July 28, 2007

Love the monsoon season

Last night my section had a party and then afterwards the plan was to go watch a coworker perform in a play. Party went well, despite the pouring down rain for much of it, however by the time we left. Unknown to us, the rain earlier had managed to destroy the lobby of the theatre we were going to see the play in. But after a 30 minute delay, and the loss of the lighting and mics, we got to see the show. It was FANTASTICALY Funny:-D
Anyway, I walked outside earlier, and this is what I saw:
Completely underwater.

July 16, 2007

I just think this is cute

I like cats:-D

July 13, 2007

July 05, 2007

First Monsoon of the season

One wonders if this is an AZ thing, but the first legit monsoon of the season was set to roll through Tucson this evening, and as I was arriving home after having a flat fixed, I noticed many people out on their balconies and porches to watch the magnificent glorious fury. I love monsoons myself, thought I really am not so fond of the thunder (it scares me). There is nothing like a hot, sticky morning, broken in the afternoon by the storm. Arizona, not known for humidity, but get a storm rolling through and it is as wet and sticky as a Georgia summer day. The lightening is the greatest show on earth, the thunder its soundtrack, and the smell of the rain making it one of my favorite things ever.

July 03, 2007

yes, I do still exist:-D

Things have been a little on the very busy side for me, which is always great. Daniel came home in May for his month and we spent a wonderful week in Texas kicking back doing nada. I had previously been assigned to another section to help, so I have been working I had 3 different sections under my belt and life was a blast:) I had also applied for the job as one of the section managers assistant, a job I really REALLY wanted. It took what felt like forEVER, but naturally I got it (I was already working for her, that really kinda helped) , so Monday I spent all day at an orientation drinking coffee praying I wouldn't pass out, as I don't do briefings. They tend to bore me, especially when most of the information was stuff I already knew. I am now a full Raytheon employee, with the right to pay $120 a month for health insurance, but I also get paid vacay! yay:-D Currently my cubicle (it really is one) is stuffed with my bosses boxes, I still have no computer, but life is going very well.