December 31, 2004


We just returned from the little party the post had here at the gym. LAME! But it was cool hanging out with my best friend and my brother:) We sat around looking like dorks, me in my big cone hat, T. in his little one, and J. just being a party pooper;) Come time for the countdown we all went inside to watch it on the gym clock, and then they released a lot of balloons which promptly began to get popped and with the amount of people and balloons, it sounded like a range! ICK. We got out of there fast LOL. Then we went outside and taught T. how to pop his cork. ON HIS BOTTLE OF (fake) CHAMPAGNE you sickos ROFL ROFL:-D That was hilarious. As we walked home, downtown Kuwaiti City started their fireworks so we stopped and watched for a time, and then walked back to our AO. We were standing around talking, when a young girl walked by T. and askd him if he was ok to drive as he was still holding his bottle. Cuuuute young thing too, and T. just let her walk right by. J. and I started in on him, just bemoaning T.'s lack of flirtation skills ROFL. It was very amusing. Now I am off to bed as I am getting a little TOO old to be staying up all night. (don't start, you try going for a few rolls with a LMTV and tell me you don't feel old :-D )

New Years Eve in Kuwait (again)

2 years ago this day I was about an hour north of here, ready to scream. 2 years later, I am still ready to scream LOL. I plan on going to a party later with 2 friends of mine, or as one of them put it, I get to have 2 dates tonight LOL. Gee cool, but what's really bad is they are two dates that I can't kiss at midnight for good luck. Well, unless I reallywant to get into trouble ROFL:-D
It's all good here, just biding our time before we go:)

December 30, 2004

Four, Meow, and OUCH

Ok, two of my good friends have taken to just randomly shouting out the word Four. I don't get it. Over dinner tonight we also started inserting Meow in there as well. Turned into one very strange conversation ROFL:-D
We did PT today for the first time in a long time, and me being a jack, I had to participate to my fullest extent. Those of us broken arses walked about 2 miles, and as I was the worst off, I set the pace. I went WAY to fast and now my knee has doubled in size and I have to use the cane. ICK! Anyway, that's how bored we are around here. We have finished everything and we are just waiting on a bird out.

December 29, 2004

3 things

This is something I found on a friends post, one of those things you pass around from email to email (usually I hate those), and I thought I would post it here:
Three names you go by:

Three screennames you might have if you ever really NEEDED three screennames(Screennames I actually do have):
OIFSurvivor (Do I really need to explain that one?)

Three non-physical things you like about yourself:
Perpetual kindness, even to the biggest dicks in the world
The ability to put almost anyone at ease

Three physical things you like about yourself:
My Brown Eyes
My Blonde Hair
My (once perfect heheh) smile:-D

Three parts of your heritage:

Three things that scare you:
Loud Noises
Not being able to see
Not being needed

Three of your everyday essentials:

Three things you are wearing right now:
Wrist Brace

Three of your favorite bands at the moment: (Only 2 here)
Maroon 5
Ace Of Base

Three of your favorite songs at present: (See above)
She will be loved (Maroon 5)
All I want for Christmas;)

Three things you want to try in the next 12 months:
College Classes
(Can't think of any more at present)

Three things you want in a relationship (love is a given):
Good sex

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:

Three non-physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:

Three things you just can't do:
Suck on a lolly
Bite an Apple

Three of your favorite hobbies:

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
Go Home
Get Tipsy
Drive my car

Three careers you're considering:

Three places you want to go on vacation:
(one place I DON'T want to go: The middle east ROFL)

Three kids names:
Catherine Aileen
Erik Bran
Tavia Elizabeth

Three things you want to do before you die:
Own a really fast cool car
Have children
Be Rich

December 28, 2004

Outprocessing and falling in love

Yep, I'm in love.............................With Under Armor shirts! hehehe. These things are the most wonderful articles of clothing I own. As I no longer have any long underwear, I went to the pX today and picked up two UA long sleeved T-shirts. It is wicked COLD and WINDY here, but I am not feeling a thing:-D Ok now that my love affair with my clothing is done:
"Do you have any medical or dental problems that came up during deployment?" *smiling really big* "yes sir" ROFL. Sorry I just get a giggle out of that one. It went very smoothly this morning if not just a little BORING and long. Now that I am done with the cane, I walked over the the big PX, where they had a little Teddy Bear stand, where you can create your own stuffed animal, clothes and all. I picked out a monkey, dressed it in a uniform, put glasses on it, and picked that up for my littlest sister. Currently the top is in alterations having name tapes and patches sewn on ROFL:-D Naturally, it will have the rank of SGT and it's name is Lizzie. hehehe. I figure I was born in the year of the monkey, so it makes sense. Besides, I liked it:-D
Oh yeah, on favorite hard liquor? that's a toughie, but I would have to go with Apfel Corn (I think that's the spelling) It brings back fond (and the not so fond) memories of my last night in the states before deploying ROFL ROFL:-D

December 27, 2004

High on a little life

It's Monday night here, and for those of us in Arifjan, that means Country Night in the quad. So naturally my little broken self was out there pushing the limits:-D Ain't nothing like a night of dancing with really cute guys to make one forget that we are indeed still overseas. Of course, I was a wee bummed, one of the guys I was dancing with last week wasn't able to make it down again, and so I had to find new partners, but that's the way it is in life.
Tomorrow is outprocessing and apparently they ask the question "Do you still get jumpy at loud noises even though you are not in a combat zone anymore?" HELL YEAH. I was home for 4th of July and the fireworks were enough to get my heart racing. Nowadays it's even worse. Someone I was sitting with earlier decided to be cute and pop their plastic bag and me and the 3 other guys who had all been up north jumped.
No news on our flights, but hey, that's ok with me. I'll get home when I get there, for now I am enjoying the company and spending time with my brother.

December 26, 2004

It's a Family thing

My BIG little brother (He is just under 6 ft and is most assuredly bigger then me, though STILL younger) has started his own blog as well:
Always fun:-D
Today plans to be a slow one, as we got all of our containers inspected by customs yesterday. Tomorrow we out process and then it simply becomes a waiting game for a flight home. We had hoped for a flight on the 29th, as then we would have been home for New Years, but no go on that one. Oh well, we know that it won't be long now:-D

December 25, 2004

A revolution?

Another good friend's blog to check out, newly began:


It is a cool and rainy day here in Kuwait, but I hear that it is indeed a white Christmas for a lot of you. Enjoy the day, make some snow angels, and have fun. I LOVE YOU ALL!

December 24, 2004

Hey Dave, My gap is bigger then your gap:-D

Well, David Lettermen and Paul Shaffer were here tonight, and put on quite the show. There was local Talent, and Hula hoop girl, and Grinder Girl. (I REALLY did not get that last one but oooook) All in all it was a blast. He didn't do a top 10, but the guy who introduced him did a top 5 reasons Dave came to Kuwait. I don't remember them all, but I do remember #1: He had heard about all US Civilians getting tax free benefits over here, and he wanted a piece of the action. Hehehe, we all thought that one was a blast. I was sitting a bit in the back, so my pictures of the show itself aren't great, but I do have some fun ones before the show, and when I get the chance, I will upload them.

Last minute Christmas shopping

Ok, for me, it really doesn't count for me as last minute. Due to a long standing family tradition, we do not do the whole gift giving part until New Years Eve. Way back when, it was our way of separating the secular from the religious. These days, it's just our special family way of doing things. So, you see, I have a few more days. But for the rest of the world, I needed to get my cards and my little presents for those people who have made a difference in my life this year: *My room mate, who was the best room mate anyone could ever ask for;
*My assistant team leader, who always made me laugh as he is sooo young;
*My team leader, who was always pushing me to try harder, to be better;
*My dearest friend, who made my life that much better in the cruddiest place in the world;
*My friends, who joked and laughed and listened to me;
*The Soldier who held my hand til I was safely out of the truck and being cared for:
*The boys I met Monday night who reminded me that you don't need all your teeth to be a big flirt;
*The man I danced with Monday night, who reminded me that sometimes you just gotta dance;
*My doctors up north, who fixed me up just right;
*My brother, just for being here;
*My sisters, just for being them; and above all else,
*My beloved Mummy, for ALWAYS being the best friend and Mom a girl could ask for.
The list isn't in order of importance, it just is. I realize that this is more of a thanksgiving list thingy, but people, I just want to remind you all of a few facts that you all probably know:
1. FAMILY. No matter what, you are stuck with them for life, may as well make the best of it. No, really, they are the most important thing in theworld. Always appreciate them, and always appreciate the fact that they are there, because as many families this season know too well, you never know when they could be taken from you.
2. The Troops overseas. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If you know someone, email them, write them, send your encouragement and support.
3. Your life. Always appreciate the finer things in life, whether it be a good bottle of wine, or simply the nature around you. Take a few moments to yourself, and just enjoy being who YOU are, not who everyone else wants you to be.
David Letterman is supposed to be here tonight, so I am going to the show. I'll get pictures:-D Can't wait to be home:-D And yes all, the blogs will continue, this isn't just a deployment thing:-D

December 23, 2004


Allow me to present, for the first time ever, someone near and dear to my heart: MY BROTHER, otherwise affectionatly known as Baby Brat:-D I got him to start his blog last night, and well, we shall see what insanity comes of this. Mummy, if you are hoping for more then 2 lines, hate to dissapoint ROFL, but look at his first blog. Please, everyone, check him out, comment, whatnot:-D
Also in today's news, cute guy from the other night has a blog started as well:-D He is fun to talk to in person, so I have no doubt that his blog will be just the same:-D Am I baaaad or what!? hehehehe, and boy do I love it.

December 21, 2004

Spending time

Over the last few days I have spent more time with my baby brother then I have in, well a very long time. It's been a lot of fun sorta getting to know him as an adult, rather then the kid I remember him as, because when I left home for the army, he was only 15:) Now, 4 1/2 years later, we have more things in common then I would have expected, and it is making life fun as hell for me. Of course, it has been a blast for the two of us introducing one another to our respective units. For those who are perceptive, they really haven't needed an introduction as one look at our faces, and you can tell. We have been told repeatedly that we look just alike, and if they spend more than 5 minutes with us, we act alike too. We were playing a game of Jenga earlier and one of his cohorts discovered that we both bite our lips when we are concentrating hard, before said cohort knocked the tower down ROFL.
Nothing much else is going on here, we are gradually getting our equipment clean, and prepping to just leave:-D

December 20, 2004

Dancing the night away (on one good leg:)

I can't remember the last time I felt this damned good! To my good fortune and great pleasure, it was country night in the quad tonight. They have a small stage with a dance floor set up, and the DJ played country music while everyone danced, including me. There was NO way they were keeping me off the floor, particularily when I had found a very good dance partner for myself:-D No, nothing like that, he is wicked cool though. I have this unique ability to find a small group of people and then befriend them rapidly as I did tonight. I was standing outside talking to my brother and gradually the crowd grew. Eventually there was 5 of us heading off to Chinese (I know, in the Midle east no less ROFL), laughing and having a great time. Obviously there was me, my brother, then there was the Bruce Willis lookalike (I kid you not, the guy looks JUST like him, just as wicked good looking), Mr. Firey RED hair, and the Italian. Ok for that matter, they were ALL good looking. I was out with the best looking men around, but of course, I do have that natural charisma:-D Mind you, I was the only one in a non-combat MOS, so the level of pervetness was HIGH ROFL:-D Fun!!! Anyway, after Chinese, I went and showered and changed into PTs, andthen rejoined them inthe quad. It kinda sucked there for awhile, as I was watching everyone dance and I was bummed because I LOVE to dance. Then they played Copperhead Road. Iam sorry, I simply CAN NOT sit still for Copperhead Road!!!! After that it was just a matter of getting Rush (Red hair) to take me out on the floor and two-step:-D I even got to slow dance a time or two with a couple of different guys:) I have laughed and smiled more tonight then I think in all my time in Iraq combined. And hell, that group of guys did more for boosting my lagging self esteem than anything I could have thought of:-D Right now, I am sitting on top of the world and I'll be damned if someone tries to knock me off of my perch:-D

December 19, 2004

Life is SOOOOOO good right now

We left this afternoon from Camp Slayer, saying adios amigos, on the backs of LMTV's riding to the airport. Of course, Iraq had to get one last lick in, and it started to hail while we were on our way and our faces were getting hit with little tiny pieces. That was quite alright with us, we were leaving and we didn't care. We got on a C-130 this evening and flew out. I was so tempted to start singing "Shananana shanananan hey hey gooodbye" :-D We got to Arifjan, unloaded everything, and my first priority was to the internet cafe, to see if the brat had written yet with where he was staying. Not more then a minute after I sent him an email, then he walks through the door:-D I am sooooooo HAPPY right now:-D

Life is SOOOOOO good right now

We left this afternoon from Camp Slayer, saying adios amigos, on the backs of LMTV's riding to the airport. Of course, Iraq had to get one last lick in, and it started to hail while we were on our way and our faces were getting hit with little tiny pieces. That was quite alright with us, we were leaving and we didn't care. We got on a C-130 this evening and flew out. I was so tempted to start singing "Shananana shanananan hey hey gooodbye" :-D We got to Arifjan, unloaded everything, and my first priority was to the internet cafe, to see if the brat had written yet with where he was staying. Not more then a minute after I sent him an email, then he walks through the door:-D I am sooooooo HAPPY right now:-D

Don't Worry, Be Happy

So, if I don't write for the next few days, fret not, I am getting the HELL out of this country:-D Woohoo. On the even more bonus side, I get to see my baby Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios for now amigos, see you on the other side.

December 17, 2004

Other blogs

I was reading through my comments yesterday, and came across one that mentioned another blog that had told the story of my attack from another perspective. Right under that was a comment from the blogger himself apologizing for any insensitvity his platoon may have shown. He didn't need to do that in my opinion. I read the account and didn't find it insensitive in the least. We all cope with the horrors in a different way, and for some, that is macabre humour and laughing when it seems most inappropriate. Nothing wrong with that.
A good friend of mine posted an email she received from another friend of hers about an attack, I strongly recommend reading it, but warning, a wee graphic:

December 16, 2004

Oh so close, almost can taste the freedom

Just a few more days here until we board the plane to Kuwait. With any luck I will get to see my baby brother there. He is soon on his way over here. Mummy is just loving that I know, get one child back, send the other over. But all will be good.
They finally found something I can do, packaging things up for mailing back LOL. Don't need legs for that ROFL.
Anyway, nothing new here, still here though. Be home sooooooon!

December 14, 2004


Mummy, we will go out, just a month later then planned. Remember, VAIN here?!! You should know this you raised me that way Mwahahaha. IS all YOUR fault hehehehe. Ok before I scare anyone here, you should know I love my Mummy very much and she knows I am playing with her. And just in case you didn't know, she comments under the name (Ready for this?) Mummy:-D heheheeh.
Oh yeah, you can't go redhead, that's MY domain!


I went in to sick call for what is hopefully the final time today, and had the stitches in my legs and lips removed so little by little I am getting there. I am currently hobbling around without crutches, by doctors approval I assure you. I have to head over later and get a cane, but other then that all better.
I was talking to my team leader last night after his return from out west, and he made the statement that it was good of me to return. I was thinking about that later, and I have to admit that my reasons for returning were actually rather selfish. Sure, I could have gone home, but the first thing I probably would have done would to be get drunk. No I don't have a problem there, but I would have been very morose with no one around who really understands the pain. Here, at least when I return, I will STILL grab a bottle of alcohol and get tipsy, but it will be a joyous happy thing. That and here, I have my other family, the ones that drive me ever living insane 99% of the time, but also the ones I needed to lean on, the ones who would best understand what I was dealing with, as they have been out here.
On a happy note, I leave with just one word, that only one person will understand: MORE
(sorry I just had to get that in there ROFL:-D)

December 12, 2004

Looking not so quite beaten up

My lip has Juuuuust about returned to normal. I keep telling everyone though that there is no way in hell I am going out when we get home. It's going to be at least a month before I show my face anywhere other then the barracks and work LOL. Vanity prohibits it hehehe. Yes MOTHER, I am admiting to my vainess. But come on now, you pay a god bunch for perfect teeth and then one of them goes and gets knocked out, I think I am just slightly entitled to it ROFL:-D After all, as I like to say, I may not be the hottest thing on the planet, but I do prize my once very toothy grin:-D
Anyway, Margaret, I didn't get the Ryan Seacrest joke. Of course that could be because I have never seen American Idol LOL:-D Something about the whole not doing the cable/TV thing.
Yes, another boring day in Iraq, and yes it is a good thing.
7 and a wakeup and hasta manana Iraq, See you next year.

December 11, 2004

Just here

9 days left to go before boarding a plane and flying out of the country into Kuwait. I swear the time couldn't pass more slowly LOL. I spent this morning watching episodes from the 7th season of Stargate, with my leg propped up on my pillows and sleeping bag, and the rest of me sprawled out all over the place.
Things have changed for me, and life is a little different, but I am not sure yet how. I don't sleep at nights, mostly due to the pain.
Nothing else here, SGT Lizzie Out (hehehe)

December 10, 2004


I am currently on someone elses computer as we are slowly shutting down operations here. Don't be worried if I don't post everyday, as we no longer have the access we did.
I had the stitches in my face removed today and little by little my face is returning to its normal self. Pretty soon I will be able to laugh and smile without wanting to grimace in pain LOL:-D Tomorrow the ones in my legs come out and then it is just a process of letting my left leg heal up so I can walk under my own power again. I HATE crutches LOL.
Things here are kinda boring, not much going on other then redeployment operations and even those are kinda winding down.

December 09, 2004

May the jokes begin

Ok granted I am the instigator behind many of the cracks that we have been making at my expense lately, but it is funny. First of course, there is the crutches. How hard is it to joke about those ROFL. Then there is the very pronounced lithsp I have aquired due to the missing front tooth. I think that is everyones fav right now, just to sit talking to me and laugh every time I have to thay thomething with an th(S) or a Thee (C). Yep, all wrong. It has kept us in good spirits though. All of us on that convoy that day still have trouble sleeping, but at least during the days we can laugh together. We still laugh about me hanging upside down in the truck cracking jokes, and some of the off the wall things that I was saying. (Hey, when all the bloods rushing to your head, you don't quite think straight ROFL)
I saw the pictures yesterday of the truck and where I was hanging, and it is a wonder I came out of that. The truck had rolled twice before landing on the drivers side where I was pinned by a bunch of metal. Scary bunch of pictures, but no, I will not be publishing them, I don't even have them.
Many of you have now deduced that SGT Cari Ann Gasiewicz was the driver that day, and yes you all are right. I couldn't say before as we had to wait for confirmation that next of kin had been notified. Cari was a wonderful person, and great to be around. There wasn't many occasions where she wasn't smiling. On the way up that day, one of the last things I remember her saying to me was that we had to take pictures of the Tigres on the way home. She will be fondly remembered in our company and by everyone she knew. On the day of her memorial service, the morning was cloudy and cool, but as soon as the National Anthem began to play to start the ceremony, the clouds broke apart and the sun came out and shined on us the entire time.

December 07, 2004

Memorial services and then cake eating contests

I made it back safely this morning, finally got to enjoy that Blackhawk ride thanks to one of my ward mates who helped hook me up with a Space A flight back. I hopped off the Chopper this morning over in Camp Victory and was promptly met by 3 of my buddies. Apparently there was quite an argument over who got to be there to pick me up. We then went on to breakfast as I was STARVING, of course, everyone I knew at the chow hall was quite curious as to what happened to me LOL.
I made it back just in time for the other soldiers memorial service today, which was held by the lake here on Camp Slayer. It was a very moving and emotional thing. You know, up until this point, it was easy for me to believe that it wasn't real, that it was just a haze. Between the drugs and the pain, my thinking was rather blurry. But being there this morning, seeing and hearing, brought it all home for me. I so wanted it not to be real, why did I walk away from a wreck that killed a comrade and friend? Unfortunatly it is very real now, and now comes my real challenge, in that because the drugs have worn off, I am now deathly afraid of the nightmares I have already seen bits and pieces of. I can see them in my mind when I close my eyes, I see the truck slamming into the wall and it scares me all over again.
Today has been filled with well wishers though all over the BN, and tonight my company had a small welcome home party for me in our day room. Somehow along the way we ended up challenging two of our guys to a cake eating contest with a half of a carrot cake. OMG it was soooo funny. We have been joking with each other all day, as it has been very cathartic, but this was (Pun intended) the icing on the cake. One of them has a flight in the morning and I don't think he will be feeling too well ROFL;-D
Well, I am safe back where I belong, ready to redeploy home shortly.

December 06, 2004

How to provide assistance

Some of the emails I have gotten in the last few days have offered any assistance I may need. I am going home soon and am very set. HOWEVER, those interested in helping can go to and click on a name and send a box. I just checked their website and there are now over 800 troops signed up, so just pick one and send wherever you want it to go.

One more night

I have my flight out tomorrow morning at 0715 to fly me directly back to Camp Victory where my chain of command can pick me up:) So that means one more night of sleeping in the ward for me. Not too bad, though I have slept on more comfortable beds hehe.

Photos Posted

Ok All, Much thanks to Hugh Hewitt for posting these on his site. Hopefully it doesn't over load ROFL:-D


My mother now firmly believes I have lost my ever living mind. As of this morning when the docs looked at me, I am being allowed to fly down to link up with my unit tonight and will redeploy with them in January. (G, you will have to hold those bottles a wee bit longer) I am still on crutches, but soon hope to be off of them. My face really looks worse then it feels, but the doctors assure me that "my pretty face" will be back to normal in no time whatsoever.
I got a picture this morning with the 2 ward mates that have been here since I got here. We have had a good time referring to ourselves as the walking wounded. I'll post that when able.
I got this comment in an email, and I have to say, I have never heard it called this : "Sorry to hear about you winning a "forgot-to-duck" medal." ROFL ROFL this was too funny, and oh so true.
PICTURES: Ok, I have had A LOT of emails about those (Morbid people ROFL), also I have heard that my site is down, so I am going to take up someone on these offers I have had to host them. I will let you all know when they are up.
EVERYONE, Thanks so much for the emails. It has been getting more and more real for me as the drugs wear off, so just please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

December 05, 2004

Showers and real clothing

I got to take a shower earlier this afternoon, and I even did it all on my own. They wrapped up my leg dressings with plastic and sent me on my merry way. Not that the plastic helped, I still ended up soaking my legs LOL:-D It didn't hurt though. But I am now in my PT's with socks and sneakers on and I even found my perfume in my bag and spritzed some on (Clinique Happy:-D). Oddly enough my make up bag was also in my ruck sack, but I don't think that I will be wearing that for quite awhile ROFL:-D
They tell me that my command was quite surprised to hear that I was talking, and the medics on scene as well, but they also tell me it was a good thing as I kept myself from going into shock. I am feeling a heap load better today, the shower helped and I also have regained marginal mobility in my left leg, so crutching around the wards isn't quite as difficult. I am still on an IV for my antibiotics, but the nurse says that because I am eating and drinking just fine, I should be able to switch to pills tomorrow.
I have been making friends in the ward, the guy in the bed to my left had a motorcycle accident while home and then tore his stitches again when he got here. We have been talking quite a bit back and forth and it has helped the extreme boredom. Other guys have been in and out, getting medevaced to Lanstuhl. We got a new one in this afternoon, another IED like me, and he is doing well also. He just walked into the MWR room here, so he is up and walking now:)


Ok, I admit, I loved Inspector Gadget. But, right now that word very aptly describes the amount of mail in my mail box. And since I unfortunatly am unable to respond to everyone due to time constrictions (They really want me back in my bed ROFL), I just wanted to say I great big thank you and to let you all know that I have now posted the photos. I had so many requests for them that I thought it best. For those of you who have never seen me before, please check out my other two photo pages on the side bar for examples LOL:-D
While I do appreciate all of the emails, please keep in mind the family of the other soldier in my truck. That soldier did not make it, and I am incredibly blessed, or lucky depending on ones faith. These things happen everyday to soldiers all over this large country, and others are no where near as fortunate as I.
Anyway, here are the photos: ied.html
I'd say enjoy, but that sounds a bit macabre even for me:-D

December 04, 2004

Just up and about

As you can tell, it is pretty early in the morning here. I can't really sleep, although I do keep drifting in and out, and right now I have no concept of time. (My watch got pulled off at the scene and now I know someone in my company has it) THANK YOU all so much for the emails and comments. I swear I have never seen my inbox that full ROFL:-D
So my little war story:
We left early this morning from camp, enroute to Baquba (ba-kuba) to drop off troops and pick others as well as equipment up. Hence the reason we were driving an LMTV (aka known as a big freaking truck). Most of the drive was uneventful, and we pulled onto the long stretch of highway towards 'quba'. I was seated with my back to the driver, parallel to the door, keeping an eye out for anything bad. I heard a very loud bang and looked to the windshield and surmised that we had just been hit with an IED as our windshield was shattered. In that split second I thought we were fine and then realized that we were barrelling full tilt towards one of those barriers that sits in the road. I vaguly remember rolling, but the next thing I clearly remember is looking and realizing that I was 1. good and truely stuck, and 2. hanging upside down, and I was alone. I started to scream bloody murder, and one of the other females on the convoy came over, grabbed my hand and started to calm me down. She held onto me, allowing me to place my leg on her shoulder as it was hanging free, until the medics came, I am told some 30 minutes later. It took them awhile to pry me out, using the Jaws of Life, but finally I was free and was placed into a C collar and rolled over onto the stretcher. I remember laying there, looking at the sky, and realizing that I could actually breathe easy and this was a good thing. Of course the whole time I was trapped and then being pulled out, my ever present humour was out in full force. While I was under the truck, I thought that my face had been blown off, so I made the remark that I wouldn't be pretty again LOL. Of course the medics all rushed with reassurance which was quite amusing as I know what I look like now and I don't even want to think about what I looked like then. OH and BTW, it was a COLD morning. I was ready to swear I would never be warm again, especially since they literally cut ALL the clothes off of me, although not all out there. They got me stabilized and into the Blackhawk. (Goes to figure I finally get a ride in the Blackhawk and I can't quite enjoy it) From there we flew to the base where I am now at, and they wheeled me into the emergency room, where I was worked on by a very nice Australian, and a bunch of very nice AF doctors. The Aussie had a good time jibing me about the fact that I was wearing matching panties and bra (The old adage, always wear clean underwear), and helped me out alot. By the time he was done with me I was mimicing him back perfectly and had quite the accent going. They wheeled me into the ward where I was staying and the dentist came to see me, and actually ended up putting me into a truck and taking me to the clinic to work on my teeth right then and there. (I am missing my front left tooth now FYI)
When they brought me back, (oh and I have never had better drugs, I don't remember them working on me at all) My command group was there to see me. The other command group of the MI BN up here had previously been to see me, and had brought a phone, but seeing faces I knew was great. I think I actually fell into one or the other of them crying. I then learned that the driver of my truck had indeed not made it through, and that is a very tough thing for me. Thankfully, it was quick, I am told.
It was interesting in the ER as when I rolled in I was still cracking utterly inappropriate jokes and keeping myself upbeat and not letting myself think about my injuries. While the facial doctor was working on me though, for some reason it all of a sudden hit me that I was alive and that I would make it through. All I have is a face full of stitchs, and a couple of nice gashes on my legs. I was telling the doctors that I have never had stitches, or a root canal before and here I have had both on the same day:-D ok not so funny but is ok.
It was while not quite great laying out there under the sky, I had my LT there encouraging me, another person was holding my IV bag, and I think I will ever love him for not wincing at the sight of my face, and just everyone out there on that convoy was really helpful in keeping me up and alive. I think at one point I rolled my head and asked my BC if everyone out there would be recognized please. Then I got my CSM to laugh when I pointed out that this was probably the only time I would get away with totally screwing with the uniform (I am wearing PT shorts, black long sleeved shirt, black fleece jacket, black socks, and for the topper, my bright pink shower shoes) One of my comrades went through my gear and packed up my ruck for me, so I have a few things of my own, including the all important TIGGER!
Well, I am going to hobble back to my bed, and see if I can't drift off some more. Have a good day all.

In the hosptital

As you have already heard, I got my happy ass blown up. when my wrist allows me to type again I will tell the full story. BUT I wanted you all to know that I all right. I sustained some damage but all physical damage is fixable. Just pray, wish luck, whatever your faith, send good thoughts to the others involved. I will be home soon enough.
Thank you for the support:)

All I want for Christmas...

>>,1413,106~4988~2550172,00.html"Not all of the milbloggers write about their faith (or lack of) in the mission. Sgt. Lizzie describes her location as "Hell, Iraq." Her blog is aptly named "Life in This Girl's Army" ( and reads much like a college kid's diary. <<

I read this yesterday and though hmm kinda sounds like a diss in a way. I think differently today after thinking on it I realized Liz is a college aged kid and IMHO anyone who can endure such conditions living daily with the threat of death, injury, and more listening to the morter fire, the gunfire, and sounds of battle raging and yet still can keep her spirits up and sound like a college kid is amazing.

I am Liz's mum she wanted me to come and tell you all she is OK and will be back when she can. Liz was on a convoy early this morning when her LMTV was hit by an IED. If you are watcing CNN or reading other news hers is the one near Bouquaba. Liz has injuries to her face she lost two teeth she has laceration to her legs and her ankle is hurt enough she can't walk on it right now but should be fine soon. Please keep her in you thoughts and prayers and remember also the family of the other soldier. (read the news)

Liz wants you all to know she will miss you and will try to get to a computer to start bloggin again ASAP. She was in good spirits when she called me this am and said to tell you "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

December 03, 2004

In the News, Loss of Privacy, and getting thoroughly SOAKED,1413,106~4988~2550172,00.html
"Not all of the milbloggers write about their faith (or lack of) in the mission. Sgt. Lizzie describes her location as "Hell, Iraq." Her blog is aptly named "Life in This Girl's Army" ( and reads much like a college kid's diary. Her post for Nov. 8, 2004 is entitled "288," which is how many days she's been in country."
As noted above, I have now been featured in the news, though I am not sure whether that is a compliment or not. I realize that I do come across rather flaky, but as I have pointed out before, I just don't like to dwell on the bad situations here. It does nobody any good and only serves to get us down.
I am moving rooms today as we are consolidating buildings to make room for the new BN coming in to take our place. Unfortunatly, I now live in a room with 5!!! other females. As I wrote to a friend of mine, Let the screaming commence. Before, I lived with one other roomie, and I had my little fortress that kept me cut off from the rest of the world in the evenings. It gave me a place to escape and be alone, something I do enjoy from time to time. BUT, it is only for 2 weeks before we move to Kuwait. I think I can survive:-D
Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning generators with the pressure washer, and where there is water, there is bound to be people getting wet. That was me yesterday, by the time we finished the only part of my uniform that was dry was the back of my DCU top and I was literally shivering from head to toe. Before we went to chow I had to go sit in front of my little small heater and thaw out! Still, fun because it is all part of leading us home.
I have added a new Blogger to my favourite bloggers section. She is someone I knew back in the states and always has the most interesting things to say. I strongly urge checking her out:-D

December 02, 2004

This and That

Nothing really new here. It's been quiet, always good. Most of our company is due to arrive in the next 2 weeks, so it is going to get very crowded, but only for a few:-D

December 01, 2004

20 days

Almost out of this country and we are excited here. Sunday morning we had ranges, though this time not to qualify, ,but to just familiarize ourselves with the big guns, aka the M60, and the M240B. LOADS of fun:-D The noise alone was tremendous. We all had a good time though, just chilling and taking our turns firing at targets.
Monday was a fairly busy day, we spent the afternoon unloading and reloading milvans in prepartion for Customs today.
Today we loaded our personal foot lockers, and knocked one more milvan out. Just a few more to pack and then GO! This morning I was out at the front gate, watching the bomb dog at work. This was the CUTEST little cocker spaniel, who was soo much fun to play with. The guys there were cracking jokes that the poor dog would be no good the rest of the day with all the attention I was giving him LOL:-D It was fun to watch him work though, because he just goes up and checks everything really without having to be guided around the vehicle.

Blogger's going cooo coo

Don't ask me but all my posts are still here, they just aren't showing. This sucks.
Nothing really to tell in the land of Lizzie. We had customs this morning and packed up some personal belongings into a milvan, nothing really spectacular. I have reached a state of Blah, which is ok I guess I just wish I were at home feeling Blah:)