January 02, 2007

Another year past

No resolutions for me this year. I have never been one to say "this year I will...." I really don't have anything sentimental attached to the turning of the year honestly. There has always been our family celebration, but that was more about the family being together then the celebration of the year change.
While I spent much of the holidays hiding in my house, I did go out New Years Eve as I was invited to a Masquerade Ball at one of the local clubs by a friend of mine. I hesitated to go, clubs, crowds, and really loud music just are not my thing, but on that day I decided what the hey? Might as well be sociable. So I got dressed up in my fancy ball gown I purchased oh so many years ago in Korea, donned my mask, and headed into the night. I met up with my friends at another friends place to link up and head out, but first there was a stop off at the Circle K for cash and cigs for those who needed it. As we left, the friend I had in my car directed me in a different direction to get to the club quicker, and as I pulled left onto the road headed towards the freeway, there suddenly was a set of lights flashing behind me. After establishing that yes, the cop really was after me, I pulled over and immediately began to wonder what I had done. After examining my information and having me step out, the cop then informed me that I had been driving without my lights. Where's my constantly having to remind me husband when I need him LOL;-D Daniel is forever having to tell me to turn my lights on at night when he is in the car. When I am by myself it isn't a problem, really. After all was said and done and I proved my sobriety to the cops content, we headed off and to the club we went. The evening was actually more fun then anticipated, and when we left I felt well satisfied in the evening. Of course, I have another 7 days to wait before I get my new years kiss, but its only 7 days WOOOOHOOOOO. another 9 and VEGAS BABY! Off goes the cells (2, 1 personal, the other work) No computer, NO work bothering me hehehehehe.
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