December 06, 2004

Photos Posted

Ok All, Much thanks to Hugh Hewitt for posting these on his site. Hopefully it doesn't over load ROFL:-D


Sean from DocintheBox said...

Whew! Don't worry, you're still a cutie (okay, I'm lying through my teeth, but you can be fixed!) I'm very sorry to hear about your partner but I'm glad you're still with us. BTW, thanks Hugh for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarge:

Get yourself well. We're praying for your recovery. As Hugh said, you've reminded us to pray for the wounded's recovery as well as for the troop's safety. God Bless.

Jeff in IN

Edd said...

Sgt. Lizzie – your perky platitudes in the face of such lancing death astonishing within the malignant climate of war are commendable beyond words. We not only grieve for the family of your comrade who died but for all of our men and women who continue to sacrifice their lives. Also, we wish the speedy recover of all our wounded not just with the physical physic but a higher physic and as Martin Luther said, “A higher physic …namely faith and prayer.”

Oh yes, you may also tell your doctors of a good and proved medieval cure for wounds. “If you run a stick through three [not four] toads, and, after drying them in the sun, apply them to any pestilent tumour, they draw out all the poison, and the malady will disappear.”

Hang tough but I’ll leave you with my favorite D.H. Lawrence poem:


I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

As an individual with a rare and debilitating brain disease, I read it many times a day.

With a gripping gratitude for your services and sacrifices, your friends,

Ed and Jane Hart

Baron Bodissey said...

Just wanted you to know that there are a lot of people back home who admire you and are praying for you. Thanks for what you do for your country.

Garrison Steelle said...

Hmmm ... okay, nothing we can't fix with a little make-up ... and maybe a touch of spackle. ;) KIDDING about the spackle!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a quick recovery and I will keep you in my prayers. Enjoy reading your site. Laughter cures many ails.

Keaukina said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers! We truly appreciate your service to out country, and send all best wishes for your recovery. It looks like you are getting very good treatment, and I think (as a former O.R. nurse, for many years) you will be surprised at how well this will heal, especially because you are young and healthy to begin with. Hang in there!

Celti said...

wow! I am so sorry you got hurt and my heart breaks for your driver who didn't make it. You are one lucky girl, however, as it could have been so much worse.

I admire tremendously your spirit and positive attitude. It sounds like it helped you a lot.

Keep your chin up, your eyes open and be safe.
My hat is off to you.

JUST A MOM said...

O.K. Now my whole "MOM" worry and expecting the worst is over! You look pretty good girl, although I did still get the old tingle in the legs "mommy needs to fix it feeling". All mom's get this when a chld gets hurt, I am sure your mum knows what I am talking about! Hang in there girl!

Hiawatha said...

You look just fine. And you're even prettier on the inside!

Thanks so much for your efforts, and God bless you.

AirborneVet said...

You look great, Liz! Keep up the god attitude. I miss you!

Mummy said...

Baby despite all your self depricating warnings I still say you are beautiful in all three pictures. It is in your eyes your spirit shines out through those beautiful brown eyes and I know you are OK. I wish I could have been there for you too. We will still be holding Christmas for you I love you!


Anonymous said...

I see that you did not photograph your new medals, please do that in the future, while in your dress blues or your Class A Uniform. Also if you get a little more rank you can include a sword on the uniform (I am only guessing about the sword). Modesty causes me to temper my comments but I will await that picture of you in all your honor and resolve.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Lizzie,
Thanks for the pics. I am praying for you that you heal really well and that you won't even have scars. Who's worried about scars now Huh. That can be fixed. I am so thankful that you are alive and are doing so much better.

Hang in there Sgt. and get well soon!! Thank you so much for your service!!


Angel said...


I never thought I'd see my son's "TWIN" in your photo's. You've got to stop channeling Tyler, immediatly!!

You're lip about matches his perfectly. Only his was not quite as dramatic as your's, he was only playing football.

Though, for an encore, 2 days before school started, he was at summer camp, got hit in the back of the head with a brick. The brick broke, in to 3 pieces, and I forever now have proof the boys head really IS harder than concrete!!! The head injury while drmatically bloody and grusome, was no where near as bad as the lip. They simply glued his head shut, and the Doc managed to glue his thumb to Tyler's head in the process.

The parting comments to Tyler were precious. The doc turned to him and said "Son, if I had 3 college girls taking thier shirts off for me in the middle of the park, I sure would not be at the Dr.'s office!" LOL thankfully, Tyler did not get it as he's only 10! But the part about 3 college girls stripping in the park is true, he was bleeding so heavily, they had yanked off thier camp t-shirts to pack his head to try and stop the bleeding, LOL.

I hope the unfogged reality (IE: the lack of good drugs) is not extremely painful and that you heal very very quickly.

You're in our thoughts and hearts daily. You take care of yourself and get better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Omygosh, you took a heck of bang.

Here's wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

God Bless,

Marc in Kentucky

Josh Parker said...

Hope you have a good recovery, and thanks for serving! *hugs*

Nicholas Provenzo said...

Ouch!! Yet your spirit is inspiring-—I’m in awe. Gwyneth ain’t got nothing on you! :-)

Best wishes and,

Go Army!!!

Nicholas Provenzo
USMC '88-'93

PureData said...

Ouch! But not bad! Glad you are doing better!

You'll heal fine..

I did the same thing in 1986 but on a bicycle into the back of a station wagon. In the ER, my buddy passed out while watching and it was left to his wife to hold my And it was muuuch worse than yours..I swelled up so bad I was the elephant man..the worst things were that it delayed the start of my boot camp for four months and I had to have braces again after my discharge!

MajorDad said...

Hang in there Kiddo!

While they don't grow back, they can sure fix them back the way they were.

Keep the faith....and do unto others, before they get to do unto you (keep running you scum, we're right on your heels!)

Best of holiday wishes from everyone at the MajorHousehold.

See you on the high ground!


Maureen O'Grady said...

Dear Sgt. Lizzie,

Hugs and prayers to you and best wishes on a speedy recovery.

I see from the photos your dimple and sparkle in the eyes are still intact.

What great spirit you have! We'll be praying for you!!

The O'Grady-Morelli household

nonapplicable said...

Hi Sgt. Lizzie,

I ran into your link over at Citizen Smash.

Judging by your photos you should be back to "you" in a short time. The various swellings are from the trauma from the IED attack and the root canal and other "fun" stuff the doctors did to help patch you up. The swellings will go totally away in time. As others have recommended, if the nightmares start to get to you, please don't hesitate to go for PTSD treatment.

Sgt. as others have posted in their comments what counts is that you're still with us. My condolences to you, your group, and the family of the troop that was killed in that attack.

Thank you for serving. Sgt. Lizzie, I hope you won't mind a couple of suggestions from a total stranger. Please, keep a copy of your blog on file. That can prove of great value to you in the years to come. You might also want to signup on now, while things are still fresh in your mind.

Best regards, M'am.

Disabled Vet, USAF