February 27, 2005

More Memes

I like these things when I have nothing else to write about:-D Today was another day in the neighborhood, went to church, lunch, had a small going away part I went to. Good days.

First best friend: Melissa and Alicia
First car: 82 Chevy Citation
First screen name: BiberKatz
First self purchased CD: Don't remember
First pets: Hamster named Mr. Kitty ( I WAS 10!)
First piercing/tattoo: Had ears pierced at 10, tattoed at 23
LASTS Last cigarette: hmmmmmm
Last car ride: went out to a going away party
Last good cry: December
Last library book checked out: Don't remember
Last kiss: A week ago
Last crush: Don't remember
Last phone call: Daniel
Last time showered: This Morning
Last shoes worn: Black Ballet Flats
Last song played: Accidently in love
Last item bought: Shoes (such a typical female, I know)
Last annoyance: dunno
Last shirt worn: black sweater twinset
Last website visited: google
Last word/s you said: Killing
Last song you sang: Accidently in love
What color of underwear are you wearing?: RED
What's under your bed?: Nada, bed sits on the floor
What time did you wake up today?: 0900
Where do you want to go? Florida
What is your career going to be? Prosecutor
Where are you going to live? Nice house
How many kids do you want? 2 maybe 3
What kind of car(s): Volvo C70 in Blue or Honda S2000, same color
Current mood: blah
Current music: Nothing
Current taste: none
Current hair: Ponytailed
Current clothes: Red fleece pj set with Polar bears
Current annoyance(s): slow internet connections
Current book: Book on etiquette, I don't know what the title is though
Current hate: headaches and doctors
(x) - you've done
(_) - you haven't done
(x) been drunk
(_) been high
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) kissed a member of the same sex (other then family no)
(_) crashed a friend's car
(x) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi
(x) been dumped
(_) been in a fist fight
(_) snuck out of my parent's house
(x) ever dated someone of the opposite sex
(_) ever dated someone of the same sex
(X) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
(_) been arrested
(x) made out with a stranger (more times then I care to admit)
(_) stole something from my job
(_) celebrated new years in time square
(x) gone on a blind date
(_) had a crush on a teacher (homeschooled, remember? that would just be GROSS)
(_) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
(x) been to Europe
(_) skipped school (yeah, Mum wouldn't let me sleep in)
(_) cut myself on purpose
(_) been married
(_) gotten divorced
(_) had children
(_) seen someone die
(_) been to Africa
(x) Punched a friend when playing around
(_) Been to Canada
(_) Been to Mexico
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show (multiple times)
(x) Thrown up in a bar
(_) Purposely set a part of myself on fire
(x) Eaten Sushi
(_) Been Snowboarding
(x) Met someone in person from the internet
(_) Been moshing at a concert
(_) had real feelings for someone you knew only online
(_) been in an abusive relationship.
(_) been pregnant or got someone pregnant
(_) lost a child
(_) gone to college
(x) taken painkillers
(x) love someone or miss someone right now
1. Nervous Habits? Biting my nails
2. Are you double jointed? yes
3. Can you roll your tongue? yes
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? Nope
5. Can you blow spit bubble? Yep
6. Can you cross your eyes? I can't see the screen anymore
7. Tattoos? 1
8. Piercings and where?ears
9. Do you make your bed daily? sometimes if I feel like it
10. Which shoe goes on first? Dunno
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? yes
12. On the average, how much money do you carry in your wallet? 20
What jewelry do you wear 24/7? Mi Amor ring, triple hearts ring
14. Favorite piece of clothing? jeans
15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl
16. Have you ever eaten Spam? EW
17. Favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla
18. Favorite candy treat? Maple Sugar Candy
19. Ideal bagel? Blueberry
20. How many cereals in your cabinet? 1

More Memes

February 26, 2005

A few more things of three

I posted most of this back in December, but I decided to repost with a few variations as an update.

1. My personality
2. My abilities
3. My eyes :-D

1. My fears
2. Most of my past (or what I have had control over more specifically speaking)
3. My inability to confront people and stand up for myself.

1. Bullets
2. Bombx
3. My Future

1. Water
2. Food
3. Gas (For my CAR silly)

1. Headband
2. Earrings
3. Smile

1. Darryl Worley
2. Kelly Clarkson
3. Lonestar

1. I miss my friend
2. Breakaway
3. Mr. Mom

1. I have 1 Tatoo
2. I can read really fast
3. I can't read;)

1. Still can't eat Corn on the Cob:-D
2. Walk Straight
3. Run

1. Reading
2. Internet
3. Driving Really Fast

1. Drive to Miami.
2. Leave Georgia. (permanently)
3. Go dancing.

1. Garner State Park
2. Miami
3. Somewheres in the mountains in a secluded cabin with the love of my life.

1. Get married.
2. Have children.
3. Be really rich.

Land Nav and adventures in babysitting

Yesterday out at the Land Navigation course was a lot of fun, although after 4 hours of walking about 3 + miles, I HURT!
We started the day yesterday with PT at the pool, doing relays, and other fun things, and I discovered that due to various broken parts in me, I can't swim anymore:( Well, I can, but it hurts!!!! Buummmmer.
We then met at the company, all those of us playing that day in BDU's which felt pretty freakin weird to us as we haven't worn BDU's in forever as we are all used to DCU's. (translation here: BDU: Green uniform with black boots, DCU: Deserts with tan suede boots) As no one knew exactly where we were going, we convoyed out there in our cars, and lined up in an open field. They passed out our maps, compasses, and paired us up. I paired up with a young man with whom I am friendly at work, and chat to occasionally online, so it was going to be an enjoyable day. After waiting 5 minutes for the first team on our course to go, we then took off and set out across the woods, lakes, swamps, and other such obstacles. Between getting off course a few times, stopping to track a path around the lakes, and try to find the last point, which was darned hard to find, we had a blast.
That evening, I went out with a few friends to some of the clubs around here, came back late, and slept little. Did me no good this morning when I had to wake up at 10 to go babysit for my best friend LOL. But I spent the afternoon babysitting for her very adorable 2 year old, who calls me Aunt Lizzie, and gets upset when I leave. This afternoon she fell sleep while watching Dora, so I moved her onto the couch, and lay down next to her and took my own nap. I woke up just as my friends walked in, and they got a good laugh:-D
No plan on going out this evening, I still hurt pretty bad from yesterday, ick. But all will be well.

February 24, 2005

Miracles do happen

Here in Fort Gordon, among people in my battalion, we have this little running gag joke that we like to call the "Fort Gordon Dome". The premise behind this dome is that as soon as the 5 minute warning goes off at 0625, the dome goes up and all rain or other inclement weather ceases until shortly after 0730. I can count on one hand the times that this hasn't happened, and only a few of those times has PT been canceled. So this morning when I walked out of my room on my way to formation, and it was pouring, I had every reason to believe that the dome would function as normal. Trying to explain this to someone who has only been with the unit for a short time and has been deployed for much of that, was quite amusing. He didn't quite understand that. So this morning, when it didn't stop raining, and we were released, we chalked it up to a rare malfunction of the dome:-D hehehehe. The dorky things that amuse us at times.
Tomorrow will be a day of playing in the woods, hoping not to get lost:-D
In other news, I went in this morning for an MRI on my leg, and I should get the results on Tuesday. I get so frustrated at times with not knowing what is going on with my injuries, particularily when my leg keeps acting up. It's all good though, I am sure everything will turn out ok.

February 22, 2005

Driving in traffic

Yesterdays drive back to reality was interesting. I should have known that coming out of Daytona the day after ther Daytona 500 was a bad idea, but into traffic I went coming off of I4 onto I95. And of course, there was the inevitable holdups along 95 to Jacksonville due to road work, and again in Jacksonville, but what really got me was running into a dead stop jam on I16! What gives? On the way up US 25, almost home I noticed a wicked kewl thunderstor brewing to my west, but not so kewl when I ran into it. Ick Ick ick. The lightening plays havoc with my night vision LOL. But I made it home safely and into bed at a reasonable hour, after, of course, watching CSI Miami. wicked episode last night!
Today started off not so good, I got distracted before leaving for formation, and thus had to hoof it over, screwing up my leg, and pretty much ruining the rest of my day. Not so bad though really. We did one of my favourite things today, Land Navigation. I get that stuff, and give me a map and a compass, you can't get me lost. Being that we had nada to do this afternoon, and there was NO ONE in the office, save for a few of us, I flopped on the couch, and rested, which helped out a lot with my knee.
After work, I did laundry, cleaned my room, went food shopping, and decided I needed a new vacuum, cause mine SUCKED!!!!!!!! So I got a new Dirt Devil, with attachments, and had a grand old time putting it together without the directions. Ok, so one of my good friends wouldn't let me do that. Hey, I'd have figured it out eventually!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.

Goofy stuff

(Passing requires 4 correct answers)

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?
2) Which country makes Panama hats?
3) From which animal do we get catgut?
4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?
6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?
7) What was King George VI's first name?
8) What color is a purple finch?
9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?
10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

All done?

Answers below.

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?
116 years

2) Which country makes Panama hats?

3) From which animal do we get catgut?
Sheep and Horses

4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?
Squirrel fur

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

7) What was King George VI's first name?

8) What color is a purple finch?

9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?
New Zealand

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?
Orange, of course.

February 20, 2005


Yesterday was a fun filled day of fun in the sun at Seaworld. We got a late start, as we all slept in and woke up later then we thought we were going to, but it wasn't so bad. After a couple of wrong turns, we finally arrived and surprisingly, got good parking. The lines weren't so bad and there was a separate one for military, as we got in free with an active duty ID card:-D It was fun contrasting the difference between people in the military line, and those in the other lines. Once we got in, we all agreed that the roller coaster, Kracken, was the first place to go:-D We had all of a 10 minute wait before we got on to the last row! Looking at the pictures afterwards, Arthur, Michelle, and I were all screaming with our mouths wide open, and there's Daniel, looking for all the world like he was just waiting in the doctors office ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! After that we went over to "beer school" where we got to learn about how Budweiser is made and taste about 6 different kinds. Yum:-D Bud-----weis--------er! We walked around the park all afternoon, and then decided to head home to change for dinner. Leave it to the men, after the women have gotten all nice and dressed up to suggest calling for take out ROFL! We went to Longhorn first, but there was way too much of a wait and it wasn't worth it. So we then went to Kobe, a Japanese steakhouse. Another long wait there, but that one was well worth it. Wicked kewl and SOOOOOO much food! By the time I got my steak, I was stuffed! And watching the chef at the table was a lot of fun as well.
Today was a sleep in and be lazy day:-D Went to Cracker Barrel for brunch, then to the mall to browse:-D And then for dinner, we allowed the boys their chinese delivery. Not so good the sweet and sour chicken:-D
I don't wanna go back tomorrow...................................................................... Just not looking forward to returning to my life, but hey, on the 4th I will have my teeth back to (sorta) normal, as I will have braces, and a false tooth. So maybe I won't look so goofy!

The groove chefs! Wicked kewl! Posted by Hello

I did not win a one of these! I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel won the frogs, tossing little rubber froggies into lily pads:-D The dog he won by knocking down bottles ( On his third try!) Posted by Hello

This would be me, waiting just inside the park for my brother and his fiance to finish getting tickets. Posted by Hello

Talk about PINK! Posted by Hello

February 18, 2005

What a party that would be:-D (Although can you imagine the hang over?) Posted by Hello
And this is where they bottle it:-)
The vineyards

OOo the wine:-D

Today being just a nice relaxing day in Orlando, we decided (after sleeping in til 10), to go to a local winery that I had found online, the Lakridge Winery. Wicked cool place:-D The tours included a short movie on growing the grapes, and then we proceeded from there to see where they ferment it and bottle it. They have steel tanks that were just enormous! According to the tour guide, each one holds just over 5000 pounds! That's a lot of wine! They were bottling up a red while we were there, and watching the system was just neat. This being February, obviously the grapes were not growing, but you could look out over the vineyard and see what it would look like.

February 16, 2005

This, that, and the other thing.

It was so nice this morning to arrive at work and NOT have to fight for a parking space as I won the raffle last week to have the right to park in the commanders spot, right up front:-D Tomorrow I have the 1SGS right next to it:)
I went in for yet another bone scan this afternoon, this time on my wrist. I learned something interesting as the machine was right next to where I was sitting with my wrists on the scanner. During the scans I noticed an area on my right wrist that was bright white. When I asked the doctor what that meant, he said that it was an area where there was healing going on. Now I understand what they meant when they said I came up hot on the bone scan for my legs. Interesting stuff:-D In a few days I will head back into the doctors for the final results.
Things are boring in the office, I am so looking forward to heading to Orlando for the weekend, seeing my brother, his fiance, and best of all my boyfriend. We plan on going to Sea World on Saturday. Never been there before so it should be a blast:-D

February 15, 2005


Ok, for those of you who are country fans, have you all seen the new video with Tim McGraw and Nelly? Talk about an odd pairing! But it's actually pretty good.

February 14, 2005

North Carolina

After much hassle Saturday morning trying to get my car out of the shop, I finally left for NC around noon. My sisters were performing at 3 so I was racing the clock on the way up there, but I made it with minutes to spare:-D Flying through the mountains was FUN hehehe. Anyway, Saturday morning was a hassle only because I had to call a cab to get out to Firestone, where my car had been overnight, and the cab company here on post is NOT the best. They have this thing about permanent party personnel: we aren't where the money is, so they don't come down to our barracks. They'd rather hang down at the AIT kids barracks, as most of them don't have cars here. After several phone calls, and me actually losing my cool with the dispatcher at one point, they finally arrived and I got my car. Ah, so nice to have my baby back in one piece.
I swear, my 16 y/o is a drama queen! ROFL, it was so funny watching my girls perform these stories. Some of the expressions they used had me just about rolling. Later on after the performance we all went out to eat at the local steakhouse, where I learned that my 14 y/o doesn't like steakhouses because they throw peanuts all over the floor. Oh lordy! But it was good steak. I went to church with them the next morning, and I swear I was the youngest adult there. Not to mention my mother had to make a fuss over me, @@. I so dislike being embarressed.
While I was there, I picked up the 20 inch flat screen Mum had put on layaway for me, so now I own my first TV LOL. I spent last night watching a silly romance movie on ABC family:-D
Well, off I go to the Orthodontists. I will have molds made of my teeth this morning, and in about a week or two I will have braces..............again.

February 13, 2005

A sock in the gut

I just returned home from North Carolina visiting my mother and family (more on that in a different post), and naturally one of the first things I did was check my email. In my inbox was a note from an ex of mine, and it included pictures of the girl he has just started dating. We split quite awhile ago, and I obviously have since moved on (Or so I thought apparently), but that email just hit hard. I don't know why, as I don't have a problem usually with this sort of thing. One of my exes is dating my best friend and I couldn't be happier for them, another is reuniting with his estranged wife, and again, I am very happy for him. Mind you I did care for both of these guys and others I have dated that I have seen move on, some more so then some, but either way, why did this hit me so hard? All I have to say now is OUCH, that hurt and I don't know why.

February 12, 2005

Cyndi Lauper look-a-like?

Little hungover this morning from a wee too much too drink last night LOL. A few of my buddies decided that they were going to have 80's night in the barracks last night, so everyone pulled from their memories for the most outrageous 80's styles that we could think of. I went with the extremely green eyeshadow and a cute green bow in my hair, but the rest of me was comfortably bundled in jeans and a sweater, as it was COLD out last night. We did have fun though and the party ran well into the night. It's been a while since I actually deigned to show up at one of these events in the barracks, as at one point I was well known for avoiding them like all heck. In fact, in the 3 years I have been in this barracks, this is the 3rd such event that I showed for and the first one where I actually stayed more then 10 minute. The next one planned is a toga party hehehe.
Off to NC today, as soon as my car gets out of the shop. I took her in yesterday to have a diagnostic done and to have a gasket replaced and during the diagnostic they managed to kill her somehow, so the car had to stay overnight. But they found the problem this morning after I told them what the problem had been last time she wouldn't start. One of my dearest friends told me yesterday that he needed to buy stock in Firestone as I am in there so much lately. But hey, it's a good shop here and I know them well enough now to know that they aren't going to mess with me and tell me things need fixing when they really don't. Is all good:-D

February 09, 2005

Papa Johns, errands, and the Super Bowl

Ok, slightly perturbed now. I just returned from going out to pick up some Papa John's pizza, as they don't deliver to post and I was too tired from an hour of madcap cleaning, only to discover while out at the store, that they do now deliver on post. Grrrr. For the first two years I was here they didn't and so if I wanted pizza delivered, it was dominos or pizza hut. Not bad, but NOT Papa John's. Oh well, I needed milk and batteries anyway.
My day was productive today. I paid some of my bills, had an appointment with the occupational therapist, got new plates for my car, opened new accounts through Bank of America, and cleaned my room. My occupational therapist still isn't quite sure what's up with my wrist, but after another doctor looked at my x-rays today, they noticed an odd shadow, and so now I have to go through another bone scan for that, oh well. No big, I just want it fixed.
I went to the registration office today with my paper work, and now have Purple Heart plates on my car. So if you see a little gold Honda rolling around with those on the back, wave hi:-D
I have been meaning for quite sometime to switch banks, and so am glad to have knocked that out.
The Super Bowl. How remiss was I yesterday to neglect this all important event in my life?! GO PATRIOTS!!!! Sunday night we watched the game, he rooting for the Eagles, me obviously the Patriots. But seriously, How boring was that game? No spectacular plays, No awesome halftime show, and the best commercial was the Ameriquest one with the cat. I almost fell off the couch on that one. I missed the whole first half as I was cooking dinner, but I had Daniel keeping me up to date in the living room. But, hey, my team won and that is all that counts.

February 08, 2005

A Recap

Friday kinda pissed me off. We had our little awards ceremony that day, and I recieved my Purple Heart (yeehaw), but what really got me were the Army Commendation Medals with V device for valor. Now everyone up there deserved it, don't get me wrong, but there was one person who wasn't up there and in my opinion deserved one above all, and that was the girl who was by my side during my 45 minutes of hell hanging out in that damned truck. Grrrrrrrrrr. I left shortly there after for my long drive to Miami, and running through Jacksonville on 95 was interesting as there were cops on LITERALLY every corner. Too cool. And of course, I was being my nice obediant self and not speeding. (I saved that for later hehehe)
Saturday was nice and relaxing as was Sunday, going to eat out at Applebees and looking at home furnishings together:-D I also managed to yank my mothers chains but good that day, told her Daniel and I had eloped that weekend. ROFL ROFL her reaction was priceless. YAY I managed to get her finally:)
I drove back Monday, stopping in Orlando to see my brother and his girlfriend. Nice easy drive, though tiring.
Today started early with a PT test that I timed for (obviously I was not taking it), and then got weighed in. Not so bad there, could stand a few more pounds off the frame but no big.
Lunchtime was a blast. One of my friends decided that he was going to give me my first motorcycle ride since I was around 8 years old, and we all went out to the Harley dealership here with someone else who was looking to get a bike. I swear the whole way out there I was hanging onto him for dear life! On the way back I rode on the back of someone elses Harley and fell in love with it. I so want my own now! That has been the only exciting thing thus far today, and now I am just kicking back in my room with a glass of wine and talking to my darling:)

February 06, 2005

ah, relaxing

After a 10 1/2 hour drive Friday night, I arrived in Miami at my boyfriends apartment at 0330. I tell you what, trying to find parking at his place at 3 in the morning is no picnic. I eventually managed to wedge myself into a spot I wasn't sure I would fit into and went upstairs to almost immediatly pass out:-D The drive itself wasn't all that bad, after 9 (aka when I have unlimited minutes on my cell phone) I called my mother and talked to her for awhile. Of course, the kids were all still up, so she had me call back around midnight, so I called Daniel and talked to him until then. When I called Mother, we spent over 2 hours on the phone (longer then in a long while) while I sped down through Florida on 95. Boring drive with nothing to see until you hit Palm Beach. Of course, I had been drinking plentious of coffee and capuccino, so I was a leeeeetle hyper LOL. Conversations with my mother are always entertaining, this time we bounced from events in my childhood, to how to properly accustom your child to different types of foods. Breast milk, for that last one. Whatever the mother eats while breastfeedeing will be fed through the milk to the child, and they will enjoy those types of foods. Interesting.
Yesterday we just chilled out and then went to go see "The Phantom of the Opera" Mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually will crack jokes at movies, but thhis time around I was just stuck staring at the screen. Awesome movie. Today will be my last day here, so who knows what may come:-D ( I really hate leaving)

February 04, 2005

Murphy days

Murpheys Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. That was yesterday. I had a dental appointment with the orthodontist at 0830, and an appointment with Pysche at 1000. Plenty of time, Right? Nope. The orthodontist had me running to another clinic and back, so when I was finally finished it was 0950. I then had to drive 5 minutes to the hospital, find a spot, walk in, wait for the elevator, and then go to the 13th floor. ( I have always found the fact that Pysche is on the 13th floor intenstly amusing) Needless to say, I was late. No big thus far. I left out around 1100, went and ate lunch. I retured to work and stopped in on my career counselor who informed me that my move to Fort Belvoir was a no go, as there were no positions there for me. What was already a not so good day turned rapidly into a shitty day from there. If it could go wrong, it did. Thankfully when I got home, my boyfriend was as ever on the other end of the line to cheer me up a bit. I know eventually everything will be worked out, but I have to admit, it looks pretty hopeless to me right now! ick ick ick.
Thus far today hasn't been bad, though with this afternoons awards ceremony, who knows. I leave for Miami again this evening, and I can't wait, although I do not look forward to that drive. Not my cup of tea, though worth it.

February 02, 2005

Part Sadists?

This is what I believe Occupational Therapist (And Physical Therapists) must be, cause DAMN. I went in this afternoon for my consult about my wrist, and after covering the basic questions, the therapist proceeded to move my wrist about in most painful ways, trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I ended up going back upstairs for MORE X-rays (Now I wonder if this is going to hurt me later, the many x-rays that I have had ROFL), and got a new brace, one that is nicer looking and more comfortable. On an up note, the therapist was a cutie hehe. (Hey, I really don't mind pain when I have eye candy to look at instead) And yes, I am taken but a girl likes to look occasionally. (love you darling)
The rest of the day was spent in mind numbing boredom, going through a few training classes, trying to refresh our very rusty skills in certain areas of our job. I realize that yes, we do need to know this stuff, but Yaaaaawn.
I am very much looking forward to Friday, as directly after work, I am hitting the road for Miami again. I submitted a 4 day pass, to take 2 additional days off, and had it knocked down to three. I can only assume this is because we have a PT test on Tuesday, but HELLO: No PT for broken me! No reason not to let me have the 4 day, but I will accept what I get as it gives me the chance to get away from here a bit.

February 01, 2005

Wha the F*(&

OOOOK. Had YET another appointment this morning at the clinic, this time to review the test results as well as yesterdays X-Rays. Saw a PA, NO offense to PA's and the ones I know, but the ones they employ by the Army here ARE IDIOTS!!! First he wanted to know what I was doing there, so ok, I explained. Then he wanted to know why my original PA was over at a different clinic(remember screw up in the system). I explained that there was a fuck up in the system. "YOUNG LADY! do not use such language with me, you don't know who I am and yadyaydyada" Excuuuuuuuuuuse me. It was a matter of fact statement that I made, not meant to offend but sheesh. My language is my own concern. If it offends, please, tell me. BUT DON'T fucking yell at me. (hehe catch that?) And besides, last time I checked, NOT so much a young lady as a SOLDIER here. Anyway, enough of that complaint. He then proceeded to quiz me (again) as to why I was there, and spent the next 30 minutes reading the results, mind you not telling me anything, ignoring me completely, and then says ok, you need an MRI. fine with me, but what about that fracture that yesterdays doctor told me about? Oh yeah, it's there, in the "healing" phase. I'm sorry, what? I have been running around on a cracked up leg for 2 months now?! I can understand why they would miss it at the first hospital, after all my leg was the size of a melon and the rest of me not so good either, but still, you wanna fix it now please? Kinda hurts here, and the fact that I climb 2 flights of stairs to work, not so cool. sidetracking again. I go to the hospital to make the appointment, and whaddya know, the order wasn't in, so I was unable to make it. Already now I am late for work, not had the chance to eat, and NOW I was pissed. I get to work, and get the chance to call the PA and inform him of this mistake, but nope, had to leave a message and STILL have had no reply. This was about 2 hours ago. ICK, the way things are done around here make me sick at times. (and yes, I did get to eat some breakfast after I got to work)
On an upbeat note, we had two soldiers promoted today, and that is always a nice thing. Both a great people I have known forever, and to see that was just wicked kewl. I have known both of them since they were PFC's (Privates) and today they were promoted to SGT. way cool.
G had some interesting things to say today about commenting on blogs, recommended reading:-D (warning there is nudity in the post, kewl shots!)http://www.churchofsteelle.com/blog1/index.html