February 14, 2005

North Carolina

After much hassle Saturday morning trying to get my car out of the shop, I finally left for NC around noon. My sisters were performing at 3 so I was racing the clock on the way up there, but I made it with minutes to spare:-D Flying through the mountains was FUN hehehe. Anyway, Saturday morning was a hassle only because I had to call a cab to get out to Firestone, where my car had been overnight, and the cab company here on post is NOT the best. They have this thing about permanent party personnel: we aren't where the money is, so they don't come down to our barracks. They'd rather hang down at the AIT kids barracks, as most of them don't have cars here. After several phone calls, and me actually losing my cool with the dispatcher at one point, they finally arrived and I got my car. Ah, so nice to have my baby back in one piece.
I swear, my 16 y/o is a drama queen! ROFL, it was so funny watching my girls perform these stories. Some of the expressions they used had me just about rolling. Later on after the performance we all went out to eat at the local steakhouse, where I learned that my 14 y/o doesn't like steakhouses because they throw peanuts all over the floor. Oh lordy! But it was good steak. I went to church with them the next morning, and I swear I was the youngest adult there. Not to mention my mother had to make a fuss over me, @@. I so dislike being embarressed.
While I was there, I picked up the 20 inch flat screen Mum had put on layaway for me, so now I own my first TV LOL. I spent last night watching a silly romance movie on ABC family:-D
Well, off I go to the Orthodontists. I will have molds made of my teeth this morning, and in about a week or two I will have braces..............again.
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