January 18, 2007

Las Vegas

As you can probably tell from the pictures below, Las Vegas was a grand adventure. To my surprise I discovered I liked playing Roulette and was rather good at it. Mind you, I did NOT win substantial amounts of moneys, I left that to Daniel who did clean up at one game.
The city is grand, well, at least the strip is, as that was pretty much the only place we stayed:) We did visit the Atomic Testing Museum which was fascinating, but other then that excursion, we stayed to the strip. We saw a number of good shows, foremost being the Blue Man Group show at the Ventian which set the tone for the entire trip. It was singly the most fun entertaining show I have ever been to.
There was only one down moment on the trip, when my wallet was most likely picked from my pocket, but I only had about 20 dollars in it and everything else was easily cancelled and replaced. Astonishingly, getting on the flight home without ID was easy. I had to go through some special screening and they did search my carry on luggage, but other then that it was a breeze.
Back at home now, and glad to be, for like anything else that is rich, Las Vegas is good in moderation only :)
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