December 05, 2004

Showers and real clothing

I got to take a shower earlier this afternoon, and I even did it all on my own. They wrapped up my leg dressings with plastic and sent me on my merry way. Not that the plastic helped, I still ended up soaking my legs LOL:-D It didn't hurt though. But I am now in my PT's with socks and sneakers on and I even found my perfume in my bag and spritzed some on (Clinique Happy:-D). Oddly enough my make up bag was also in my ruck sack, but I don't think that I will be wearing that for quite awhile ROFL:-D
They tell me that my command was quite surprised to hear that I was talking, and the medics on scene as well, but they also tell me it was a good thing as I kept myself from going into shock. I am feeling a heap load better today, the shower helped and I also have regained marginal mobility in my left leg, so crutching around the wards isn't quite as difficult. I am still on an IV for my antibiotics, but the nurse says that because I am eating and drinking just fine, I should be able to switch to pills tomorrow.
I have been making friends in the ward, the guy in the bed to my left had a motorcycle accident while home and then tore his stitches again when he got here. We have been talking quite a bit back and forth and it has helped the extreme boredom. Other guys have been in and out, getting medevaced to Lanstuhl. We got a new one in this afternoon, another IED like me, and he is doing well also. He just walked into the MWR room here, so he is up and walking now:)
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