February 06, 2005

ah, relaxing

After a 10 1/2 hour drive Friday night, I arrived in Miami at my boyfriends apartment at 0330. I tell you what, trying to find parking at his place at 3 in the morning is no picnic. I eventually managed to wedge myself into a spot I wasn't sure I would fit into and went upstairs to almost immediatly pass out:-D The drive itself wasn't all that bad, after 9 (aka when I have unlimited minutes on my cell phone) I called my mother and talked to her for awhile. Of course, the kids were all still up, so she had me call back around midnight, so I called Daniel and talked to him until then. When I called Mother, we spent over 2 hours on the phone (longer then in a long while) while I sped down through Florida on 95. Boring drive with nothing to see until you hit Palm Beach. Of course, I had been drinking plentious of coffee and capuccino, so I was a leeeeetle hyper LOL. Conversations with my mother are always entertaining, this time we bounced from events in my childhood, to how to properly accustom your child to different types of foods. Breast milk, for that last one. Whatever the mother eats while breastfeedeing will be fed through the milk to the child, and they will enjoy those types of foods. Interesting.
Yesterday we just chilled out and then went to go see "The Phantom of the Opera" Mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually will crack jokes at movies, but thhis time around I was just stuck staring at the screen. Awesome movie. Today will be my last day here, so who knows what may come:-D ( I really hate leaving)

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