December 06, 2004


My mother now firmly believes I have lost my ever living mind. As of this morning when the docs looked at me, I am being allowed to fly down to link up with my unit tonight and will redeploy with them in January. (G, you will have to hold those bottles a wee bit longer) I am still on crutches, but soon hope to be off of them. My face really looks worse then it feels, but the doctors assure me that "my pretty face" will be back to normal in no time whatsoever.
I got a picture this morning with the 2 ward mates that have been here since I got here. We have had a good time referring to ourselves as the walking wounded. I'll post that when able.
I got this comment in an email, and I have to say, I have never heard it called this : "Sorry to hear about you winning a "forgot-to-duck" medal." ROFL ROFL this was too funny, and oh so true.
PICTURES: Ok, I have had A LOT of emails about those (Morbid people ROFL), also I have heard that my site is down, so I am going to take up someone on these offers I have had to host them. I will let you all know when they are up.
EVERYONE, Thanks so much for the emails. It has been getting more and more real for me as the drugs wear off, so just please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
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