December 03, 2004

In the News, Loss of Privacy, and getting thoroughly SOAKED,1413,106~4988~2550172,00.html
"Not all of the milbloggers write about their faith (or lack of) in the mission. Sgt. Lizzie describes her location as "Hell, Iraq." Her blog is aptly named "Life in This Girl's Army" ( and reads much like a college kid's diary. Her post for Nov. 8, 2004 is entitled "288," which is how many days she's been in country."
As noted above, I have now been featured in the news, though I am not sure whether that is a compliment or not. I realize that I do come across rather flaky, but as I have pointed out before, I just don't like to dwell on the bad situations here. It does nobody any good and only serves to get us down.
I am moving rooms today as we are consolidating buildings to make room for the new BN coming in to take our place. Unfortunatly, I now live in a room with 5!!! other females. As I wrote to a friend of mine, Let the screaming commence. Before, I lived with one other roomie, and I had my little fortress that kept me cut off from the rest of the world in the evenings. It gave me a place to escape and be alone, something I do enjoy from time to time. BUT, it is only for 2 weeks before we move to Kuwait. I think I can survive:-D
Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning generators with the pressure washer, and where there is water, there is bound to be people getting wet. That was me yesterday, by the time we finished the only part of my uniform that was dry was the back of my DCU top and I was literally shivering from head to toe. Before we went to chow I had to go sit in front of my little small heater and thaw out! Still, fun because it is all part of leading us home.
I have added a new Blogger to my favourite bloggers section. She is someone I knew back in the states and always has the most interesting things to say. I strongly urge checking her out:-D


JUST A MOM said...

To think I was reading you before you became famous! Great job!!

lost soul said...

Privacy is not all that is cracked up to be. I live with 3 other guys in a little room. Such is life. I have lived out of a bag for the last 10 months and moved 6 times. Had some privacy for a little while but now my social life has been banned from me. That's the worst part. To a point that I've been threatened into who can and cannot be my friend. I guess it's good that I am traveling alot. I have enjoyed your blog quite a bit. It has brought perspective on certain portions of the military that I have never seen. As they say, WAR IS HELL.

wowedout said...

hello. first of all i did not read the article you were mentioned in and i think that i should before i say what i am fixing too but here goes i like to read your blog because it gives me a insight to a real actual factual person that is serving our country in the middle of all this mess if this blog was all about the negative and all that you see and feel and hear and are going through and your opinions based on politics etc., i would not read this blog because it would not have the feel that it has it would have the feel of any local news program and that is not what i come here for if that even makes sense but i think there are so many people that have never served that they want to fantasize about what it is like and they want to believe it is all hollywood and it is not. sorry if that came off wrong or if you didn't reall understand what i was trying to say. :(

Garrison Steelle said...

So, now you're going to be famous and I'll have to fight through thousands of comments to get through. ;) try to not catch pneumonia before coming home, okay?


R3 said...

Dear Sgt Lizzie,

I am the author of the column on milbloggers that appeared in the Sentinel & Enterprise. I want you to know that I was in no way 'dissing' you or your efforts. In your case, I was simply trying to show that different milbloggers write about different things.

My point in writing the column was to get people to look at a different view - one that was not filtered through the mainstream media.

I am not a veteran. I have never served. I am a small community city councilor who writes an occational column and hosts a local TV show. But I will tell you this - what you and your fellow soldiers, marines and sailors are doing, you are doing for me, for my family and for our country. To me, it is the noblest of all professions.

After hearing people complain about the election, the war and their insignificant little problems, I decided to write the column so people could see that there are more important things happening in the world - along with some great Americans (and Iraqis) that are doing the job that you are doing.

It's obvious from your latest blogs that your recovery is going well and you seem to be in good spirits. May God bless you.

Ralph Romano
Fitchburg (MA) City Councilor