January 30, 2007

Fun times out of the city

Oh it's been a busy two weeks here for me. As of late I have been pulling dual duty as the admin for 2 individuals, one of whom is a daily challenge (I love it), so I have been cramming about 60 hours worth of work into 40 hours a week. But, I am good, so I can do it:-D
I was scheduled to have surgery on my wrist February 14th, with a preop last week. NIGHT before my preop, I get a message after leaving work: "We are sorry for the inconvienance but Dr. so and so is leaving town shortly and we have not identified a replacement for him. Your preop tomorrow is canceled and your surgery postponed indefinatly." (obviously paraphrased). WHAT???!!!! oh was I ever in a righteous tiff about that one. I immediatly got on the phone with patient advocacy, and got a voice mail! Ugh. I had a follow-up ojn my knee that Thursday, and determined that I would say my piece and whine, bitch, and otherwise make a ruckus until the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. As it turns out, I did none of the above, yet I still have an appointment for evaluation of my wrist for the possibility of outsourcing my surgery (how bad does that sound LOL) next Tuesday:-D So, we shall see if I need do more complaining. Oh and btw, patient advocacy did return my call, FRIDAY, after I had already dealt with the issue.

Shooting the little 22LR we own:-D I love shooting it, you don't feel a kick and it is just fun to plink with.

NEW TOYS!!!!! We finally traded in Daniel's cranky Cougar for this dream of a truck! It is a 2003 and had only 30,000 miles on it. Preeeeeeeetttttttyy:-D We need to install running boards, simply so I can get up into it without actually having to do a pull up hehehehehe, but it is a load of fun to drive.

NO, this does not belong to us. This belonged to a gentleman who was also out at the range that day. It was LOUD and a lot of fun to watch him fire it.
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