July 18, 2006

New interesting site

You will notice the addition of the little kitty, I found the site for that here : http://manohmanny.spaces.msn.com/
This person blogs of her adventures as a new cat owner and her cat's antics. It had me rolling at work, so it is worth a look see.
In other news, I burst out crying at the doctors office last Tuesday when he expressed his doubt as to whether or not they could actually fix me. He was surprised, but please, I had my hopes all up and he had just dashed them. Am I ever going to be able to walk normally, dance, act like a normal young adult? Who knows.


Gram said...

and if you can't?
Will you mope or overcome? If you past writings are any guide, you will overcome in a BIG way. We are all rooting for you!!!

JUST A MOM said...

Hey there girly This is just a very small thing compared to what you have concored!!!!! Just a small thing, although it is not me so it is easier for me to say that but like Gram said you have overcome soooo much. pick up and carry on!! :)