February 09, 2005

Papa Johns, errands, and the Super Bowl

Ok, slightly perturbed now. I just returned from going out to pick up some Papa John's pizza, as they don't deliver to post and I was too tired from an hour of madcap cleaning, only to discover while out at the store, that they do now deliver on post. Grrrr. For the first two years I was here they didn't and so if I wanted pizza delivered, it was dominos or pizza hut. Not bad, but NOT Papa John's. Oh well, I needed milk and batteries anyway.
My day was productive today. I paid some of my bills, had an appointment with the occupational therapist, got new plates for my car, opened new accounts through Bank of America, and cleaned my room. My occupational therapist still isn't quite sure what's up with my wrist, but after another doctor looked at my x-rays today, they noticed an odd shadow, and so now I have to go through another bone scan for that, oh well. No big, I just want it fixed.
I went to the registration office today with my paper work, and now have Purple Heart plates on my car. So if you see a little gold Honda rolling around with those on the back, wave hi:-D
I have been meaning for quite sometime to switch banks, and so am glad to have knocked that out.
The Super Bowl. How remiss was I yesterday to neglect this all important event in my life?! GO PATRIOTS!!!! Sunday night we watched the game, he rooting for the Eagles, me obviously the Patriots. But seriously, How boring was that game? No spectacular plays, No awesome halftime show, and the best commercial was the Ameriquest one with the cat. I almost fell off the couch on that one. I missed the whole first half as I was cooking dinner, but I had Daniel keeping me up to date in the living room. But, hey, my team won and that is all that counts.


Garrison Steelle said...

Poppa Johns. Great. Thank you. Now I'm hungry and they're closed. ;)

You went with BoA? I thought their fees/restrictions were among the worst!

Cool plates, but helluva price to get 'em. :)


Red said...
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Red said...

Okay, that was weird. Where'd my comment go. LOL. What I said was this:

Ahh, the Super Bowl. I recently gave up cable so no TV for me. I try to watch just for the commercials but I completely forgot it was this past Sunday. Papa Johns is good pizza but I like Pizza Hut the best.


Tweek said...

gee, and I was ready to kick the eagles in the jimmy for not taking advantage of the pats weak secondary starting the second half....not to mention they seemed not to notice that when they ran the ball to the outside, it actually WORKED!!! Go fig....

Rosemary said...

Hey Sarge! Didn't you see this commercial? I saved it to my RealPlayer. I was rooting for the Eagles, too. It was weird. I was wondering who was McKnabe working for, the Patriots or a bookie! My God, you just don't throw that many interceptions and expect to win. Oh well. Have a great day!

Rosemary said...

Okay, that link doesn't want to work. http://www.herosalute.com/states/big_game_ad.html. Try this one, and if it doesn't work, there is the link written out.