July 18, 2006

New interesting site

You will notice the addition of the little kitty, I found the site for that here : http://manohmanny.spaces.msn.com/
This person blogs of her adventures as a new cat owner and her cat's antics. It had me rolling at work, so it is worth a look see.
In other news, I burst out crying at the doctors office last Tuesday when he expressed his doubt as to whether or not they could actually fix me. He was surprised, but please, I had my hopes all up and he had just dashed them. Am I ever going to be able to walk normally, dance, act like a normal young adult? Who knows.

July 09, 2006

Back Home Again

After yet another LONG day of driving, we are back from Texas, snug back in our own apartment. It was a fairly mundane vacation, just a week of relaxing at Daniel's parents house and kicking around doing a whole lot of nothing. It did have its interesting highlights though. We had opted to not take our 2 cats as we didn't want to subject them to the 16 hour drive, but that didn't stop me from finding a wee kitten one night while we were out for a drive in the country. After taking it home and cleaning it up, we spent the next morning chasing all over Victoria trying to find a place that would take it in. Cats are apparently not big in SE Texas and we ended up leaving her at an old friend of Daniel's. Unfortunatly she was a bit too young and ended up dying later on. Kinda a big bummer!
Tuesday night we headed out to the ranch to blow things up:) Of course, cause I am a dork and while lighting someone's sparkler had it go off in my hand, thus causing a large blister on the center of my palm. It is small now, but boy did it hurt!!
Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone, ick:( I want to sleep in some more:)