February 22, 2005

Driving in traffic

Yesterdays drive back to reality was interesting. I should have known that coming out of Daytona the day after ther Daytona 500 was a bad idea, but into traffic I went coming off of I4 onto I95. And of course, there was the inevitable holdups along 95 to Jacksonville due to road work, and again in Jacksonville, but what really got me was running into a dead stop jam on I16! What gives? On the way up US 25, almost home I noticed a wicked kewl thunderstor brewing to my west, but not so kewl when I ran into it. Ick Ick ick. The lightening plays havoc with my night vision LOL. But I made it home safely and into bed at a reasonable hour, after, of course, watching CSI Miami. wicked episode last night!
Today started off not so good, I got distracted before leaving for formation, and thus had to hoof it over, screwing up my leg, and pretty much ruining the rest of my day. Not so bad though really. We did one of my favourite things today, Land Navigation. I get that stuff, and give me a map and a compass, you can't get me lost. Being that we had nada to do this afternoon, and there was NO ONE in the office, save for a few of us, I flopped on the couch, and rested, which helped out a lot with my knee.
After work, I did laundry, cleaned my room, went food shopping, and decided I needed a new vacuum, cause mine SUCKED!!!!!!!! So I got a new Dirt Devil, with attachments, and had a grand old time putting it together without the directions. Ok, so one of my good friends wouldn't let me do that. Hey, I'd have figured it out eventually!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.
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