December 04, 2004

All I want for Christmas...

>>,1413,106~4988~2550172,00.html"Not all of the milbloggers write about their faith (or lack of) in the mission. Sgt. Lizzie describes her location as "Hell, Iraq." Her blog is aptly named "Life in This Girl's Army" ( and reads much like a college kid's diary. <<

I read this yesterday and though hmm kinda sounds like a diss in a way. I think differently today after thinking on it I realized Liz is a college aged kid and IMHO anyone who can endure such conditions living daily with the threat of death, injury, and more listening to the morter fire, the gunfire, and sounds of battle raging and yet still can keep her spirits up and sound like a college kid is amazing.

I am Liz's mum she wanted me to come and tell you all she is OK and will be back when she can. Liz was on a convoy early this morning when her LMTV was hit by an IED. If you are watcing CNN or reading other news hers is the one near Bouquaba. Liz has injuries to her face she lost two teeth she has laceration to her legs and her ankle is hurt enough she can't walk on it right now but should be fine soon. Please keep her in you thoughts and prayers and remember also the family of the other soldier. (read the news)

Liz wants you all to know she will miss you and will try to get to a computer to start bloggin again ASAP. She was in good spirits when she called me this am and said to tell you "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."


lost soul said...

To Liz's Mum: Thank god that she is doing OK. I cannot tell you the reliefe that I feel in knowing that. If you get the chance, could you pass a message to her. It is simple and from the heart. The message is: MORE!
Thank you ever so much.

Anonymous said...

Sending best wishes for a speedie recovery Sgt. Lizzie.

~cin in socal

Lucys5Cents said...

To Sgt. Lizzie's Mom, family & the soldier herself,
those of us who have followed you and written to you and prayed for you are stunned at this development, but we are grateful that you are with us still. Prayers won't stop now for you and your buddies. Just take good care and write us when you can. You are too special to all of us to lose contact with now! There's a dentist who can fit you with the best teeth and a Waffle House keeping a fresh pot of java with your name on it. Do what they say and get out of there soon!

JUST A MOM said...

Oh My Gosh, SEE This is why I do not watch the news, I do not know how you can handle all this as a mom .I know it must be so hard. Liz, you hang in there girl! Your time out is just around the corner!!!!
All our prayers!!

AirborneVet said...

Hey. I got the call on Saturday. She emailed me today and I feel so much better having heard from her. I worked with her at FT. Gordon, am one of her former instructors from Ft. Huachuca and now, a good friend. I mentioned her on my blog today. You can read it if you wish. Just go to

Take care. She'll be home soon.