February 01, 2005

Wha the F*(&

OOOOK. Had YET another appointment this morning at the clinic, this time to review the test results as well as yesterdays X-Rays. Saw a PA, NO offense to PA's and the ones I know, but the ones they employ by the Army here ARE IDIOTS!!! First he wanted to know what I was doing there, so ok, I explained. Then he wanted to know why my original PA was over at a different clinic(remember screw up in the system). I explained that there was a fuck up in the system. "YOUNG LADY! do not use such language with me, you don't know who I am and yadyaydyada" Excuuuuuuuuuuse me. It was a matter of fact statement that I made, not meant to offend but sheesh. My language is my own concern. If it offends, please, tell me. BUT DON'T fucking yell at me. (hehe catch that?) And besides, last time I checked, NOT so much a young lady as a SOLDIER here. Anyway, enough of that complaint. He then proceeded to quiz me (again) as to why I was there, and spent the next 30 minutes reading the results, mind you not telling me anything, ignoring me completely, and then says ok, you need an MRI. fine with me, but what about that fracture that yesterdays doctor told me about? Oh yeah, it's there, in the "healing" phase. I'm sorry, what? I have been running around on a cracked up leg for 2 months now?! I can understand why they would miss it at the first hospital, after all my leg was the size of a melon and the rest of me not so good either, but still, you wanna fix it now please? Kinda hurts here, and the fact that I climb 2 flights of stairs to work, not so cool. sidetracking again. I go to the hospital to make the appointment, and whaddya know, the order wasn't in, so I was unable to make it. Already now I am late for work, not had the chance to eat, and NOW I was pissed. I get to work, and get the chance to call the PA and inform him of this mistake, but nope, had to leave a message and STILL have had no reply. This was about 2 hours ago. ICK, the way things are done around here make me sick at times. (and yes, I did get to eat some breakfast after I got to work)
On an upbeat note, we had two soldiers promoted today, and that is always a nice thing. Both a great people I have known forever, and to see that was just wicked kewl. I have known both of them since they were PFC's (Privates) and today they were promoted to SGT. way cool.
G had some interesting things to say today about commenting on blogs, recommended reading:-D (warning there is nudity in the post, kewl shots!)http://www.churchofsteelle.com/blog1/index.html
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