July 09, 2006

Back Home Again

After yet another LONG day of driving, we are back from Texas, snug back in our own apartment. It was a fairly mundane vacation, just a week of relaxing at Daniel's parents house and kicking around doing a whole lot of nothing. It did have its interesting highlights though. We had opted to not take our 2 cats as we didn't want to subject them to the 16 hour drive, but that didn't stop me from finding a wee kitten one night while we were out for a drive in the country. After taking it home and cleaning it up, we spent the next morning chasing all over Victoria trying to find a place that would take it in. Cats are apparently not big in SE Texas and we ended up leaving her at an old friend of Daniel's. Unfortunatly she was a bit too young and ended up dying later on. Kinda a big bummer!
Tuesday night we headed out to the ranch to blow things up:) Of course, cause I am a dork and while lighting someone's sparkler had it go off in my hand, thus causing a large blister on the center of my palm. It is small now, but boy did it hurt!!
Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone, ick:( I want to sleep in some more:)
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