June 12, 2006

I Got robbed!!!!!!!!!!!

I went out yesterday afternoon to do some grocery shopping and run other errands. When I tried to unlock my car, I noticed that there wasn't a keyhole there, it was just a big open hole! Lo and behold I look in the window to discover that my entire console has been ripped off and my radios are gone!!!!!!!!!!! Both my nice Pioneer system and my Roadys (XT and 2, I had just upgraded). Now I discover the insurance company won't replace my Roadys ("portable") and they will only replace the Pioneer with a base model Pioneer as I no longer have the reciepts. I bought this radio well over a year ago now! ICK! ICK! and DOUBLE ICK! I feel so violated. In the mean time I have to pay a $500 deductible to fix the car, as I can't even lock it right now (Nothing is in the car). This BLOWS!
Why my car I'll never know, it's not like I had a super duper system, it was very basic!


Gram said...

I had someone go into my house uninvited and take a couple of things. It really feels as if you have been violated. Not a good feeling. And I didn't have a lot either. Some pdople just don't use the brains they were born with, I guess. Anyway we are sorry it happened to you.

Tom McClard said...

I am very sorry that happened to you... I would check all pawn shops in the area for the next few days and watch E-bay...I hope you catch them. Tom

AirborneVet said...

That bites! You might want to invest in a good alarm system, GPS tracking AND a stereo with a removable face plate that won't work without the correct one.
Even if you don't keep the receipts, be sure to write down what you pay AND the serial numbers for everything.
My car was shot at in April and the insurance wouldn't help me at all even though the cops caught the kids who did it. Needless to say, I have a new insurance company.

Anonymous said...

That sux, I'm so sorry!!!


Anonymous said...

i feel your pain, my house was robbed 5 years ago and my cousins car last night. In both cases I know who has committed the crimes, but this time I'm going out and taking care of business. You will understand the law and insurance companies don't give a shit and won't reimburse you. The law is too slow, way too slow.

boy said...

my dad car got robbed they took alot of stuff. togerther the thing cost 500 euro! and for a kid like me its more scary! :( and its really sad what happend to all of you. my friend's dad's car was lit on fire twice!