October 05, 2004

3 days

It's been pretty laid back here the last couple of days actually. Sunday was my day off, woke up at 0900 and laid around in my room all morning, then in the afternoon took off with a truck and a friend and went over to North Victory to the "big" PX as we all call it, and had BK for lunch. Always a nice relief from chow hall food, though you don't want to eat it that often cause boy is it greasy! Yesterday was rather mundane, save for Monday morning maintainence, never my favorite thing to do. At work at 8, spent all morning in the sun trying to pull an attennae mount off of the truck. By the time we finished we were hot and sweaty and ready to change uniforms. The afternoon was much slower though. Today we had PT this morning, and had our monthly sports day where we get out and play games. This mornings choice: Basketball. I hate basketball, but it is funny to watch the others play (As all I am really good for is staying out of the way).
It is starting to cool down here, got down to 102 during the day yesterday. When you are used to 110+ temps, 102 feels pretty darned nice ROFL! Soon we will be wearing our woolies and trying to keep warm. My philosophy though is, I'd rather have it cold then hot, as when it is cold you can put more layers on to warm up, but it gets hot, you can take it all off and your STILL hot. I like winter weather though, love snow, the crisp clean cold air of New England. I never have gotten used to southern winters despite having lived in the south most my life. Just something about the muggy cold that I don't like.
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