June 19, 2006

Much better

I spent most of my weekend taking care of car issues, and now, unless you are looking close at my dash and console, you can't tell anything was ever wrong:-D I had the door fixed on Friday, and we spent some time price comparing stereos, and then Sunday afternoon, we took the car in and had a new radio installed, so I won't go totally insane driving back and forth to work:-D Yiipeeeee:-D


Gram said...

Good for you. I do not think car alarms attract attention anymore unless you have something unique and you will recognize it in the middle of the night.

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Dang Liz, that blows that you got robbed, theives should be keelhauled! (sailors do that sort of thing) Glad everything is back in order.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have tunes again. Isn't just a drag (to say the least) to drive aroung without mucis, talking, and background noise? It's pure torture isn't it? ENJOY, K. :-D