December 05, 2004


Ok, I admit, I loved Inspector Gadget. But, right now that word very aptly describes the amount of mail in my mail box. And since I unfortunatly am unable to respond to everyone due to time constrictions (They really want me back in my bed ROFL), I just wanted to say I great big thank you and to let you all know that I have now posted the photos. I had so many requests for them that I thought it best. For those of you who have never seen me before, please check out my other two photo pages on the side bar for examples LOL:-D
While I do appreciate all of the emails, please keep in mind the family of the other soldier in my truck. That soldier did not make it, and I am incredibly blessed, or lucky depending on ones faith. These things happen everyday to soldiers all over this large country, and others are no where near as fortunate as I.
Anyway, here are the photos: ied.html
I'd say enjoy, but that sounds a bit macabre even for me:-D
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