December 26, 2004

It's a Family thing

My BIG little brother (He is just under 6 ft and is most assuredly bigger then me, though STILL younger) has started his own blog as well:
Always fun:-D
Today plans to be a slow one, as we got all of our containers inspected by customs yesterday. Tomorrow we out process and then it simply becomes a waiting game for a flight home. We had hoped for a flight on the 29th, as then we would have been home for New Years, but no go on that one. Oh well, we know that it won't be long now:-D


Garrison Steelle said...

Hmmmmmm ... and your Mum will start blogging next? ;)

Wish you could have gotten that flight out on the 29th! We just can't get you home soon enough!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for posting the link to WE adopted some forces in baghdad for Christmas and it was a huge thrill for all of us.

We are also praying for you, Lizzie, and a swift recovery for you.