July 03, 2007

yes, I do still exist:-D

Things have been a little on the very busy side for me, which is always great. Daniel came home in May for his month and we spent a wonderful week in Texas kicking back doing nada. I had previously been assigned to another section to help, so I have been working I had 3 different sections under my belt and life was a blast:) I had also applied for the job as one of the section managers assistant, a job I really REALLY wanted. It took what felt like forEVER, but naturally I got it (I was already working for her, that really kinda helped) , so Monday I spent all day at an orientation drinking coffee praying I wouldn't pass out, as I don't do briefings. They tend to bore me, especially when most of the information was stuff I already knew. I am now a full Raytheon employee, with the right to pay $120 a month for health insurance, but I also get paid vacay! yay:-D Currently my cubicle (it really is one) is stuffed with my bosses boxes, I still have no computer, but life is going very well.
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