January 30, 2007

Fun times out of the city

Oh it's been a busy two weeks here for me. As of late I have been pulling dual duty as the admin for 2 individuals, one of whom is a daily challenge (I love it), so I have been cramming about 60 hours worth of work into 40 hours a week. But, I am good, so I can do it:-D
I was scheduled to have surgery on my wrist February 14th, with a preop last week. NIGHT before my preop, I get a message after leaving work: "We are sorry for the inconvienance but Dr. so and so is leaving town shortly and we have not identified a replacement for him. Your preop tomorrow is canceled and your surgery postponed indefinatly." (obviously paraphrased). WHAT???!!!! oh was I ever in a righteous tiff about that one. I immediatly got on the phone with patient advocacy, and got a voice mail! Ugh. I had a follow-up ojn my knee that Thursday, and determined that I would say my piece and whine, bitch, and otherwise make a ruckus until the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. As it turns out, I did none of the above, yet I still have an appointment for evaluation of my wrist for the possibility of outsourcing my surgery (how bad does that sound LOL) next Tuesday:-D So, we shall see if I need do more complaining. Oh and btw, patient advocacy did return my call, FRIDAY, after I had already dealt with the issue.

Shooting the little 22LR we own:-D I love shooting it, you don't feel a kick and it is just fun to plink with.

NEW TOYS!!!!! We finally traded in Daniel's cranky Cougar for this dream of a truck! It is a 2003 and had only 30,000 miles on it. Preeeeeeeetttttttyy:-D We need to install running boards, simply so I can get up into it without actually having to do a pull up hehehehehe, but it is a load of fun to drive.

NO, this does not belong to us. This belonged to a gentleman who was also out at the range that day. It was LOUD and a lot of fun to watch him fire it.

January 22, 2007


What the freakin a is going on in this city? I awoke this morning to a car covered in an inch of ice, and once I got on the road and farther south, there was snow on the ground!! Having lived in Tucson before I know full well that this is not a phenomenon seen in this city that often. Naturally, schools are closed, and people are staying home because driving with a half inch of snow on the ground is just too much for those who are more accustomed to driving during monsoons. ROFL:-D it is awful pretty out.

January 18, 2007

Las Vegas

As you can probably tell from the pictures below, Las Vegas was a grand adventure. To my surprise I discovered I liked playing Roulette and was rather good at it. Mind you, I did NOT win substantial amounts of moneys, I left that to Daniel who did clean up at one game.
The city is grand, well, at least the strip is, as that was pretty much the only place we stayed:) We did visit the Atomic Testing Museum which was fascinating, but other then that excursion, we stayed to the strip. We saw a number of good shows, foremost being the Blue Man Group show at the Ventian which set the tone for the entire trip. It was singly the most fun entertaining show I have ever been to.
There was only one down moment on the trip, when my wallet was most likely picked from my pocket, but I only had about 20 dollars in it and everything else was easily cancelled and replaced. Astonishingly, getting on the flight home without ID was easy. I had to go through some special screening and they did search my carry on luggage, but other then that it was a breeze.
Back at home now, and glad to be, for like anything else that is rich, Las Vegas is good in moderation only :)

More LV Pictures

Even the McD's Sparkles
A WHOLE LOT OF PAPER! From the Blue Man Group Show (All recycled)
Just on of the many beautiful fountains.
All dressed up to go out:)
Arrrgh who goes there!!! At the Sirens of T.I. Show

Las Vegas Pictures 1

The view from our hotel room during the day and at night

This show ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked this car alot. It is a 1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom II
Daniel promptly wanted to go and win $70K for this vehicle, a 1970 Mercury Cyclone.
The Auto Collection was simply devine, in fact more then half of the pictures I took this trip came from here! I do love old cars:-D

January 10, 2007


Daniel came home last night on the 9:18 flight. His luggage didn't make it but he did! Obviously I am happy as a clam right now. I am currently at work, but tomorrow it is sayonara and Vegas or bust:-D

January 04, 2007

Resolutions I like

Here at work during my downtime I read MSNBC pretty regularily. Today I ran across this article with resolutions I can live with: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16387963/

Really REALLY cool

I love classic cars, my favorites being any mid 60's Mustang personally. I found this page stumbling upon it while browsing around various places and had to share. I think the work simply amazing, and if you read the pages chronologically the progression is just COOL.

January 02, 2007

And New Bloggers

I like to keep the posts separate just so people can identify the links easier.
This one is written by a very wise woman, who also happens to be my Grandmother:-D

Another year past

No resolutions for me this year. I have never been one to say "this year I will...." I really don't have anything sentimental attached to the turning of the year honestly. There has always been our family celebration, but that was more about the family being together then the celebration of the year change.
While I spent much of the holidays hiding in my house, I did go out New Years Eve as I was invited to a Masquerade Ball at one of the local clubs by a friend of mine. I hesitated to go, clubs, crowds, and really loud music just are not my thing, but on that day I decided what the hey? Might as well be sociable. So I got dressed up in my fancy ball gown I purchased oh so many years ago in Korea, donned my mask, and headed into the night. I met up with my friends at another friends place to link up and head out, but first there was a stop off at the Circle K for cash and cigs for those who needed it. As we left, the friend I had in my car directed me in a different direction to get to the club quicker, and as I pulled left onto the road headed towards the freeway, there suddenly was a set of lights flashing behind me. After establishing that yes, the cop really was after me, I pulled over and immediately began to wonder what I had done. After examining my information and having me step out, the cop then informed me that I had been driving without my lights. Where's my constantly having to remind me husband when I need him LOL;-D Daniel is forever having to tell me to turn my lights on at night when he is in the car. When I am by myself it isn't a problem, really. After all was said and done and I proved my sobriety to the cops content, we headed off and to the club we went. The evening was actually more fun then anticipated, and when we left I felt well satisfied in the evening. Of course, I have another 7 days to wait before I get my new years kiss, but its only 7 days WOOOOHOOOOO. another 9 and VEGAS BABY! Off goes the cells (2, 1 personal, the other work) No computer, NO work bothering me hehehehehe.