my team:-D

October 23, 2004

Big booms and VBIED's

Positioned as we are in Baghdad, we do hear quite a bit. This morning during PT formation a rather loud explosion was heard to the west, and smoke formed immediatly thereafter. Makes us all rather jumpy when such a thing is heard. Due to an increased threat, we are back in full battle rattle (As we call our armored vests and kevlars), during certain hours. Those are the hours where I stay indoors as much as possible. You can really tell though that we have become accustomed to the constant threat, especially when we crack jokes about mortars and what not. When we first started wearing our gear in Kuwait before driving into Iraq, it was heavy and a pain in the royal behind. Those who were just returning assured us that yes, we would get used to it. I didn't comprehend how, but nowadays I do. While it is still a pain to haul 40 extra pounds around, it isn't so bad as it was.
I know currently that there is a big hubub about the quality of maintainence in one particular company. That whole situation has boggled the mind. While I will not pass judgment on those involved, as we do not know the whole story, I will say that one should be ever ready to perform one's mission. Maintainence is not just the responsibility of the maintainence section, it is also the operators responsibility. It is my job as an operator on my truck to ensure that there are no faults on my truck, and that if there are, to fix them, or have them fixed. A lot of the problems can be fixed by simple operator maintainence. There is a lot that can be found in what is known as a PCI, pre combat inspection, which is to be performed prior to a mission. Having completed a good many convoys myself, I know this to be a vital part of mission planning. Never once on the road did I feel unsafe because of my equipment.

October 21, 2004

Insurance Company

Ok, that comment made me giggle. (see last posting) Reason you don't hear about much action from me: 1. I work in a very sensitive field, 99% of my work is classified, so I really can't talk about it. 2. Operational Security. There are certain things that I just can't talk about because it isn't wise to. Besides, I live on a (semi) safe post, never go outside the wire, and the most exciting thing that ever really happens is when the chow is really good. They have hot wings to die for here. Just like Hooters at home:-D
To me, the biggest things are my friends. War is such a miserable being, and I look for happiness. My dearest friend is accused of looking through the world with rose coloured glasses, and I like that. I like to find the good in people, I like to find the spots of happiness in what is otherwise a dreary world. Day after day we face the harsh reality of death, even though we are supposed to be "safe". Lately we have been getting mortared again, the other night one dropped in front of a building, a little too close for comfort. So forgive me if my blog isn't that exciting, I prefer it to be uplifting and amusing.

October 20, 2004

Groundhog days

A friend of mine refers to the deployment as Groundhog day, as in the movie, each day the same.
Another friend of mine came home from leave recently, and I saw him today for the first time since his return. While at home on leave he had intended on asking his girlfriend to marry him, and I wanted the details. She said yes, of course, after calling him an ass as he got on one knee because she thought he was joking. He asked her at the park where they had their first date. I just thought it oh so sweet and romantic. Occasionally love still does exist in a pure form, untainted by the surroundings of filth and despair.

October 19, 2004

Life in the not so fast lane.

Life and work recently have been fairly consistent, while not over swamped, I do have things to do everyday:) It's rather nice. We changed to a new schedule, and the way it is set up, I will have my birthday off. My birthday isn't really that big a deal, but something like that is just nice.
I managed to get my arse chewed today, and yes, it was my fault. I really need to get with it. The things that I am goofing on are simple facts! Oh well, learning learning learning learning.
Over all though, today was a good one for me, and now I am off to organize all of my DVD's in the new case I bought.
Oh, if you get the chance, check this website out: http://www.redjelleyfish.com They have the coolest E cards, that I just adore. You do have to register, but it is free.

October 18, 2004

Manic Mondays

FYI yes I do love 80's music:)
This morning was our usual Monday Morning Maintainence and thankfully today we only had one part to install on our truck, so we were done early, by comparitive standards. And there was a bonus, the part we had to install didn't involve grease, fuel, or other icky substances. Although, we did have to try a bit of WD-40 to attempt pulling off screws we ended up just snapping off (Major rust damage). Fun stuff.
I got to speak with my dearest Mummy on the phone last night for a solid 30 minutes without the usual interruptions in the satellites or phone lines. It was great to hear her voice as well as those of a good number of my extended family, who are all currently gathered to celebrate my Aunt's wedding to a very nice guy:) I have met her new husband on a number of occasions and he is just the sweetest:) I was sorry I wasn't able to be home, but I was home in July for my family reunion, where for the first time in my 23 years we have had the entire family, all 4 children, spouses, fiance's, and all 16 grandchildren in one place at one time. That was a blast!!!!!!!! In fact the Inn where we had the family reunion was where they held the wedding, so I can imagine what it was like, and of course my mother is going to email me LOT's of pictures (HINT HINT ROFL) so I can see what everyone was wearing:)
Also, my dearest friend returned from a class yesterday, and so all is right in my little world again. It is amazing what having my friend here does. While I am quite self sufficient on my own, in that I really don't mind being on my own, I do occasionally enjoy the presence of someone with whom I can talk, share good and bad news with, and just generally have a friend. This life I lead is often a lonely one, one that I have accepted, but the presence of one I trust is a joy.
I was asked recently about my experiences homeschooling. I was homeschooled from 2nd grade, right on through my high school years, save for a few exceptions here and there, and to be honest, I don't think I would have turned out quite so well as I did. While mind you I am not degrading the experiences others have had in public and private schools, for me personally I would not trade my education for the world. I will improve on it, but I veiw my childhood education as what helped make me who I am, my base. Homeschooling allowed me to go at my own pace, which was for me, a rapid one. I love learning, and tend to devour education, like it was actual food. Many people, particularily those my age tend to rattle on about socialization or how I was stunted socially because I did not attend school. How I did not experience the finer things in school, such as dances or proms, or what have you. So? Let's think about what else I missed here: Peer pressure, drugs, alcoholism, racism, various predjudices.....the list could continue on. Growing up, my mother had us children involved in alot of different things. There were homeschooling groups where we could play with other children while our parents discussed grown up things, I was very heavily involved in church groups and activities growing up, choir, drama, the like. Also, being that we were homeschooled, our schedule was a lot more open for things like classes at the local rec center, private dance lessons (My brothers) gymnastics (My VERY talented sister) or private violin lessons and orchestras (moi). My education was very rich and diverse, and I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I am who I am today because of it, and I am very proud of who I am and who I have made of myself. The world ahead is full of possibilities that I can take because I have the education, and the will to do.

October 17, 2004


Bizarre subject title I know. Explanation: Over here, not alot smells good. The smog here is rather thick, and it is exacerbated by the land fill that is less then 100m from where we live and work. On top of that, the locals here don't seem to shower much, so BO is a big thing as well. So, when we smell something good, it tends to grab our attention. Case in point, a guy walks by me and he smells delish, maybe cologne or even his after shave, that guy is going to get my attention for at least a second, regardless of what he looks like. I was over in the infantry guys area just a few minutes ago, getting some info for work, and a guy who doesn't particularily like me (Actually I think he despises me from the bottom of his soul) spoke up and said that he had to say that whenever I was there, the place did smell better. ROFL! Quite the compliment. And the reason I like to wear perfumes and such, I like to smell nice. During the summer, not such a good idea, but now that it is cooling off, I can get away with it and not be eaten alive by the skitos.
;Well, just a short one today, despite the fact that it is my day, I do have a mission to accomplish, so adios for now.
BTW, Davey, I really wish I could roll over and sleep when the mortars hit, but the higher ups don't really like that. No, they like us to venture out of our safety zone to a building 4 buildings from mine, so that they can account for me. LOL

October 16, 2004


Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English cyssan; akin to Old High German kussen to kisstransitive senses
1 : to touch with the lips especially as a mark of affection or greeting
2 : to touch gently or lightly
intransitive senses
1 : to salute or caress one another with the lips
2 : to come in gentle contact
One of my favorite things to do in the world. Also not something that you find over here. Ok, I am a weird pyscho child, who enjoys reading Stuff, FHM, and have a subscription to Maxim, (for those of you who may not know, the above are known as men's mags) Anyway, I was reading the latest edition of Stuff today, an article interveiwing the ladies of "High School Reunion 3" (Not a show I would ever sign up for, oh wait, I didn't graduate HS LOL. homeschooled FYI), back to the point (no more sidetracking I swear), one of the comments made was about what things they miss about HS making out. The comment was "yeah, the biggest turn-on is a good kiss---when they grab you by the neck and just go for it. " Maybe it's just the imagery of a white knight on a white horse thing that gives me that's got me dwelling on such ridiculous issues. I'm getting mortared and all I can think about it kissing someone. Go figure ROFL.

October 15, 2004

Summer is (Almost) over

Ladies and Gentlemen, the tempatures have fallen below 100 degrees finally! Naturally the humidity level has gone up though, so it still feels a wee hot. But not bad at all. The rainy season is almost upon us, and soo we will be freezing our tails and wishing for summer again. (Not me, I'd rather have the cold personally. I LOVE snow.)
One of my friends just started a blog, so I encourage you, go visit him @ http://redairborne.blog.com
Well, nothing really going on this morning, just another day gone and another day closer to home and my private life.

October 14, 2004


Rarely in this world of mine, both growing up military and then becoming military myself, have I had long time friends (Longer then a year by my count). Recently I lost one such friend, due to an accident and being that today would have been his birthday, I wanted to take some time out, and remember him. I first met Andrew almost 4 years ago next month, shortly before graduating AIT. I was young, 20, and didn't really think much of it at the time. Friends come and go for me, as cold as that may sound. This one didn't. Andrew was there for me, for the next 4 years, always at the other end of the line. It didn't matter where I was, or what time it was, I always knew no matter what, that there was someone I could always talk to, and that would listen and understand me. Andrew understood me like no other man I have ever known. The last time I saw him was New Years, shortly before leaving for over here. The last time I spoke to him, or heard from him, it was shortly after I found out that I wasn't going on leave, the 2nd time it had been pulled from me. We had had a small argument, but the last thing he said to me, was "It's not worth losing your friendship over". After that nothing. I was angry, hurt. I didn't know why he wasn't writing me anymore. I didn't find out until 2 weeks later that he had died, from my mother who had told me to call her. All I remember is falling backwards, to the wall behind me. Sometimes life hands us cruel lines of fate, but we must make do with what we recieve. Moral of the story, don't let people not know how you feel. Always tell them, even if you really don't know how. Cherish each friendship, each relationship.

October 12, 2004

Last two days

These last 2 days have been rather busy for me, never really a bad thing in my opinion.
Sunday of course was the BN picnic, a rather interesting time. Beginning formation was a 1030, and as the command attention was given, and silence fell over the group, explosions could be heard in the distance. It was artillery, but explosions have a tendancy to make us nervous, so in that split second before our brains connected then with good things, there was nervous laughter. Our CSM (Command Sergeant Major, for those of you non Military types, senior ranking enlisted person in the BN), spoke to us for a brief moment, concerning the 85 days we have left, before requesting 2 volunteers. Me being the numbskull that I can be at times, I did and was selected. After he called us up to the front of the formation, we found out that we were to be the team captains for the day, with the starting game to be dodgeball. I selected the biggest, strongest, and meanest guys I could, and I did have a pretty darned good team. The first game we trounced them, I was tagged out, but no biggie. The second game however..................Same guy who managed to get me the first time, threw for a second try, and got me, right across the face pretty hard (Not done intentionally of course) I was knocked for a loop and had to be assisted off the field, but I was alright. Just had a good sized red mark and a headache. We lost that game and went in for 2 out of 3. I went in, and what do you know, SAME guy hit me again, this time below the belt at a point where if I had been a guy, I would have been singing soprano for awhile. OUCH that hurt ROFL. You'd think I would have had enough at this point and gone and hid somewhere safe. Nope, not more then 5 minutes after the game I was standing around, minding my own business when "L, look out" I lifted my head to see who was calling only to feel the thud of yet another ball hitting my head. A friend of mine said that I need just to give up, go get my vest and kevlar. The rest of the picnic I managed to go unscathed, of course I also spent the rest of the time reading a John Grisham novel (my idea of a good time). The picnic broke up around 1500, and a friend and I headed north to the big PX, where we discovered that it was temporarily closed due to blackout. We waited outside, and while we were waiting, artillery was shooting not more then a mile away. VERY LOUD! The first time the guns went off I jumped out of my skin and my friend had a great time laughing at me (The meanie:).
Yesterday, I spent all day outside at our motor pool conducting maintainence on my truck. It wasn't exactly planned though, in the morning we gave it the weekly checks, and installed new doors and latches on it. Afterwards, we were due for a QA/QC (quality assurance/quality check), and so I stayed with the truck while that occured. Well, during the check, it was noted that my tire had a good sized cut in the sidewall and would have to be replaced. No biggie. After lunch I went and did that and that is when the fun began. I pulled the tire off, and put a new one on, and a mechanic came over and noticed that the wheel was moving more then it should. So the afternoon was spent trying to figure out why, and at the end of the day it was determined that my truck was now deadlined (unable to be driven anywhere). Not a word anyone wants to hear regarding their truck. I had a good time though, because we have some new civilian mechanics there, and while I ignored them all morning, that afternoon I had warmed up to them enough to joke and play.
So my last 2 days have been full and productive, and surprisingly, no letting up yet. I spent my morning working on various different things, and currently am waiting on my team mates to return so that we can check things out and then continue on to our next project.

October 09, 2004

Prone to accidents? Who knows.

So, while I was out riding this afternoon, in the beautiful just before it rains period here, I got stung by a really big wasp mid cycle. This really kinda torqued me, because I was doing really well, had the heart rate up, had kicked commo hill (The biggest hill on post) and boom, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It bloody hurts! Oh well, nothing to do for it, no baking soda or meat tenderizer around. I do have some topical stuff, benedryl, but it really isn't helping.
Enough cry babying from me. I just spent a few hours, lounging around the room, watching "Mean Girls" and pampering myself with my usual weekly facial. Even deployed it is important to feel good, and take care of skin:) I like to use masks and stuff like that, and moisturizer is my best friend.
Tomorrow is the BN picnic, so I will have plenty to report tomorrow afternoon, and I promise, a photo page to go with:-D
Bed time for me,

Ok, I have heard it all.

You all simply must check this article out it is WAY too funny.

Just another (Slow) day in Paradise

Actually, today has been rather nice. It is a cool balmy 100%, overcast with light winds and feels wonderful. So much so that later today, rather then go to the gym for my daily cardio, I am going to take my bike out for a spin. The onle 2 things messing today up: I am still in Iraq, and my best friend left for a week for a short trip to Kuwait for a class. But all in all.....................
Question: Please tell me that I am not the only person who takes her M&M's, pours them all out, and then proceeds to sort them by colour group? My dear team mate thinks that I am extremely weird for doing this. Ok so maybe it's a little kooky, but hey, Kookiness is the spice of life.
In other news, ladies and gentlemen I have a new email address through my most favouritist search engine, Google.com. My new email address is sgtlizzie@gmail.com. Original, right? ROFL:)

October 08, 2004

Not going anywhere anytime soon

Ok, for some reason this didn't post properly the first time I wrote it, so here it is again:
I am not going anywhere soon, I promise:) I won't being leaving Iraq until December and then I will not be back stateside til sometime in January. And even then the blog will still be maintained. It will just be about my adventures in the Army in the states:) I won't be a civilian until 2010:) Loooooooooong time from now!:)

October 07, 2004

Guilty pleasures

I have to fess up to my favourite destress technique, because I think you will all get a kick out of it. My most favouritist webiste in the world is http://www.theknot.com . For those of you who have never heard of this website, it is a one stop shop site for weddings. Yes, my guilty pleasure is planning my wedding even though I have NO intentions of getting married anytime soon. Being deployed kinda really helps that one. Just daydreaming about it though always makes the stress just kinda go away ROFL. Anyway, so there's a laugh for all to have.
I also discovered while browsing around elsewhere, a website that is written entirely by one of my teenaged crushes, Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, The Next Generation. (He would be the reason I have always found the name Wesley cute, and blame my parents, Trekkies). It's alot of fun to read. http://www.wilwheaton.net would be the address.
Thinking on teenaged crushes, I never really was big on the whole "Oh he's so cute I'm going to kiss his poster", or "oh he's so cute I will wallpaper mywalls with him" thing, but I did have them. Had some interesting ones too. Kid from "Free Willie", Johnathon Brandeis (Don't ask me why I can't remember the darned TV show he was on), I don't remember any others off the top of my head. I wonder, why do we have such crushes? Probably because when I was younger, I was quite geeky looking, and all the boys ignored me, so I had crushes on boys I knew would never reject me, (Maybe because they would never meet me? ROFL). Ok only joking here people.
It's been an interesting day here in deployment land, had my lunch cut wicked short by a phone call, which was fine with me, so long as I had work to do. PT in the dirt and sand really sucked this morning, but I think I will survive. Oh, yeah, we got told no more packages or mail to be sent after the first week in November, as they will be stopping mail service on the 15th, in preparation to return home. Ladies and Gentlemen, the end is near! YAY!!!!! I can't wait to get back to my car, my privacy (I could and probably will someday write a whole blog entry on that one), my clothes, my room, and hey my alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, no not really that much, but it's fun to joke about. Besides, by the time I get home, I will be a cheap drunk. Oh wait, I was that even before I deployed ROFL. Friends used to joke about my being a featherweight. I smelled alcohol I was drunk. And since I tend to do silly things when inebriated, I learned a long time ago, when to say enough is enough.
Ok, now that I have blabbed on enough, I think I will adjurn for the day, and go watch more CSI! Love that show.

Superb Mornings

Woke up at 0530 for PT this morning, always a joy;) PT was actually good this morning, after taking my shower and doing my hair, I was barely able to lift my arms over my head to braid it ROFL:) I then went to breakfast with my dearest friend here, which I get to do oh so rarely. We were discussing emotions, and he pointed out to me, that he learned a long time ago to express his emotions through words, good or bad. otherwise, regrets at something said or left unsaid. Good point. I know I am not the greatest when it comes to expressing myself, the spoken word never really being a strong point. I'd rather hide behind my computer rather then have to actually speak to people LOL.
One of my comments awhile back mentioned the AnySoldier.US (Now http://www.anysoldier.com) Website. I am actually on the list as a POC for my unit. This is a wonderful website, started by a man named Marty Horn, when his son was over here. I strongly encourage those who wish to send boxes to the troops to visit. There are over 400+ contacts for units over here, or in Afghanistan.

October 05, 2004

3 days

It's been pretty laid back here the last couple of days actually. Sunday was my day off, woke up at 0900 and laid around in my room all morning, then in the afternoon took off with a truck and a friend and went over to North Victory to the "big" PX as we all call it, and had BK for lunch. Always a nice relief from chow hall food, though you don't want to eat it that often cause boy is it greasy! Yesterday was rather mundane, save for Monday morning maintainence, never my favorite thing to do. At work at 8, spent all morning in the sun trying to pull an attennae mount off of the truck. By the time we finished we were hot and sweaty and ready to change uniforms. The afternoon was much slower though. Today we had PT this morning, and had our monthly sports day where we get out and play games. This mornings choice: Basketball. I hate basketball, but it is funny to watch the others play (As all I am really good for is staying out of the way).
It is starting to cool down here, got down to 102 during the day yesterday. When you are used to 110+ temps, 102 feels pretty darned nice ROFL! Soon we will be wearing our woolies and trying to keep warm. My philosophy though is, I'd rather have it cold then hot, as when it is cold you can put more layers on to warm up, but it gets hot, you can take it all off and your STILL hot. I like winter weather though, love snow, the crisp clean cold air of New England. I never have gotten used to southern winters despite having lived in the south most my life. Just something about the muggy cold that I don't like.

October 02, 2004

A damned good day:-D

That would be yesterday. Granted, it didn't start very well, I bolted out of bed around 0645 and out the door about 0650 so you can see how fast I got dressed. I was on a convoy to drop someone off so that they could go on leave:) Since that doesn't take long I was back shortly, and as it was to be a slow morning I went back to my room, showered and got ready for the day properly. Got to the office a little later then normal, but like I said slow morning. As I left to go to lunch, it got fun:) As I was walking up the hill, one of my friends that I have not seen in forever came driving around the corner. We stopped and chatted, but I had a prior lunch engagement that I had to get to. Well, the person with whom I was supposed to eat lunch was very busy and unable to go. So I went with my other friend, and as we walked over to the chow hall we played a bit of catch up. He had just come back from leave, and it wasn't all he had hoped for, though not his fault. It seems that a young lady had gotten him rather besotted with her, and he thought, she with him. But shortly after returning to the states, she very cruely dumped him, and gave no reason why. My friend is a very sweet sweet person and in no way deserved it! But we also talked about what we had been up to otherwise and all in all it was great to see him again, and be able to spend time talking to him.
Yesterday afternoon was a busy one for myself and my team mate, in fact we didn't leave the office til time to go to chow at 1700, which of course always makes me happy as it makes the time fly by a wee faster. We went to chow, where I saw another friend whom I have not seen in a long time. As he was staying the night here, we made arrangments to meet later that night and catch up on his leave:)
So I was very fortunate yesterday, and by the time I went to bed, I went to bed feeling a wee better then I have in awhile. Friendships in this country are valuable to me, and I do treasure them.