February 20, 2005


Yesterday was a fun filled day of fun in the sun at Seaworld. We got a late start, as we all slept in and woke up later then we thought we were going to, but it wasn't so bad. After a couple of wrong turns, we finally arrived and surprisingly, got good parking. The lines weren't so bad and there was a separate one for military, as we got in free with an active duty ID card:-D It was fun contrasting the difference between people in the military line, and those in the other lines. Once we got in, we all agreed that the roller coaster, Kracken, was the first place to go:-D We had all of a 10 minute wait before we got on to the last row! Looking at the pictures afterwards, Arthur, Michelle, and I were all screaming with our mouths wide open, and there's Daniel, looking for all the world like he was just waiting in the doctors office ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! After that we went over to "beer school" where we got to learn about how Budweiser is made and taste about 6 different kinds. Yum:-D Bud-----weis--------er! We walked around the park all afternoon, and then decided to head home to change for dinner. Leave it to the men, after the women have gotten all nice and dressed up to suggest calling for take out ROFL! We went to Longhorn first, but there was way too much of a wait and it wasn't worth it. So we then went to Kobe, a Japanese steakhouse. Another long wait there, but that one was well worth it. Wicked kewl and SOOOOOO much food! By the time I got my steak, I was stuffed! And watching the chef at the table was a lot of fun as well.
Today was a sleep in and be lazy day:-D Went to Cracker Barrel for brunch, then to the mall to browse:-D And then for dinner, we allowed the boys their chinese delivery. Not so good the sweet and sour chicken:-D
I don't wanna go back tomorrow...................................................................... Just not looking forward to returning to my life, but hey, on the 4th I will have my teeth back to (sorta) normal, as I will have braces, and a false tooth. So maybe I won't look so goofy!
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