December 04, 2004

In the hosptital

As you have already heard, I got my happy ass blown up. when my wrist allows me to type again I will tell the full story. BUT I wanted you all to know that I all right. I sustained some damage but all physical damage is fixable. Just pray, wish luck, whatever your faith, send good thoughts to the others involved. I will be home soon enough.
Thank you for the support:)


Lucys5Cents said...

"One [wo]man with courage makes a majority," said Andrew Jackson and in my book you're walking TALL Sgt. Lizzie, to be able to carry on and communicate to the world after this horrifying incident, well, I salute you and will keep my prayers going for you, your buddies, and the newbies you're training. It's time to take care of just You now, for awhile. Keep us informed when you can!

Kevin said...

Sgt Lizzie: My prayers are with you.. I am currently on orders to deploy and am hoping this whole crazy thing is over soon. At least you are O.K. and we all thank God for that.

I am praying for you to have a safe and fast recovery and be home with your family where you belong. Good luck!

Garrison Steelle said...


You can't get home soon enough.


Desultory Girl said...

I wish you the best and my prayers and thoughts are with you. I hope you can continue to be happy despite the situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi LIZ!!!, I know you probably don't remember me (I tried so very hard to make you a Squirrel....:)I just heard about the deal there and a few things we can't discuss here. How's the other Liz and Ronda doing? better I hope (I really really miss my cats). I am still trying to get them shipped here to D.C. but no luck as of yet. I'm really very glad to hear that you're doing better although I still worry about all of you (even though you barely knew me...Bald, Flower shirt guy) You are in my prayers as with the rest of the former Abu G'ers