February 26, 2005

Land Nav and adventures in babysitting

Yesterday out at the Land Navigation course was a lot of fun, although after 4 hours of walking about 3 + miles, I HURT!
We started the day yesterday with PT at the pool, doing relays, and other fun things, and I discovered that due to various broken parts in me, I can't swim anymore:( Well, I can, but it hurts!!!! Buummmmer.
We then met at the company, all those of us playing that day in BDU's which felt pretty freakin weird to us as we haven't worn BDU's in forever as we are all used to DCU's. (translation here: BDU: Green uniform with black boots, DCU: Deserts with tan suede boots) As no one knew exactly where we were going, we convoyed out there in our cars, and lined up in an open field. They passed out our maps, compasses, and paired us up. I paired up with a young man with whom I am friendly at work, and chat to occasionally online, so it was going to be an enjoyable day. After waiting 5 minutes for the first team on our course to go, we then took off and set out across the woods, lakes, swamps, and other such obstacles. Between getting off course a few times, stopping to track a path around the lakes, and try to find the last point, which was darned hard to find, we had a blast.
That evening, I went out with a few friends to some of the clubs around here, came back late, and slept little. Did me no good this morning when I had to wake up at 10 to go babysit for my best friend LOL. But I spent the afternoon babysitting for her very adorable 2 year old, who calls me Aunt Lizzie, and gets upset when I leave. This afternoon she fell sleep while watching Dora, so I moved her onto the couch, and lay down next to her and took my own nap. I woke up just as my friends walked in, and they got a good laugh:-D
No plan on going out this evening, I still hurt pretty bad from yesterday, ick. But all will be well.
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