February 24, 2005

Miracles do happen

Here in Fort Gordon, among people in my battalion, we have this little running gag joke that we like to call the "Fort Gordon Dome". The premise behind this dome is that as soon as the 5 minute warning goes off at 0625, the dome goes up and all rain or other inclement weather ceases until shortly after 0730. I can count on one hand the times that this hasn't happened, and only a few of those times has PT been canceled. So this morning when I walked out of my room on my way to formation, and it was pouring, I had every reason to believe that the dome would function as normal. Trying to explain this to someone who has only been with the unit for a short time and has been deployed for much of that, was quite amusing. He didn't quite understand that. So this morning, when it didn't stop raining, and we were released, we chalked it up to a rare malfunction of the dome:-D hehehehe. The dorky things that amuse us at times.
Tomorrow will be a day of playing in the woods, hoping not to get lost:-D
In other news, I went in this morning for an MRI on my leg, and I should get the results on Tuesday. I get so frustrated at times with not knowing what is going on with my injuries, particularily when my leg keeps acting up. It's all good though, I am sure everything will turn out ok.
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