February 02, 2005

Part Sadists?

This is what I believe Occupational Therapist (And Physical Therapists) must be, cause DAMN. I went in this afternoon for my consult about my wrist, and after covering the basic questions, the therapist proceeded to move my wrist about in most painful ways, trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I ended up going back upstairs for MORE X-rays (Now I wonder if this is going to hurt me later, the many x-rays that I have had ROFL), and got a new brace, one that is nicer looking and more comfortable. On an up note, the therapist was a cutie hehe. (Hey, I really don't mind pain when I have eye candy to look at instead) And yes, I am taken but a girl likes to look occasionally. (love you darling)
The rest of the day was spent in mind numbing boredom, going through a few training classes, trying to refresh our very rusty skills in certain areas of our job. I realize that yes, we do need to know this stuff, but Yaaaaawn.
I am very much looking forward to Friday, as directly after work, I am hitting the road for Miami again. I submitted a 4 day pass, to take 2 additional days off, and had it knocked down to three. I can only assume this is because we have a PT test on Tuesday, but HELLO: No PT for broken me! No reason not to let me have the 4 day, but I will accept what I get as it gives me the chance to get away from here a bit.
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