June 29, 2006

They can FIX me!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear g-d I HOPE SO! I went for a visit with my friendly hand surgeon at the VA today, and while there mentioned my knee issues as I wanted a handicapped placard so my gimpy self wouldn't have to walk so far. His reply, "we can fix that" REALLY? PLEASE? I could walk normally, maybe even dance again. Then maybe even wear my heels without pain:-D Woohooo I'm so happy, so very happy.
Oh yeah, I also go on vacay to TX tomorrow:-D One week of blissful nothingness.

June 19, 2006

Much better

I spent most of my weekend taking care of car issues, and now, unless you are looking close at my dash and console, you can't tell anything was ever wrong:-D I had the door fixed on Friday, and we spent some time price comparing stereos, and then Sunday afternoon, we took the car in and had a new radio installed, so I won't go totally insane driving back and forth to work:-D Yiipeeeee:-D

June 12, 2006

I Got robbed!!!!!!!!!!!

I went out yesterday afternoon to do some grocery shopping and run other errands. When I tried to unlock my car, I noticed that there wasn't a keyhole there, it was just a big open hole! Lo and behold I look in the window to discover that my entire console has been ripped off and my radios are gone!!!!!!!!!!! Both my nice Pioneer system and my Roadys (XT and 2, I had just upgraded). Now I discover the insurance company won't replace my Roadys ("portable") and they will only replace the Pioneer with a base model Pioneer as I no longer have the reciepts. I bought this radio well over a year ago now! ICK! ICK! and DOUBLE ICK! I feel so violated. In the mean time I have to pay a $500 deductible to fix the car, as I can't even lock it right now (Nothing is in the car). This BLOWS!
Why my car I'll never know, it's not like I had a super duper system, it was very basic!

June 07, 2006

Cool things and thunderstorms

Yesterday we had the first big storm of the monsoon season, a month early, but a monsoon none the less. Naturally, everyone here that I work with and then some were out on our covered porch at work watching the storm roll in, because it was truly a thing of beaty to watch. As the wind picked up, we were startled to see a very large hawk get blown under the roof of the porch and land. The poor thing looked hurt, and it took a few minutes for the hawk to regain it's bearings and manage to hop up to the railing and take off again. Naturally we all kept a very safe distance, but it really was the coolest thing ever, and made my day. Then the storm started for real, and after a few minutes watching and listening to the rain, a strike of lightening struck close to us and made a really LOUD clap of thunder, sending myself and my boss scurrying inside, as I really don't do loud, and she doesn't like thunder that close:) One of the guys I work with had fun later teasing me for being a wimp, saying "you're such a girl":-D Yep, last time I checked those were the body parts I still had.
Ah, I love my life:-D So normal, so fun, just peaceful:)

June 01, 2006

I love weird news

Especially when it comes with interesting mental pictures: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/31/AR2006053101934.html
I drive a Neon, and this one I can just see:-D