July 28, 2007

Love the monsoon season

Last night my section had a party and then afterwards the plan was to go watch a coworker perform in a play. Party went well, despite the pouring down rain for much of it, however by the time we left. Unknown to us, the rain earlier had managed to destroy the lobby of the theatre we were going to see the play in. But after a 30 minute delay, and the loss of the lighting and mics, we got to see the show. It was FANTASTICALY Funny:-D
Anyway, I walked outside earlier, and this is what I saw:
Completely underwater.


JUST A MOM said...

Hey you,, hope all is going well... just stopin to check on ya....

dmv76 said...

monsoons in tucson are hellacious, drove through there in august 2006, 3 solid hours of rain, and 30MPH driving! only good thing is when all the green crops out in that desert, it looks very nice.