December 05, 2004

Showers and real clothing

I got to take a shower earlier this afternoon, and I even did it all on my own. They wrapped up my leg dressings with plastic and sent me on my merry way. Not that the plastic helped, I still ended up soaking my legs LOL:-D It didn't hurt though. But I am now in my PT's with socks and sneakers on and I even found my perfume in my bag and spritzed some on (Clinique Happy:-D). Oddly enough my make up bag was also in my ruck sack, but I don't think that I will be wearing that for quite awhile ROFL:-D
They tell me that my command was quite surprised to hear that I was talking, and the medics on scene as well, but they also tell me it was a good thing as I kept myself from going into shock. I am feeling a heap load better today, the shower helped and I also have regained marginal mobility in my left leg, so crutching around the wards isn't quite as difficult. I am still on an IV for my antibiotics, but the nurse says that because I am eating and drinking just fine, I should be able to switch to pills tomorrow.
I have been making friends in the ward, the guy in the bed to my left had a motorcycle accident while home and then tore his stitches again when he got here. We have been talking quite a bit back and forth and it has helped the extreme boredom. Other guys have been in and out, getting medevaced to Lanstuhl. We got a new one in this afternoon, another IED like me, and he is doing well also. He just walked into the MWR room here, so he is up and walking now:)


Kathleen A said...

I was sent here from Mudville Gazette who I'm sure is partially responsible for all the emails you're getting. I'm glad you made it through and are recovering. I'm sorry for the soldier that didn't make it and will think of his family. Humor is the best way to deal with this situation, therefore, I suggest you become a hillbilly without your teeth or something even more politically incorrect (for the time being). I'm sure you're a breath of fresh air for the medical folks there. Get well soon. And next time - keep your mouth closed!

Ric James said...

Hi! I saw a note about you over at Hugh Hewitt's blog and wanted to come over to say "Get Well Soon." I'm glad you're coming through this better than expected. I'm also following your lead and giving a moment of silence here for the soldier you mentioned who didn't make it. My sympathies to his family and his fellow soldiers over his loss. I send my support to all of you in this war and I promise, I'll never forget.

Anonymous said...

...just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe it when I followed the link on Greyhawk's site. I thank God you're ok, and I pray for the family of your comrade who didn't make it.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and your sacrifice. Please heal quickly, and keep that sense of humor!

--Phil in Michigan

Justrand said...

Linked here from Hugh Hewitt, and like everyone else I wish you the speediest and most complete of recoveries. God Bless You!!

We are so proud of you and all the men and women of our armed forces, for all your wonderful work in keeping us safe here at home! My nephew (Army airborne medic) is just back from a year in Korea, and due to leave for Iraq in February or March (as of 2 days ago...but stuff changes, ya know?).

You're going to be on a lot of "Favorite Places" now...mine included!


JarheadDad said...

Welcome to what is known as an "Instalanche". It's what happens when bigtime bloggers like Hewitt and Greyhawk send traffic your way! Luckily it hasn't crashed your site. YET! Your photo page has already crashed for awhile! ;-)

What to say? How about "You Go Girl"!!! One damn fine attitude you've got there soldier. Your parents should be proud! You've definitely got your feet planted firmly on the ground. Even if they were upside down for awhile there! :-o

God Bless your Brother Soldier and may He help his family during their time of trial. Just understand that the sacrifice y'all are making is understood, supported, and thanked every day by all. Thank you for your sacrifice and for serving!


P.S. Everytime I think of you mimmicking the Aussie I just bust out! I'd love to hear that! LOL!

Grathganor said...

Hugh Hewitt sent his readers your way, I am sorry to hear you were injured, and I wish to thank you for your service. All of the soldiers are dear to my family's hearts. God speed and a healthy recovery to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous seems to be easier for the not ept. Am one of Greyhawk's 'lanche.
Wish you a quick recovery and all good things.
Thank you, SGT.

johnp said...

Get well quick and keep up the great spirit. Your shariang of thoughts, experiences and sentiments is wonderful.

John, a long ago AF vet who served in the axis of evil's Iran before it was an enemy.

Anonymous said...

Another Greyhawk reader here to wish you well. You and all the others serving are daily in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you do.


Anonymous said...

A big thank you to you and all other soldiers in harm's way. We are so proud of you and grateful for all you do. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you, and
for comfort and strength for the family of the soldier who died.

My nephew is a Marine who was in the very first phase of the war in Iraq. He's
home and safe, but now I follow the stories of soldiers in Iraq (because I know what he went through.) Our country owes you and your fellow soldiers a big debt of thanks.
Linking to you from Hugh Hewitt's site. Lisa from Iowa

Garrison Steelle said...

Hey, you! Yeah, the one with the face!

There are now TWO bottles waiting here with your name on 'em, girl. I have no intention of drinking them alone.

What does this do for getting your ass out of hell? Any sooner? Please?


Anonymous said...

Get well and God Speed.
Thank you for all you do...

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sarge. Thanks and prayers to you and your fellow soldiers over there.


Anonymous said...

I'm not ept either, but 2Slick sent me your way and I want you to know that I send you my best get well wishes
and that everyone in Melbourne, Fl appreciates you and your sacrifices and those of your comrades. Your attitude is amazing and you probably give strength to many. God Bless You!!!!

Tweek said...

So does this mean you can do one of those really great backyard whistles now? Seriously though, I'm glad to read that you're semi-ok. At least you haven't lost your sense of I was seriously worried there for a bit. I'm sorry about you-know-who, me and Stan had just had a conversation with the previous afternoon (as you very well know). Rest up, heal up, and drop me a line when you get home.

Myles said...

Hi Lizzie-

I'm so thankful you're alive and in such good spirits. You're in my thoughts and prayers, as is the family of the soldier killed. Your strength and grace under fire amazes me. Lots of hugs, and I'll toss in a bottle to add to Garrison's stash if it'll get you home sooner. Thanks for all you're doing there, and don't lose any more bits. Come home safe!


Dan Patterson said...

Showers are high on my list of things that make me happy, and I'm a lowly civilian.

Thank you for your service; you and everyone who supports the military are owed more that can be paid. I read the mornings' note on Hugh Hewitt and have added your site to my favorites, so I look forward to your quick and complete recovery. Send along any well wishes to the other folk in the hospital with you.

Could you let us know what sort of support would be helpful? Spiritual and emotional support you may be assured of, but what other things would be useful? Are there any items that are hard to come by, or any letters, etc. that could be forwarded? Let us know.

Dan Patterson
Winston-Salem, NC

Mary said...

First time here, just wanted to express my well wishes with every one else. ;)

leaddog2 said...

Sgt. Lizzie,

It is great to hear that you are doing better. You and your team are in our prayers.

Get well soon and God Bless all of you.

Mamacita said...

Garrison said to get my tail over here and wish you well, and since his every wish is my command, here I am. Now that I've found your blog, I'll be back regularly, all on my own. Oh, and I'll see his booze and raise you some homemade bread and jam. Good luck, and be careful. Those ain't wasps buzzing through the air, you know.

AFSister said...

Hey Sgt. Lizzie!
Sounds like you're getting up and around a bit more (without the "what-are-you-doing-out-of-that-bed-Soldier" treatment from the docs & nurses!). I'm also suprised your site hasn't crashed yet due to the extra traffic. 2Slick and HH are big time girl- so welcome to the BIG TIME. Too bad it came at such a cost, though. Getting through the emotional toll of your accident will hit, and I hope you know how many shoulders are out there for you. Get well soon!

daddyddc said...

Get well soon. Thank you for your service. May God's blessings rain down on you.

wowedout said...

come home !!!!!! keep your head up and spirits high. i hated reading all of this i did not look at the pictures. tell them you have served now you are ready to come home damn it !!! if there is anything you need let us know and we will help the best we can ..... god bless

Shannon said...

Garrison told me to haul hiney over here to wish you well (and to make him look good :P) but I would've come regardless.

God bless you and your mom. Writing that post to your blog for you was probably one of the hardest things she's ever done. Glad it was an update and not an obit.

As for your fellow comrade, my condolences. For a long time to come you will wonder and have doubts and ask the big "Why?" ........why did you survive and the other die, why this, why that. I can only tell you, to come from where you are to go down a path that is being laid before you, that you must travel it with the sense of humor that you've shown and that God has his plan for you. I know it may sound trite, but it really is true when they say that God won't give you any more than you can't handle.

Thank you for your service to ensure my freedom, I can only hope and pray that one day I may return the favor to you.

Many prayers and blessings.


JohninLondon said...

Best wishes for your full recovery. Stay cheerful !

And maybe more importantly, condolences to the family of your comrade. If you can, please tell his family - as well as all your comrades - that lots of people in the UK care very much about the job you and all the coalition troops are doing. Your task in Iraq will proive to be historic - and you are all conducting yourselves with honour.

Be proud.

MARS Trucker said...

Sgt. Lizzie best wishes and as Hannity would say "You're a Real American" I was sent here by JonhinLondon via Little Green Footballs.

Gerry said...

God Bless you Lizzie. Hugh Hewitt's blog sent me to your blog. You're in my prayers. And I'm going to blog about you so that others will pray for you too.
Gerry Phelps

Shar said...

Well, I don't stop by for awhile (computer break) and then I pop in to see that you are no longer bored and having all kinds of adventures of the not so pleasant type. I was terribly sorry to hear about the driver. Prayers for his family and yours.
Its great that you've got that terrific sense of humor and it's still going strong.
Hope you get home soon. All the best on your full recovery.

JUST A MOM said...

WOW GIRL!! Look at you!!! I haven't seen these many comments on any of your posts! See what happens when you get into trouble!! WE ALL JUST LOVE YA GIRL!! Hang in there!

Miss Prissypants said...

I am keeping you in my prayers. All I can say is "thank you" for what you are doing. The words are inadequate, but please know there is a LOT of feeling behind them.

God bless you,

KG said...

I just want to say thank you for your service and sacrifice. It's good to see that you are on the mend, and here's hoping that you travel that road with no speed bumps.

Oh, I also added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind...

I Am The Walrus said...

Garrison mentioned you in one of his posts and I am here because of that and the fact that I am very sorry for your injuries. I hope your recovery goes well and I will be adding you to my Links and also notifying all to send you all the good wishes they can. Please take care, and know that many are thinking of you.

inkgrrl said...

When the stitches start to itch is when it's gonna get fun - a toothpick applied gently always worked for me. That first shower alone is a beautiful thing, no? I'm sorry as hell that you got hit, and sorrier that your driver didn't make it... keep that attitude and sense of humor going and it'll get you through the rough spots to come. Most important thing to remember is that the future is yours - those bastards didn't take it away from you. Get well soon.

vampyregirl said...

as a fellow member of the church of steele, wanted to send out get well wishes to you, and take care out there you brave woman you!!

Mark said...

You are a true American Hero. A person that is rapidly becoming an American icon as well as the blogging phenom of the year. Your wit, humor, inner strength, and physical endurance is an example to all of us back home and to all of your fellow soldiers in the field.
We salute you.

Rev. Mark T. Jones, H.P.
Disabled Vet - US Navy

HeroineGirl said...

You are such an inspiration of survivor spirit. I am a young australian girl and I admit to being a little ignorant about war and it's horrors. That has changed. I do know all about battles within yourself however, and I really think that you are amazing , you are going to live through this. Thank you God.
I will continue to read your writing, this blog is a rare gem of honesty and a great coping mechanism for you, so promise you will keep writing. It is a very powerful healing tool.
My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved, may your recovery be swift and thorough.

Lovely to meet you,

Maggie45 said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country. Words cannot express just how grateful I feel for you and all our other service people. You are in my thoughts and prayers, for a swift recovery. I'm also praying for your buddy and his family.

I've had your site on my favorites list for a while now, but it was Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette who sent me over today.

Blessings to you.

cbart95 said...

Bless you for all you are doing for all of us back home. All of you are in our prayers. I am so grateful for your service to our country and to the cause of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Lizzie,
I just want to wish you all the very best and hope that soon you will be healed completely.

Thank you so much for your service to our great country and to Iraq.

Please stay safe and get well soon!!

kathianne said...

For a minute there, I thought your site HAD crashed. Sgt. Lizzy, thank you for your service! Totally inadequate, but all I can say.

My prayers go out for the driver and your family. Having three children of my own about your age, well your mom must be SO well put together. Bless her. I am so glad that it sounds like you have your mom's grit and humor, remember that when you get back here! (Coming from the mom of 23 year old daughter!)

nameless to protect the innocent said...

adding my prayers and good wishes to those of the others....

thank you for what you're doing.

Inanna said...

Hi. Saw your story at Doc in the Box and came over to spread the love, wish you well and God Speed! Thanks for everything you're doing.

Toshiko said...

You are in my prayers!