February 16, 2005

This, that, and the other thing.

It was so nice this morning to arrive at work and NOT have to fight for a parking space as I won the raffle last week to have the right to park in the commanders spot, right up front:-D Tomorrow I have the 1SGS right next to it:)
I went in for yet another bone scan this afternoon, this time on my wrist. I learned something interesting as the machine was right next to where I was sitting with my wrists on the scanner. During the scans I noticed an area on my right wrist that was bright white. When I asked the doctor what that meant, he said that it was an area where there was healing going on. Now I understand what they meant when they said I came up hot on the bone scan for my legs. Interesting stuff:-D In a few days I will head back into the doctors for the final results.
Things are boring in the office, I am so looking forward to heading to Orlando for the weekend, seeing my brother, his fiance, and best of all my boyfriend. We plan on going to Sea World on Saturday. Never been there before so it should be a blast:-D
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