December 04, 2004

Just up and about

As you can tell, it is pretty early in the morning here. I can't really sleep, although I do keep drifting in and out, and right now I have no concept of time. (My watch got pulled off at the scene and now I know someone in my company has it) THANK YOU all so much for the emails and comments. I swear I have never seen my inbox that full ROFL:-D
So my little war story:
We left early this morning from camp, enroute to Baquba (ba-kuba) to drop off troops and pick others as well as equipment up. Hence the reason we were driving an LMTV (aka known as a big freaking truck). Most of the drive was uneventful, and we pulled onto the long stretch of highway towards 'quba'. I was seated with my back to the driver, parallel to the door, keeping an eye out for anything bad. I heard a very loud bang and looked to the windshield and surmised that we had just been hit with an IED as our windshield was shattered. In that split second I thought we were fine and then realized that we were barrelling full tilt towards one of those barriers that sits in the road. I vaguly remember rolling, but the next thing I clearly remember is looking and realizing that I was 1. good and truely stuck, and 2. hanging upside down, and I was alone. I started to scream bloody murder, and one of the other females on the convoy came over, grabbed my hand and started to calm me down. She held onto me, allowing me to place my leg on her shoulder as it was hanging free, until the medics came, I am told some 30 minutes later. It took them awhile to pry me out, using the Jaws of Life, but finally I was free and was placed into a C collar and rolled over onto the stretcher. I remember laying there, looking at the sky, and realizing that I could actually breathe easy and this was a good thing. Of course the whole time I was trapped and then being pulled out, my ever present humour was out in full force. While I was under the truck, I thought that my face had been blown off, so I made the remark that I wouldn't be pretty again LOL. Of course the medics all rushed with reassurance which was quite amusing as I know what I look like now and I don't even want to think about what I looked like then. OH and BTW, it was a COLD morning. I was ready to swear I would never be warm again, especially since they literally cut ALL the clothes off of me, although not all out there. They got me stabilized and into the Blackhawk. (Goes to figure I finally get a ride in the Blackhawk and I can't quite enjoy it) From there we flew to the base where I am now at, and they wheeled me into the emergency room, where I was worked on by a very nice Australian, and a bunch of very nice AF doctors. The Aussie had a good time jibing me about the fact that I was wearing matching panties and bra (The old adage, always wear clean underwear), and helped me out alot. By the time he was done with me I was mimicing him back perfectly and had quite the accent going. They wheeled me into the ward where I was staying and the dentist came to see me, and actually ended up putting me into a truck and taking me to the clinic to work on my teeth right then and there. (I am missing my front left tooth now FYI)
When they brought me back, (oh and I have never had better drugs, I don't remember them working on me at all) My command group was there to see me. The other command group of the MI BN up here had previously been to see me, and had brought a phone, but seeing faces I knew was great. I think I actually fell into one or the other of them crying. I then learned that the driver of my truck had indeed not made it through, and that is a very tough thing for me. Thankfully, it was quick, I am told.
It was interesting in the ER as when I rolled in I was still cracking utterly inappropriate jokes and keeping myself upbeat and not letting myself think about my injuries. While the facial doctor was working on me though, for some reason it all of a sudden hit me that I was alive and that I would make it through. All I have is a face full of stitchs, and a couple of nice gashes on my legs. I was telling the doctors that I have never had stitches, or a root canal before and here I have had both on the same day:-D ok not so funny but is ok.
It was while not quite great laying out there under the sky, I had my LT there encouraging me, another person was holding my IV bag, and I think I will ever love him for not wincing at the sight of my face, and just everyone out there on that convoy was really helpful in keeping me up and alive. I think at one point I rolled my head and asked my BC if everyone out there would be recognized please. Then I got my CSM to laugh when I pointed out that this was probably the only time I would get away with totally screwing with the uniform (I am wearing PT shorts, black long sleeved shirt, black fleece jacket, black socks, and for the topper, my bright pink shower shoes) One of my comrades went through my gear and packed up my ruck for me, so I have a few things of my own, including the all important TIGGER!
Well, I am going to hobble back to my bed, and see if I can't drift off some more. Have a good day all.

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