June 07, 2006

Cool things and thunderstorms

Yesterday we had the first big storm of the monsoon season, a month early, but a monsoon none the less. Naturally, everyone here that I work with and then some were out on our covered porch at work watching the storm roll in, because it was truly a thing of beaty to watch. As the wind picked up, we were startled to see a very large hawk get blown under the roof of the porch and land. The poor thing looked hurt, and it took a few minutes for the hawk to regain it's bearings and manage to hop up to the railing and take off again. Naturally we all kept a very safe distance, but it really was the coolest thing ever, and made my day. Then the storm started for real, and after a few minutes watching and listening to the rain, a strike of lightening struck close to us and made a really LOUD clap of thunder, sending myself and my boss scurrying inside, as I really don't do loud, and she doesn't like thunder that close:) One of the guys I work with had fun later teasing me for being a wimp, saying "you're such a girl":-D Yep, last time I checked those were the body parts I still had.
Ah, I love my life:-D So normal, so fun, just peaceful:)
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